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How to win an apartment?

Winning an apartment in today’s competitive rental market can seem daunting, but with the right preparation and persistence, it is possible. The key is to make yourself the most appealing applicant compared to other prospective renters. This involves having a strong rental application, acting quickly when you find a good listing, and impressing the landlord during showings. With some insider tips and effort, you can beat out other applicants and secure your dream apartment.

Be Prepared With a Strong Rental Application

The rental application is your chance to make a great first impression on the landlord. Before you start looking, take time to get your materials in order to create the strongest application possible. Here are important tips:

  • Have your credit score and report on hand. Landlords will check this, so know your numbers. Ideally your score should be above 700.
  • Collect references. Get recent letters of recommendation from previous landlords, employers, and personal connections.
  • Gather proof of income. Have pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, or other documents to verify your financial situation.
  • Outline employment history. Make a comprehensive list of current and past jobs with details on durations and salaries.
  • Prepare a rental resume. Highlight relevant experience as a tenant, including caring for a property and paying rent on time.
  • Gather application fees and deposits. Many landlords require first month’s rent, security deposit, and a non-refundable application fee.

With these key items pulled together ahead of time, you can submit a rental application quickly when you find a listing you like. Being ready to complete all sections with accurate details will give your application a leg up.

Check Listings Frequently and Be Ready to Act

Timing is critical when applying for an apartment. New listings go fast, especially popular units and properties. To boost your chances, you need to be proactive and persistent with your search. Implement these strategies:

  • Sign up for rental listing alerts online and check new listings daily.
  • Drive around desired neighborhoods looking for “For Rent” signs.
  • Tell friends and colleagues you are looking – they may know of openings.
  • Contact apartment managers directly to ask about upcoming availability.
  • Consider using a rental broker to access listings quickly.
  • Look at the property first thing on the market day, such as Monday morning.
  • Call immediately and ask to schedule a showing.
  • Fill out the application on-site and submit with fees.

Being among the very first applicants will give you an advantage, as landlords tend to process applications on a first-come basis.

Prepare for the Apartment Showing

The showing is your opportunity to connect with the landlord and make a case for why you would be a great tenant. Come prepared to ask questions, express interest, and present yourself in the best possible light with these steps:

  • Dress nicely to show you are responsible.
  • Arrive early – being prompt shows respect.
  • Have all required documents and fees with you.
  • Have a list of questions ready about the unit and lease terms.
  • Be enthusiastic and friendly; this is a first impression.
  • Highlight aspects you like about the apartment and neighborhood.
  • Mention your credentials and strengths on your application.
  • Ask about the timeline for lease approvals.
  • Thank the landlord sincerely for their time.

The goal is to have a positive interaction so the landlord remembers you favorably. Being prepared, engaged, polite, and eager can boost your candidacy and set you apart. But avoid seeming overbearing or entitled.

Follow Up Quickly After the Showing

Make a good last impression by promptly following up after the showing. Send the landlord a thank you note reaffirming your strong interest in the unit. Include any clarification needed on your application or questions asked during the tour.

You can also follow up by phone if you have not heard back within a couple days of applying. Avoid pestering the landlord, but do show you are eager and committed to the unit with polite inquiries. If the application decision is taking longer than expected, you can reiterate your qualifications and need to move soon.

With persistence and preparation for each stage, you can stand out from the competition. While it takes effort, going the extra mile can help win your next great apartment. Stay positive through the process – your home is out there waiting!

Tips for Creating a Strong Rental Application

Having an excellent rental application is crucial for securing an apartment in a competitive market. Here are key tips to make sure yours stands out:

Component Tips
Income Verification – Submit pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements
– Have a co-signer if your income is borderline
Employment History – Detail current and past jobs, salaries, dates worked
– Explain any gaps in employment
References – Get references from previous landlords and employers
– Use professional (not personal) connections
Credit Check – Explain any issues – don’t try to hide flaws
– Have a co-signer if score is under 650
Application Fees – Bring banking info to pay fees on-site
– Ask if fees are refundable if not approved
Desired Lease Terms – Clarify move-in date and desired lease length
– Be reasonable and flexible

Having complete, truthful, and compelling information across all areas of the rental application will show you are a serious candidate committed to getting the apartment. Taking time to get everything in order will maximize your chances of approval and let you finally win your next great home.

Questions to Ask When Viewing an Apartment

Apartment showings are a vital opportunity to get all the details you need to evaluate a rental. Going prepared with a list of questions will help you determine if the unit fits your needs. Be sure to ask about:

Category Potential Questions
Unit Condition – When were appliances last replaced?
– Any recent renovations or repairs?
– Any known maintenance issues?
Lease Terms – Length and start date of current lease?
– Option to renew or go month-to-month?
– Any upcoming rent increases?
Rent and Deposits – Amount for first/last month’s rent and deposit?
– Acceptable payment methods?
– Timeframe for paying each month?
Fees – Application, pet, parking fees?
– Any monthly utility or amenity fees?
Policies – Pet, smoking, noise policies?
– Any restrictions on guests/subletting?
– Ongoing maintenance requests process?
Neighborhood – Typical noise level and traffic?
– Any nearby construction planned?
– Proximity to public transit, grocery stores, etc?

