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27 Inspiring Ikea Desk Hacks You Will LOVE

Whether you’re working at home or in the office, you don’t have to compromise comfort on the furniture. You will be far more productive on a desk instead of the couch. You can make a customized desk for your home office with IKEA products. The benefit of making your own table is that you can adjust the size. You can also create as much storage as you need. A dedicated desk for homework can also help to discipline your kids. Here are some IKEA desk hacks. So, browse through these ideas and pick your favorite.


Why IKEA Desks?

IKEA remains one of the largest international producers of home furniture. Their products range from modern home and office accessories to beautiful interior decoration items that are all eco-friendly. The most exciting thing, perhaps about IKEA home decoration items is that you can tweak or hack them to your taste. In other words, you can design them to suit your personality and apartment. There are diverse ways of utilizing IKEA products. They include the IKEA standing desk hack, IKEA office hack, IKEA computer deks hack, IKEA vittsjo desk, and linnmon desk, among others. More so, they are all IKEA ideas that you can DIY in the comfort of your home. Some of these hacks are discussed below:

1. A DIY Marble Table IKEA Hack

You will require

  • An IKEA table
  • Marble contact paper
  • Silver liquid leaf
  • A sponge brush
  • Spray Paint

Put the IKEA desk together. Paint the legs of the table with liquid leaf. Then wrap the tabletop with marble contact paper. Cover the drawers and shelves too with contact paper if your IKEA table has them. If the desk has a basic design, cover only the top.

2. A Long Counter Style Table Hack


Do you want to design a shared home office? One you could use with your family or other close friends? Here is a brilliant idea. It is easy and quick to assemble. For this project, you will need

  • 2 or 3 IKEA dressers
  • Cabinet pulls
  • A wood countertop ( Measure and buy accordingly)

Measure the length of the office table you want. Put the drawer chests at the two ends of the table. Put another drawer dresser in the middle. You can skip the third dresser if the desired work desk is not too long. Leave the tops of the chests. Fix the drawer pulls on all the drawers of the drawer chests. Then fix the wood countertop. A functional and stylish work surface will be ready. The number of dressers and the storage requirement goes hand in hand. So, if necessary, you can jump up to 4 or 5 drawer units as well. Make sure to leave enough gaps for the office chairs to be tucked in.

3. A Gold Makeover


For this table, you will need

  • An IKEA Table
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold drawer pulls

A little metallic touch can go a long way in decor. Here is an IKEA desk that was plain and boring earlier. At least not for those who love to add tiny details. You can also transform your IKEA desk into an expensive-looking work table. You have to paint the table legs with gold spray paint. Then attach gold cabinet handles to the drawers. Small tweaks can make a big difference, just like this project.

4. IKEA Kitchen Cabinets and Worktop Desk


Make this table with

  • An IKEA base cabinet with shelves
  • An IKEA base cabinet with drawers
  • An IKEA kitchen worktop

The process is easy. Decide the width of the table you want. Cut the countertop to that size. Then cover base cabinets with the wood worktop. Easy, isn’t it?

5. IKEA Hyllis Shelves and Wood Table

Materials required

  • 2 IKEA Hyllis shelving units
  • A wood board
  • Fasteners
  • Paint
  • Baskets
  • Two Shelving Units
  • Two optional BOSSE Bar Stools

To make this table, you have to assemble two Hyllis shelving units. Then cut a wood board that can top the Hyllis shelves. This desk will cost you around 60 bucks. The shelves are 15 bucks each. And 30 dollars for the rest of the materials. Once you have attached the wood top to the shelves, you have to put baskets inside the racks.

6. A Modern Hairpin Leg Table Hack


Some persons love the simplicity that comes with the hairpin leg style, and that’s not surprising because this table hack is easy to fix and still looks appealing.

What You Need:

  • An IKEA coffee tabletop
  • 4 hairpin legs
  • Mint spray paint
  • Screws

First, you have to spray the hairpin legs with mint-colored spray paint. Then flip the IKEA coffee tabletop. Attach the hairpin legs to it with screws. This project is so easy that you can make it over a weekend. It won’t take you more than half an hour. You can experiment with other colors of paint as well.

7. A Standing Desk IKEA Hack


For this awesome project, you will need

  • A Karlby worktop
  • A Kallax shelving unit
  • 4 Drawers (optional)
  • 2 Cabinet doors (optional)
  • 4 Bed risers
  • 5 Recycled tin cans of identical size

Are you one of those who favor standing instead of sitting for work? If yes then here is an IKEA hack for building a standing desk. For this, you will need an 8 cubby Kallax shelving unit. Raise it off the floor by using cheap amazon bed risers. Then put 5 tin cans on the top of the shelf and add a tabletop. Optionally, you can also put drawers and cabinet doors in the cubby shelves. Also, tuck in fabric bins to conceal the storage a bit.

8. A Repurposed IKEA Ingo Table Hack


You can’t afford to toss your old IKEA Into table away. How about making a repurposed table hack from it?

What You Need:

  • An old IKEA ingo table
  • 1 x 2s and 2 x 2s
  • Spray paint
  • Pine Wood
  • Pine Stain (optional)

To construct a repurposed IKEA Ingo table, you have to create a lattice with 1x2s. Make the horizontal piece touching the floor with 2×2. Assemble the frame at the sides of the IKEA table. Paint the table white or any other color.

