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How to Get Bleach Out Of Clothes: Reliable Ways You Can Use

How to Get Bleach Out Of Clothes

Washing is an everyday activity we do. However, as we do it, we can also mess things up. Though, not according to our wish, of course. So, dealing with white clothes may demand we use a  bleaching ingredient. I believe some of your dark clothes will not miss around.

What if you splash a bleaching agent on one of them, and then it looks as if burnt? Will you give up on it? Please don’t. Let us look at how to get bleach out of clothes below.

Can Bleach Get Out Of Clothes? and How to Remove Bleach from Clothes?

Can Bleach Get Out Of Clothes

When bleach gets on your colored cloth, you may always think you will never use it again. However, you may need to understand that you can reuse a bleached material, and no one will notice that your cloth ever went through such a blunder.

What matters is the trick you apply to the stain. If you choose to conceal it, you can. And if you decide to do away with it, it is also possible. So, it is possible to get bleach out of your clothes. Let us dig deep through the various methods below.

Method #1: Dish Soap

Dish Soap

Maybe you never thought that your ordinary dish soap could wipe away a bleach stain on your shirt or blouse. It is an excellent, quick and simple remedy you can use and succeed in this process. However, it may not work on any material. If the bleach caught your upholstery or carpet, you can try your luck, though.

It would also be best if the stain is only on a small area. Let us see how you can carry out the technique.

  1. Put two cups of cold water in a basin, then add a spoon of dish soap to it. If the area you want to remove the bleach is a carpet, you can warm the water.
  2. Dab cotton swab or a white rug in the solution and let it soak. Remove it, then dab the stained area.
  3. Allow the cotton swab to stay on the affected area for about ten minutes.
  4. Remove the material from the stain, then dip another fabric in plain cold water and use it to dab the area.
  5. Patch the area again with a dry cloth until all the water gets out of it.

Now you can wash your cloth in your washing machine as you always do. If it is a carpet, vacuum the area. You will help it regain its texture and look like the other areas of your carpet.

Method #2: Baking Soda

Baking Soda

At times you may not have an ingredient that will remove bleach from your clothes immediately. However, there is a way you can hold the bleach and keep it from becoming worse. That is what baking soda can do.

Then, when you get the right product to remove the bleach, you can do it. Also, in case nothing removes the stain, you can decide to color the stained area. Hence, it is an excellent method since mixing your bleach with another product you are unsure of may only worsen, and you may not be able to fix the white spot.

Here are a few steps to use to apply baking soda to neutralize the bleach.

  1. Put cold water in a basin, then dip your spotted garment in it and rinse it.
  2. Mix baking soda in and separate bowl and add some little water to make a paste.
  3. Get a clean cotton swab, then dip it into your paste and apply it on the spot.
  4. Allow the soda paste to sit on the stain for some hours.
  5. Once dry, dip your garment in water, then rinse away the paste.

As noted above, the stain may not come out of the cloth. However, it will not spread and cause a big mess on your garment.

Method #4: Use Drinking Alcohol

Use Drinking Alcohol

So you have bought your vodka or any other alcohol that is your favorite. The fridge is working on it so that you can enjoy it at noon of the long-awaited summer season.

Sorry to say you will not treat yourself but use it on that ugly bleach stain on your favorite trouser that your ‘last born’ baby spoilt.

You need to consider the type of material the trousers bear. The method is only effective on cotton fabrics that manufacturers dyed with water-soluble colors. Also, if yours is a polyester or dye fast material, it can be effective. See how to go about it.

  1. Apply baking soda paste on the area to neutralize the bleach and make it inactive.
  2. Rinse the cloth, then dip a cotton swab in the alcohol and rub the area using a circling motion, working from the bleached spot to the dyed area. This ensures that you pull dye to the stained area.
  3. Ensure that the white spot gets color, then rinse the affected area in cold water.
  4. Get a basin and wash your cloth as you usually do to get rid of any other dirt and off smells.

Method #5: Use A Fabric Marker Pen

Use A Fabric Marker Pen

Fabric marker pens are also an excellent bleach remover from your clothes. This can be a fantastic deal if you feel like the other methods may take too much of your time.