Getting clear answers to these types of questions will reveal if the apartment meets your preferences and needs. Come prepared with your list to each showing to make an informed decision.

Tips for Getting a Positive Reference from a Landlord

Great references from previous landlords can really boost your rental application. Here are tips for getting a landlord to provide a glowing recommendation:

– Be a model tenant by paying rent on time, keeping your unit in good condition, and avoiding noise or conflicts. Follow all lease policies.

– Give proper notice before moving out and leave the unit clean and undamaged. The easier you make the turnover, the happier your landlord will be.

– Request the reference well in advance of your move-out date and offer to provide a rental reference form for them to complete and sign.

– Remind them of any positive interactions or compliments they gave you during your tenancy. Jog their memory about what a great tenant you were.

– If you had a less formal relationship, bring a small gift when asking for the reference as an expression of gratitude.

– Follow up by email to thank them for submitting the reference and let them know if you were able to secure your next apartment.

– Maintain a positive relationship even after you move out. Communicate periodically and leave online reviews about their professionalism as a landlord.

Securing great landlord references takes effort throughout your entire tenure renting from someone. But having an impressive recommendation from a past landlord can be pivotal in ultimately winning your next apartment.

Apartment Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to jeopardize your apartment search by making rookie mistakes. Be sure to avoid:

  • Procrastinating too long before starting your search. Units go fast, so begin looking 2-3 months in advance.
  • Skipping viewing a unit in-person before applying. Detect any issues it may have.
  • Neglecting to have all required fees and deposits ready. Come prepared.
  • Not reading the lease terms carefully. Know what you are signing up for.
  • Exaggerating details on your application. Always be truthful.
  • Being inflexible on move-in dates or rent prices. Have reasonable expectations.
  • Not acting enthusiastically and professionally at viewings and in follow-ups. Make a good impression.
  • Letting applications linger without follow up. Be politely persistent.
  • Burning bridges with past landlords. Positive references are crucial.
  • Giving up after a few rejections. Persistence is key in a tough market.

Avoiding these common blunders and being prepared, proactive, and professional will help your search succeed. Stay optimistic, learn from any mistakes, and keep pushing forward.

Signs You Have Found the Right Apartment

With so many options, how can you identify when you’ve found the perfect unit? Look for these signs:

  • It meets all of your essential needs like size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, amenities, etc.
  • The location is convenient for your commute, social life, etc.
  • The unit and building seem well-maintained and renovated as needed.
  • The space “feels” right with good light, layout, furnishings included, etc.
  • The landlord is responsive and seems responsible and reasonable.
  • The rental price fits comfortably within your budget.
  • The lease terms match what you are looking for.
  • You can visualize yourself happily living there.
  • You don’t have nagging doubts or find major drawbacks.
  • You are excited about the prospect of moving in.

Trust your gut – if the rental checks all of your boxes and you have a great feeling, it likely is the right match. Act quickly to secure it before someone else does!

Dealing with Apartment Rejection

It stings to get rejected from an apartment you had your heart set on. These tips can help you deal with it positively:

– Reflect on any weaknesses in your application that you can improve for next time.

– Follow up politely with the landlord to ask for any clarification on why you were declined. Their feedback is valuable.

– Learn from the experience. Adjust your search criteria and priorities if needed.

– Stay optimistic – a better option that’s meant for you is likely still out there.

– Keep hunting consistently, but take breaks when needed for your sanity.

– Get support from loved ones who can encourage you during the ups and downs.

– Consider using a rental broker if you need access to more listings.

– Be patient, but follow your gut on when to wait out a landlord’s decision-making versus pursuing other leads.

– Let go once you accept a rejection and move forward. Don’t dwell on what could have been.

– Celebrate even small wins like getting an application scheduled or having a great showing.

You may have to go through some no’s before that magical yes comes. Staying positive, resilient, and hopeful will help you survive apartment rejection and ultimately achieve your goal!


The apartment hunt in today’s market is filled with challenges, but it is conquerable. Being prepared, proactive, and persistent are the keys to success. Make an effort to create a stellar application, respond quickly to promising listings, and put your best foot forward at showings. Stay organized, engage politely with landlords, and don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Keep an open mind, learn as you go, and remain optimistic that your perfect new home is out there waiting. With focus and resilience, you can beat the competition and the feeling when you finally win your dream apartment will be well worth the tough search. So gear up for the hunt – your next wonderful chapter is right around the corner!