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19 IKEA Rast Nighstand Hack

With a price tag of only $35, IKEA Rast is a fabulous nightstand you can have. But putting it as-is may get boring for some creative beings. So, here are some Rast nightstand hacks you would want to try.


1. A DIY Mirrored IKEA Rast Nightstand

If you love mirrored furniture, then this project is for you. Dazzle up your bedroom with this DIY mirrored nightstand. Remove the knobs of the nightstand. Coat it with metallic silver spray. Take measurements of the nightstand. Cut mirrors according to the measurements. Take out the drawers of the Rast dresser. Glue the mirrors to the nightstand with mirror adhesive. Cover the sides as well as the drawers. Use E6000 glue to fix knobs on the drawers. Put pressure on the mirrors with clamps. Leave the clamps on the dresser for a day. Your mirrored nightstand is ready.

2. A Makeover with Paint and Wood


First of all, take measurements of the Rast nightstand. Then assemble it, leaving out the toe kick. Border the sides of the nightstand with wood trim. In this way, you will create a recess. Then with 1x boards, make a tabletop of Rast. Paint the dresser white from the sides and front. Stain the wood top. At this point, fix the knobs, that came with the dresser. If you want to go a bit fancy look, you can get crystal knobs like these. Alternatively, you can stain the original knobs. Use the same stain that you used on the tabletop. It will create a harmonized look. And you will save bucks too.

3. A Modern Industrial Ikea Nightstand Hack


Assemble your Rast dresser. Then paint it white. You can use any other color too. It will be better if you stick to chalky paints. Then make a design for the drawers with metal trim. Here there are circles welded inside a rectangle. Fix the metal framework to the front of the drawers. Attach a tabletop to the nightstand. To make it even more industrial, fix hairpin legs. Install metal drawer pulls. The metal drawer knobs will create coordination with the metal frame. Stain the wood top to finish the dresser makeover. It involves some elbow grease, but the effort is worth it.

4. A Stenciled Ikea Rast Nightstand Hack


Start by assembling the Rast nightstand as per the instructions. Leave out the drawer knobs at this point. Raise the height of the nightstand with table legs. Then comes the fun part. Make a pattern on the front of the nightstand with painter’s tape in two widths. Paint the nightstand with an oil-based paint. Let the paint dry out completely. Once done, remove the painter’s tape, and your pattern will reveal. Fix the drawer knobs and voila! This is an easy project. The only effort you have to do is to make the pattern.

5. A Mid Century Ikea Rast Nightstand Hack


If you want to include a mid-century style furniture piece, then here is a hack. First, you have to paint the drawers of the Rast nightstand in yellow color. Then install a board at the bottom of the nightstand. Attach tapered legs to it. Stain all the parts of the nightstand, leaving the drawers. By attaching a wood board at the bottom, and staining it, you will create a wrapped wood look. Fix the hardware on the drawers to complete the nightstand. You can put this nightstand in your living room. It will add a pop of color. You can experiment with other colors too. Teal, navy blue or white will look fabulous. The main idea is wrapping a solid color with wood. That’s what a hallmark style of a mid-century nightstand is.

6. Tripple IKEA Rast Hack


A credenza can offer storage to a living space or a dining room. You can make your own customized sideboard with 3 IKEA Rast nightstands. Join them together with a wood board at the bottom. And a tabletop on the top. Paint the surface wrapping the drawers. Also, paint the lower three drawers. Attach drawer knobs and table legs to support the buffet. There is a lot of cutting and sanding involved in this furniture piece. So, make sure you take the right measurements. So that the final result has the dressers aligned correctly.

7. A Mid Century Modern Console

This one is similar to the upper one. The only difference is that it has the unique character of Mid-century style. A mid-century modern console will cost you around $1400 in a furniture store. But you can make a DIY knock off with IKEA Rast nightstands for just $175.

8. A Quick IKEA Rast Hack


Not everyone can give a lot of time to a DIY project. So, here is a quick IKEA Rast hack that you can try. Fill the holes for the drawer pulls with wood filler. This step is necessary because you won’t be using the original knobs. Instead, you will add a drawer pull in the middle of each drawer. You have to paint the dresser white. Or choose any other color that suits your bedroom. Then fix brass corner braces at the corners of each drawer. Finally, attach brass cup drawer pulls.

9. An IKEA Rast Craft Table


You can convert the IKEA Rast into a craft room table. Instead of attaching four legs to a tabletop, you have to put an IKEA Rast in place of two legs. And this is all you have to do. You will have storage right next to you. You can keep the most used art and craft supplies inside the drawers of the nightstand. Fix a few hooks too on the nightstand to hang your scissors.

10. An IKEA Rast Makeover with Square Dowels


Assemble and paint the nightstand. Then make a pattern on the drawers with square dowels. If you aren’t an expert and can’t make an intricate pattern then no worries. Make a design that is easy for you. It will still look good.

11. A Fresh Produce Bin Hack



You can customize Rast nightstand for your kitchen or pantry. It will keep potatoes, onions, and fruits fresh for many days. To do this, you have to cut the first drawer as shown. Transform it into a two-compartment bin. For the lower two drawers, you have to convert them to frames. Paint all the parts of the nightstand. Then fix the mesh in the lower drawers. Add drawer knobs to the first drawer. Fix cabinet pulls on the other two drawers.

12. A 15-Minute Peel & Stick Wallpaper Makeover Hack

This one is a quick project. All you need to do is to paint the nightstand if it isn’t already. Once the paint dries, measure the size of the drawers. Cut peel and stick wallpaper according to the measurement. Remove the drawer knobs. Apply the wallpaper. Poke holes in the wallpaper where the knobs will be fixed. Put the knobs back and voila!

13. An Ikea Rast Nightstand to a TV Stand


To customize a Rast nightstand for a TV you have to make some changes. First, you have to give up on the first drawer. Secondly, convert the two other drawers into frames. Paint the chest in any hue. Use a staple gun to cover drawers with mesh. Fix legs to the TV stand. Also, fix the cabinet pulls. Since it is a small TV stand, you can use it easily inside your bedroom.

14. An IKEA Rast Makeup Vanity


If you need a makeup vanity table, then here is an idea. You have to get two IKEA Rast nightstands. Paint them and add cup drawer pulls. Fix a tabletop on the nightstands. Add a mirror and your vanity table is ready. The six drawers will provide ample space for your makeup products.

15. A Bar Cart


You can build a bar cart using an IKEA Rast dresser. You will have to make some tweaks and do some woodwork, but the result will be stunning.

16. A Stained Ikea Top Hack


Paint the Rast nightstand white. To give it some more style make a geometric pattern at its sides. You can do that with painters tape and metallic spray paint. Then measure the top surface of the nightstand. Cut a pine board according to its size. Stain the wood board in a dark shade. Fix it on top of the Rast nightstand.

17. A Stunning Transformation


To achieve this look you just have to make grooves on the drawers with a table saw. Paint the nightstand and fx a tabletop on it. After making the grooves, it will seem as if you have 9 drawers. Add a cup-shaped drawer pull to each square of the drawers.

18. A Suitcase Dresser


To make this, first, you have to paint the drawers with 3 different chalk paints. Stain the rest of the dresser. Let the paint and stain dry completely. Then comes the fun part. Glue leather straps and hardware from an old suitcase on the drawers. And for drawer pulls, use handles of reclaimed luggage bags.

19. An Ikea Bathroom Storage Shelf Hack


To make this, you have to leave the drawers and paint the rest of the nightstand. Add a board at the bottom, and fix drawer pulls at the sides. Increase the height of the shelf with legs.

We hope you liked these hacks. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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