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What are the 7 luckiest numbers for Lotto Max?

Choosing the right lottery numbers is something many lottery players obsess over. With a game as big as Lotto Max, where the jackpot can climb into the tens of millions of dollars, it’s no wonder people look for any advantage they can find. Some rely on supposed lucky numbers based on numerology, superstitions, or coincidences. But is there really such a thing as lucky lottery numbers? Let’s take a closer look.

Do “lucky” numbers really exist?

When it comes to random number drawings like lotteries, true luck does not really come into play. Each number has precisely the same odds of being chosen in each drawing. But that doesn’t stop people from looking for patterns and clinging to favorite numbers they think will give them an edge.

Numerologists claim that certain numbers hold mystical powers based on ancient systems like Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology. Things like your birthday, anniversary, or addresses are thought by some to be lucky because they have personal significance. Other people look for number patterns in past drawings and play those. But no numbers actually have a better mathematical probability of being chosen.

Some players swear by using the same numbers every time. Others use random numbers or quick picks. At the end of the day, the luck factor comes down to chance. All number combinations have equal odds of winning. No numbers by themselves can be considered inherently luckier than others when playing Lotto Max.

The 7 most commonly played Lotto Max numbers

While no numbers actually have better odds intrinsically, certain number groups tend to be played more frequently by Lotto Max players. These are not luckier, but they are more popular choices.

Number Popularity
7 Most frequently chosen
3 2nd most frequently chosen
21 3rd most frequently chosen
42 4th most frequently chosen
17 5th most frequently chosen
23 6th most frequently chosen
38 7th most frequently chosen

As you can see, the numbers 7, 3, 21, 42, 17, 23, and 38 are the numbers that get played most often by Lotto Max players. 7 is considered a very lucky number by many and tops the list. Number combinations that include some or all of these popular numbers get chosen more frequently than other combinations.

Some people believe these commonly chosen numbers have a better chance simply because so many people play them. But their actual probability is no better or worse than any other number.

The historic frequency of Lotto Max numbers

Looking at the frequency of past winning Lotto Max numbers can also provide some insight into the numbers that have come up most often. While this is no guarantee of future results, some players study these historic statistics looking for good choices.

Here are the numbers that have been drawn most often in Lotto Max since the game began in 2009:

Number Number of times drawn
7 286 times
2 281 times
3 280 times
4 279 times
17 278 times
25 277 times
10 276 times

As you can see, the numbers 7, 2, 3, 4, 17, 25, and 10 have appeared most frequently in past Lotto Max draws. Number 7 once again tops the list as the single most commonly occurring number.

However, this historical data provides no predictive value for future drawings. Every number still has exactly the same probability of being chosen each time. But some Lotto Max players like choosing numbers that have come up more often in the past.

Hot and cold Lotto Max numbers

“Hot” numbers are those that have been drawn more frequently in the recent past. “Cold” numbers are those that have not come up much recently. Some lottery fans try to play hot numbers to take advantage of recent luck, while others look for cold numbers they think are due.

Here are the currently hottest Lotto Max numbers based on results over the past 10 drawings:

Number Number of times drawn in last 10 drawings
7 5 times
17 4 times
22 4 times
38 4 times
42 4 times

And here are the coldest Lotto Max numbers that have not appeared at all in the last 10 draws:

Number Number of times drawn in last 10 drawings
1 0 times
13 0 times
26 0 times
34 0 times
37 0 times

Players who like playing hot numbers may choose from 7, 17, 22, 38, and 42 recently. The cold numbers 1, 13, 26, 34, and 37 could appeal to those looking for overdue numbers.

But again, every number has an equal probability each drawing. Recent hot and cold trends have no effect, so focusing on them is unlikely to actually improve your odds.

Uncommonly drawn Lotto Max numbers

While all numbers have the same probability of being chosen, in practice some stand out for having been selected less frequently than expected statistically.

These are the top 5 uncommonly occurring numbers in Lotto Max draws to date:

Number Number of times drawn
40 258 times
48 265 times
16 268 times
37 269 times
13 270 times

The numbers 40, 48, 16, 37, and 13 stand out as having been chosen the least often in Lotto Max draws thus far. Some players specifically look to play these uncommonly occurring values hoping their uncommonness makes them extra due.

Of course, past drawing results have no true influence on future odds. But playing with the statistics can be fun for some lottery fans.

Should you play less common numbers?

Playing with less frequently occurring values is one lottery strategy some people use. The concept is that choosing rare numbers means fewer people will also be playing those same values.

This can reduce the chance of having to share the jackpot if your numbers do hit. Statistically speaking however, your overall odds of winning remain the same no matter what numbers you play.

The importance of random number selection

While some Lotto Max players look for meaningful patterns and trends, the random nature of the drawings means any number is just as likely to be chosen as any other. There are no truly good or bad choices when playing.

This is why many lottery experts actually recommend playing randomly generated quick picks instead of personally selected numbers. This eliminates any bias and takes advantage of the random odds equally.

At the end of the day, Lotto Max is entirely a game of chance. While superstitions and personal favoritism can make playing more fun, no strategy or special numbers will actually help you win the lottery.

