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How to Get Blood out of Carpet

How to Get Blood out of Carpet

Did you just cut yourself as you were slicing some apples for your baby or wanted to treat yourself after a long day? Oops, sorry for that! I hope you now have your finger healed, or you chose to bandage it.

Due to the pain, of course, some blood spilled on your carpet. And I know how you could be thinking about how to get blood out of carpet. After all, who would wish to have blood on their carpet? What will friends think when they visit?

Kindly check below some ways you can apply and get your carpet in good condition.

Points to consider when you want to Remove Blood From Carpet

Points to consider when you want to Remove Blood From Carpet

When removing blood stains from a carpet, you should always consider working on it as soon as it occurs. The more it stays on the surface, the harder it becomes to remove.

Another thing you need to note when working on the stain is to work from the edges as you move inside the spot. Once you clean the area, it is always good to blot out any stain removing agent from the spot to avoid soiling the place further.

What You Will Need for Getting rid of the Blood Stain On Your Carpet

To begin the process, you will need several items to make your work easier. However, you can work with anything that can do a similar job and still get perfect results. Some of the things include:

Spray bottle: This bottle makes work easier. You will use it to spray your desired mixture on the spot with ease.

Steel brush: It has tough bristles, which will help loosen the stains on your carpet.

Sponge: You will need it to blot the area after applying your mixture to the stain.

A Rag: After using the sponge to blot the area, a rag will help you dab the area and make it clean and dry.

Wet vac: It is essential to soak the mixture into the carpet fibers. So all stains, even within, will be worked on.

How to Remove Blood from Carpet

How to Remove Blood from Carpet

Now you know what you need for a successful process to remove the stain. Let us now get to the methods you can use to remove the stain.

Each of them has proven to work since most people have used them. If number one does not work for you, consider trying the second, third all through the list until your carpet sparkles again.

Method #1: Coldwater


Coldwater is an excellent option to remove wet blood from your carpet. You will need to look for a spray bottle. You can get one from the nearby stores or even reuse the one that had your hair spray.

Fill the bottle with cold water, then spread the stained area until it becomes wet. Blot the affected area with a dry towel. This way, you will be loosening the bloodstains and making them easy to remove.

Repeat the process until you see no bloodstain on your carpet. Allow it to dry, or if you have a wet vac, you can use it to dry the damp spot.

What if the blood is already dry on the carpet? You can use other products, and you can remove the stain on the carpet with success. Let us see them on the methods below.

Method #2: White Vinegar and Baking Soda

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda combine so well to form a good paste that can remove blood stains on your carpet. Both have chemicals that cut through the stains, and you will appreciate every bit of work these two products perform.

Add your two cups of white vinegar and four spoons of baking soda into a bowl of two cups of water. Combine these products, then transfer the mixture to a spray bottle.

Spray the liquid to the affected area, then let it sit for around 5 to 10 minutes. You can continue doing your stuff as the thing does its magic.

Use damp cotton to blot the area until the contents get off the carpet.  Leave the carpet to air dry.

Method #4: Ammonia


Ammonia is another great option to consider for a dried bloodstain on your carpet. It works miracles, and you may not need to struggle about how else you will clear the stain off your carpet.

You only need a tablespoon of ammonia in a half cup of clean water. Stir the two, then dip a sponge inside the mixture.

Use the sponge to rub the stain until it absorbs all the liquid. Wring the sponge, then dip it again in cold water and blot the area again with it. Use a cotton fabric to blot the area and dry it.

Method #5: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also good enough to remove blood stains from your carpet. The only limitation it has is that it can change the color of some mats.

To note it, you may need to test if that is true by applying the solution to a small part of your carpet. A hidden area would be better, maybe a corner. If you see that it has no issues with your carpet, you can remove the stain using it.

Dip a cotton swab on the solution, then blot the blood stain using it. Continue with the process several times until the stain disappears from the carpet. You can leave the cotton swab with the solution to stay on the stain for several minutes to work on the stain.

