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How to Clean Marble Floors?

Marble floors are exquisite and reflect great work of art. They give your home the kind of alluring and luxurious touch that makes your guest feel welcome and admire your taste for excellent materials. However, it can be a herculean task to clean them especially when you are not able to lay your hand on excellent equipment and tools that can help you clean them effectively.

Your task of cleaning your marble and giving it the fresh and shiny look, it was having will be made easier at the end of this article. This ease will be as a result of the helpful content you will find as you read. Cleaning your marbles floors is just about to get easier than you ever expect it can be!

Cleaning tips


Cleaning tips

Marbles floors are not hard especially when compared to other types of floors; hence, it is imperative that you are skillful in cleaning them to avoid breaking the floors which will definitely affect the appearance of the floor adversely. Below are some helpful cleaning tips that will help you clean your marble floor effectively without fuss:

Beware of harsh cleaners

Beware of harsh cleaners

One of the most important if not the most important cleaning tips for marble floors is to avoid harsh cleaners. These cleaners will damage the marble because of its sensitivity and ruin the look of your fine floor. Harsh cleaners like scrubbing brushes are not advisable for cleaning marble floors. It is also important to note that it is not all vacuums that are suitable for cleaning marbles. Hence, before buying a vacuum, check homedoks and find out of it is compatible with cleaning marble floors before losing both your money and ruining your precious marble floor.

Don’t allow stains to stay long on your floor

Stains will become tougher to clean when you leave them on the marble floor for long. They can end up making indelible marks on the marble floor in the long run. Hence, they have to be treated as “enemies” that has to be eradicated as soon as possible. It is likely you are feeling tired and stressed up when something spills on your floor, however, endeavor to clean up the stain as soon as you can because of the long-term effect such stains can have on your marble floor.

You need to also know that all stains are not the same. Stains from coffee and tea are organic and will require a cleanser like 12 percent hydrogen peroxide and some drops of ammonia. I will like to sound a note of caution here that you should not mix hydrogen peroxide with something else apart from ammonia because it can cause a chemical reaction that will affect the marble floor.

Avoid acidic cleaners

Acidic cleaners will also have a negative impact on your marble floor. They will make dull spots appear on the floor thereby making it less pleasant. Hence, avoid cleaning your marble floor with cleansers that contain vinegar. Cleansers that also contains scouring powder should be treated like their acidic counterparts. It is also advisable you avoid cleansers that are designed for cleaning granites because they will not be good for your marble floor due to their harshness. Such cleansers also contain acidic agents thereby making them harmful for marbles. Granites are able to withstand such cleansers because unlike marbles, their resistance is stronger which leaves them unscathed.

Avoid acidic cleaners

Do deep cleaning at least once in a month

If it is important to you that your marble floor retains its initial brilliance, you will have to make it a duty on your own part to schedule at last a monthly deep cleaning. It will be unreasonable to suggest to you that you should go for deep cleaning of your marble floor regularly because it will be impossible unless you hire someone to get it done. Even at that, it will cost you a few bucks that could have been invested in other important areas of your life.

During this cleaning, your focus will primarily be on areas in your home with high traffic. Regular cleaning cannot effectively clean these areas because of the rate at which dust accumulates on these areas. A soapless cleaner or stone soap will come in handy in this regard. Soapless cleaner or stone soaps will reduce the incidence of having films or streaks on the floor after the cleaning which makes them good options.

Do deep cleaning at least once in a month

Sweep with a micro-fiber broom

Micro-fiber brooms are designed to handle the brittle nature of marbles. They can be used to effectively remove dust from your marble floor. It is important to note that you need to sweep dust off your marble floor regularly because it will become more difficult to clean later on if you don’t do that. Micro-fiber brooms are not expensive but they offer you the desired effects. Micro-fiber brooms are also readily available in local stores thereby making them accessible for purchase.



You should place dust maps on areas where you know a lot of people walk in your home. Areas like these will have a lot of dust which will make your home untidy and your marble floor unkept. Doormats are not needed to clean the floor but to prevent the floor from gathering a lot of dust.

Mopping your marble floor

Step One – Use hot water first

Solvents are effective for cleaning marble floors but not with their own side effects. Hot water should be used to cut through grime on the floor thereby making it easy to clean the floor. It is important to note that distilled water is your best bet because they will help you avoid coloring the floor.

Step two – Add mild detergents

Mild detergent should be added to the hot water to add the much needed “soap effect”. A few drops of dish soap will do the magic.

Step three- Mop with a soft mop

Use a soft mop head to clean the floor with the solution of water and mild detergent. Avoid letting the mop contain too much water by wringing it. Once you have done that, mop the floor systematically. Wring the head of the mop again once you have covered a large area and you notice that the mopping is becoming less effective. Rinse it and start again with clean water.

Step four – Dry with a soft towel

Once you are done with the mopping, dry the marble floor with a clean towel. Ensure you do this well because the solution can discolor the marble floor later on.

Cleaning with a vacuum

Cleaning with a vacuum

As earlier stated, all vacuums are not compatible with a marble floor. For safety purpose, you can get a central vacuum system in your home that allows you to use a soft marble attachment for the cleaning of the floor. It is safe to test the vacuum first in areas of your home where any damage will not be obvious in case of an unpleasant occurrence.

Cleaning with a broom

Just like vacuums, every room should not be used to clean your floor because a broom that is not suitable for marble floors can damage the floor. Micro-filament brooms are a good fit because they are soft and will not scratch your floor. When cleaning your marble floor with a broom, ensure that you pay attention to cleaning as many dirt as possible.

Cleaning with brooms cannot totally eliminate every dirt from your marble floor. Hence, you need to ensure that you take off as much debris as possible when using them. The parts of the floor along walls and doors are often easily overlooked; hence, you need to pay close attention to those areas when sweeping.

Cleaning scuff marks

Cleaning scuff marks

Scuff marks are often difficult to remove via regular cleaning. Hence, you must be ready for a little more effort to clean them off your marble floor. When you notice scuff marks on your marble floor, get a felt pad. Dip the felt pad in a mixture of water and detergent and gently rub it on the affected areas of the floor along its grain. It is important to note that you should avoid cleaning scuff marks in a circular pattern because this will put your marble floor at risk of damage.


Whatever you are not acquainted with will look like something too hard to accomplish. Cleaning a marble floor such that it retains the same brilliance it exuded initially can be like that when you don’t know how to go about it. I am convinced that the days of ignorance are gone because you are now a “certified marble floor cleaner”! Simply apply the knowledge you have gained by reading this article and you will find it easier to clean your marble floor regularly. Cleaning your marble floor will cease to be a chore now and will become fun. Have fun!

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