The only way to significantly improve your lottery odds is to buy more number combinations. Playing multiples, bundles, or groups of tickets will increase your overall chances versus betting on a single selection.

But when playing just one ticket, embracing the randomness and not relying on supposed lucky numbers is the best philosophy.

Should you use lottery wheeling systems?

Lottery wheeling systems claim to increase your odds by generating structured number combinations. But the costs usually outweigh any potential advantages.

Wheeling involves playing multiple tickets in a structured manner where the number selections overlap strategically. This guarantees prizes on some level if the right base numbers hit.

However, wheeling systems can become very expensive. Lower tier wins often don’t even cover the costs of all the extra tickets needed to run the system properly. You usually need to win the jackpot for wheeling to pay off.

For the average lotto player, quick picks and random number selection remain a smarter play than complex wheeling strategies.

Should you join a lottery pool or syndicate?

Lottery pools or syndicates allow groups of people to purchase tickets together and share in any prizes won. This does increase your odds in a cost effective way.

By sharing the ticket cost with others, lottery pools allow you to afford more number combinations than playing alone. More tickets equal better odds. Just be sure to join a properly structured and managed pool.

While lottery pools are a fun way to play that can improve your chances, they do come with some disadvantages. Any prizes must be split equally among all members. And any disputes could sour friendships.

For many, playing alone or just with a partner is preferable. But joining reputable lottery pools is generally considered a smart strategy.

Can a lottery wheeling system increase your chances?

Lottery wheeling systems claim to increase your odds of winning by generating structured combinations of numbers across multiple tickets. But they are usually not worth the costs.

Wheeling methods guarantee wins on some level if the core numbers drawn match up with your selections. But covering so many combinations requires purchasing many more tickets.

This drives up expenses exponentially. Just covering simple wheels can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. And any low tier wins often don’t even cover the extra tickets.

For wheeling to pay off, you usually need to hit the jackpot. That’s still ultimately down to chance. For most players, quick picks and random numbers remain a more cost effective strategy.

Wheeling key pros and cons


  • Structures combinations mathematically
  • Guarantees wins on some level
  • Makes use of multiple tickets


  • Much greater cost involved
  • Usually need to win jackpot to come out ahead
  • Lower wins rarely cover ticket expenses

Should you trust websites that claim to predict winning numbers?

Many websites claim they can calculate, predict, or psychically divine winning lottery numbers. It’s wise to be very skeptical of such claims. No system can actually predict random drawing results with any accuracy better than random chance.

Some things that raise red flags include:

  • Claims of being able to “crack the lottery code”
  • Promises to predict winning numbers
  • Systems requiring an upfront fee or subscription cost
  • Touting unlikely math theories or proportions
  • Anecdotal stories from supposed past winners

Legitimate lottery prediction is mathematically impossible. Any site that claims otherwise is likely a scam. Your best bets are playing genuinely random quick picks and not wasting money on unlikely systems.

Can dreams or visions reveal winning lottery numbers?

Some people report dreams or visions that reveal lucky lottery numbers to play. But there is no scientific evidence that precognitive dreaming exists. Playing numbers from your subconscious is unlikely to actually help win.

Dreaming about specific lottery numbers is probably just coincidence. Our minds are great at finding patterns – even in random events.

And if a vision of some numbers did happen to match a future drawing result, that would still just be pure luck. There’s no magical connection between dreams and truly random drawing outcomes.

For the best mathematical odds, use an objective source like quick picks. Playing numbers with personal meaning can be fun, but don’t expect special dreaming powers.

Can numerology pick better lottery numbers?

Numerology assigns mystical properties to numbers based on ancient systems and meanings. But there is no scientific proof this helps pick winning lottery numbers.

Some numerologists claim that certain numbers are intrinsically luckier than others because of their spiritual properties. But modern lotteries use random drawing machines that have no connection to numerological beliefs.

Picking lottery numbers based on numerology fails mathematically because every value has precisely the same probability in truly random drawings.

If you enjoy thinking about numbers symbolically, using numerology can add personal meaning to your selections. Just don’t expect it to actually improve your odds or payouts.

Should you use a quick pick or select your own numbers?

Many lottery experts actually recommend letting the computer system randomly generate quick pick numbers for you rather than selecting your own combinations.

Why? Because no matter how hard we try, humans are just not capable of achieving truly random selections. Computers can generate number combinations based on patterns and algorithms we can’t replicate.

This eliminates any biases, patterns, or duplications we might accidentally build into our selections. Playing quick picks ensures your combinations take full mathematical advantage of randomness.

However, there’s nothing wrong with choosing numbers that hold personal meaning either. This can make playing more engaging. Just don’t expect better odds from personal selections.


In the end, Lotto Max remains entirely a game of chance no matter how you choose to play. Every number has precisely the same probability of being selected in each drawing.

While it can be fun to look for patterns and rely on favorite numbers, there are no truly “luckier” selections that increase your mathematical odds. Quick picks and random number generators provide the most unbiased sets of values.

For the best shot at the jackpot on a limited budget, focus on using an objective source for numbers rather than unproven rituals. But most importantly, remember to play responsibly and have fun!