Method #6: A Detergent Solution

A Detergent Solution

Use a brush to scrub over the stain to loosen it gently. Add a spoon of your dishwashing detergent in two cups of water in a bowl. Dip a sponge or a clean cloth in the solution, then rub it on the stain.

Blot the area until the sponge absorbs the liquid. Repeat the process until you cannot see the stain on the spot. Dip the fabric in cold water, wring it, then sponge the area until you remove moisture from the carpet.

If the bloodstain does not go away, you can use a spoon of ammonia in a half cup of warm water then blot the area with a sponge dipped in the solution. Dip the sponge in cold water, then rinse the spot as you blot it dry.

Method #7: Salt paste

Salt paste

Put enough salt in a bowl of cold water. Stir until it forms a thin paste. Apply the paste to the bloodstain on your carpet. You can use your hands. Remember to put on gloves; you never know the virus the blood contains.

Allow the paste to stay on the stain for around five minutes. Sponge the area using a rug or a piece of cloth until you remove the stain.  If you rub the area, the stain can spread to other areas, giving you difficulty removing it again. So, just work on the area gently.

Method #8: Corn starch

Corn starch

If you have corn starch around, you can also use it as an excellent bloodstain remover on your carpet. It works the same way salt paste works.

Add it in some water, then stir to create a paste. Apply it on the stain, then leave it for around ten minutes. Once it dries up, use a soft toothbrush to rub it off the carpet. Remove excess paste, then use a damp rug to clear the solution and remove the remaining stains.

Method #8: OxiClean


You may not have time to prepare your solution, or maybe you do not think that your own can do a perfect job. You can try OxiClean. It is an ideal cleanser that will remove the stain from your carpet in minutes.

Dissolve this product in warm water. Kindly read the instructions on the bottle. Spray the mixture on the blood stain and allow it to sit on the area for up to five minutes. Use a dry cloth or rug to blot the area to remove excess liquids from the carpet.

Most store-bought stain removers have an enzyme formula that can work on most stains, including grass, pet stains, and blood stains too. You only need to ensure that its label recommends it for carpet use. If not, you may end up harming your carpet than doing any good to it.

Applying it first on a small site of your carpet will help you make a good judgment if you wish to dare.

Method #9: Potato Starch

Potato Starch

Potato starch is also an excellent ingredient for your everyday blood stain removal. You will need to apply cold or lukewarm water to the stain. Allow it to stay for about five minutes, then drizzle your potato starch on the spot. Allow it to sit there for a whole day, then vacuum the place once it is dry.


Can I use warm or hot water to remove blood stains?

No. you do not need warm water to remove blood stains on your carpet or any other material. Hot or warm water will make the stain stick on the surface and make it hard to remove it. In most cases, if you see a method with water as an ingredient, kindly use cold water.

Will a specialist in carpet cleaning services remove blood stains on my carpet?

Yes. Most specialists in carpet cleaning specialize in removing stubborn stains. So, bloodstains may not be something too big for them to handle. All you need is to tell them the kind of care that your carpet needs. Hence, they can know if they have the cleaning solutions that can handle your carpet.

What do I do if my carpet leaves a stain after removing blood from it?

If you still see it stained after using a stain remover on your carpet, it may mean that your carpet is dirty, and you may need to be clean the whole of it.

If the stain on the carpet appears after using a stain remover, it could be that you did not wipe the stain well. So, you will need to repeat the cleaning process using the product until you do not see the stain on the carpet again.

Which is the best way to remove bloodstain on my carpet?

You can use various methods to remove blood stains from your carpet. What matters is what you have around that can perform the same task. Besides, eliminating blood while still fresh will not take longer, like when it has already dried.

So, all methods are ideal. It only depends on whether the stain is dry or not. However, the store-bought remover is more dependable if you want a sure thing that will work on your stain.

Bottom line

Knowing how to get blood out of carpet is very vital. Of course, you do not want your friends to visit you and imagine the kind of terrible accident that happened in your house. You can avoid such questions and create pictures in people’s minds by using any methods above.

The best thing is that everything you need is readily available in your kitchen. You may only need to buy one if you go for a store-bought stain remover.