You only need to visit a nearby store and purchase a fabric marker pen. It should match the original color of the stained cloth.

First, use a baking soda paste on the area to neutralize the stain. Wash the garment on a washing machine if that is your way of washing before applying the marker.

It would be best you note that not all markers will fit on your cloth. Some are meant to work on cotton, while some on polyester. Reading the instructions on the marker will help you understand if it is suitable for your specific fabric.

Confirm the procedure to conduct as you apply the color. Most of these markers will require a heat setting if you want the color to remain permanent on your cloth.

Method #6: Vinegar


White vinegar will lift away bleach remains from your cloth, and you will love it. If your white fabric has yellow stains, vinegar can also be an excellent remedy.

However, it should not contact your bleach directly. So, you should first use a neutralizing agent such as sodium thiosulfate or baking soda. Here is the way to do it.

  1. Put two cups of cold water in a bowl, then add in two spoons of vinegar.
  2. Dip your clean cotton swab in your solution, then use it to dab the area. The distilled vinegar will lift the bleach from the cloth, and no one will so much notice it.
  3. Get a dry towel or cloth, then dab the area to remove all moisture and smell from the fabric.
  4. Once you are sure the cloth is dry, wash it if dirty and rinse it. You will save it from having faded and weak fibers.

Method #7: Use A Fabric Dye

Use A Fabric Dye

Sometimes the bleach can affect a wide area. If you cannot imagine doing away with your cloth, you need to consider a fabric dye.

I love it because you can treat your cloth and get it in a new and transformed way by wringing the dye out of the fabric. If you want the material to its original state, you will need to consider acquiring the exact dye color for your garment.

Most natural materials require a water-soluble dye, while synthetic fibers need a disperse dye. The instructions manual should always guide you when dealing with the dye on your clothes. Some need special treatment, such as using hot or boiling water.

  1. As usual, let the baking soda paste neutralize the stain first.
  2. Prepare the place you will work from by covering it with newspapers or fabrics that you do not use,
  3. Add a spoon of your dye powder, two spoons of water and a spoon of salt in a bowl you will not use again.
  4. Get a soft brush or a toothbrush, then dip it in your mixture.
  5. Rub the brush on the affected area
  6. Allow it to dry, then rinse any dye remaining on the cloth.
  7. Wash your garment the usual way.

You can bathe the whole cloth in a basin with a dye mixture if you wish. However, the way your garment is discolored will determine if you will conduct this process or not.

As you know, it might take longer to treat each spot that is discolored. So, the process can save you lots of time.

Method #8: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is a great ingredient that you can trust to ‘block’ that ugly bleach stain out of your cloth. It works by transferring dye from a place with more color to your bleached area. It is also cheap, hence the quick method you can try if the bleach happened to you by accident.

You need to note that no alcohol is suitable for working on your stain. Especially polyester does not augur well with alcohol. So, if you are in doubt, you will need to try it on a small place of your garment first before trying the whole process on the entire stain.

Here is the step by step guide you should follow.

  1. Baking soda is our neutralizer. Kindly use the paste first on your spotted area before starting anything.
  2. Soak a cloth on your rubbing alcohol.
  3. Wipe the cloth on the area as you pull color from the sides to the bleach.
  4. When you see the spot filled and you are satisfied, rinse the area, then wash your whole cloth the usual way.


Can You Cover Bleach Stains?

Yes, depending on the type of stain your cloth has, you can choose to remove it or cover it. Covering is a bit awkward, but it works. What you need is a piece of fabric that looks like your cloth.

Shape it according to how your stain looks like. Sew it on the stain using your sewing machine. Ensure the sewing thread you use resembles a thread in your fabric. Knot every threat at the end and clip every loose end.

How can you remove bleach from dark clothes?

Many methods are effective to remove bleach stains from your dark-colored cloth. The most reliable you can try rubbing alcohol on the fabric. It works since it pushes dye to the area that color is not present.

Bottom line

Understanding how to get bleach out of clothes can be very handy on most occasions. The process is never complex, and the items you need are readily available and never expensive.

So, using the methods above, leach the color back to that beautiful black dress you loved and rock with it again.