9. A Kids’ Study Desk with a Pegboard


You will need

  • An IKEA Pegboard
  • 2 IKEA Trestle Legs
  • An IKEA Tabletop
  • IKEA Spice Racks

Do you need a space where your kids can sit and do their homework? If yes then build them a table from IKEA products. First, paint the trestle legs and spice racks with mint spray paint. You can opt for any other color as well. Once this is done, attach the spice rack bookshelves to the pegboard. Also, attach the trestle legs to the tabletop. Mount the pegboard on the wall. Put the table in front of it and voila!

This type of worktable is ideal for a craft room as well. The pegboard allows you to customize the storage whenever you need it.

10. Adhesive Vinyl Sheets IKEA Desk Hack


You will require

  • Adhesive Vinyl Sheets
  • An IKEA desk
  • A pair of scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • A ruler
  • Adhesive
  • Paintbrushes

If you have an IKEA desk that is screaming for a makeover, then here is an idea. Instead of getting your hands messy with paint, use vinyl sheets. They are easy to apply. The only effort you have to do is to measure and cut them. Avoid any air bubbles or creases while covering the table drawers with vinyl films. This idea will look as good as paint. Moreover, you won’t have to buy three or four pints of paint. As most of them will go to waste.

11. A Desk Organizer Hack


You will need

  • IKEA Bygel containers
  • Net curtain wire
  • Hooks and eyes
  • Cable clips

Measure the width of the table and cut the curtain wire. Then, fix it to the table with hooks and eyes. Divide the curtain wire into three equal segments with curtain clips. Hang the Bygel bins on the curtain wire. This hack will make sure your kids’ or office desk stays spick and span.

12. A Mid-Century Laptop Desk


The Mid-Century laptop desk had a sleek dimension that make it comfortable for laptop users. You can make it with a drawer to house small items you need to use with your laptop.

What you need:

  • An IKEA Alex shelf
  • Wood boards
  • Stain
  • Hairpin Legs
  • Screws
  • Drawer front
  • Oil
  • Gloss

Wrap the sides of the IKEA Alex shelf with wood boards. Stain them in the shade that you like. Then attach hairpin legs to the tabletop with the help of screws. You can paint the legs too. Such a desk is ideal for putting a laptop. It is slim and occupies very little space.

13. A $50 IKEA Desk Hack


If you’re on a strict budget and you want a beautiful IKEA desk to suit your apartment, this $50 IKEA desk hack will suit your apartment just perfectly.

What You Need:

  • 2 IKEA Lerberg trestle legs
  • An IKEA Linnmon Tabletop
  • Spray surface primer
  • Spray paint

To assemble this table, first, you have spray primer on the table legs. Because metal needs a primer layer for the paint to stick. Next comes the spray paint. This table has gold spray paint on it. Once the paint dries, fix the tabletop on the trestle legs.

Watch the video tutorial of this table here

14. A Large Corner Desk


Sometimes, a small-sized IKEA desk might not be sufficient enough for your activities. This is where the L-shaped large corner desk comes to play. It is suitable for both office duties such as computer desks and at home.

What you need:

  • 3 IKEA Linnmon Tabletops
  • 7 IKEA Adil Table Legs
  • Pine board
  • Dowel pins

To make this first you have to place the tabletops in an L shape. Then make a pine board frame for the L shaped tabletop. Fasten them with dowel pins, corner braces, and screws. Then attach 7 IKEA table legs to the table.

15. An IKEA Home Office System


The concept of a home office is to simulate a perfect office atmosphere right there in your apartment. Especially in 2020 when working from home is a crucial aspect of our careers owing to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to create a serene and comfortable arena for work right in your home. This is why the home office desk system is particularly useful.

What You Need:

  • 2 IKEA Kallax Shelves
  • 4 Kallax drawer inserts
  • 4 Kallax Door inserts
  • 2 Mikael drawer units
  • A Benno CD unit
  • IKEA Table legs
  • 2 IKEA Numerar aluminum countertops

Measure the height of the drawer units, including the tabletop. Then right above where the tabletop will come, install a Kallax unit vertically. Install another Kallax perpendicular to the vertical one. The Kallax shelves should make an L shape. Then put the drawer chests at one corner, and a CD tower at the other. Support the aluminum tops using the table legs, the drawer chests, and the CD tower. This office is the ultimate solution. It can cater to all your office storage and work activities.

16. IKEA Stuva Cabinets Table Hack with a Faux Concrete Countertop


The IKEA Stuva Cabinets plus a table is a smart way to maximize space in your apartment or office. It doubles both as a cabinet for storing files at the office or domestic items at home, and at the same time doubles as a reliable table for other purposes. The IKEA Stuva cabinets can be made to contain several drawers to accommodate more items. You can as well use the tabletop for placing things ranging from a flower vase to a family photo.

What You Need:

  • A 4 ft x 8 ft sheet of plywood
  • A box of henry feather finish
  • 2 IKEA Stuva cabinets
  • 12 table feet

Start by cutting semicircles in the plywood wood for cords to pass later. Then cover the plywood with a paste of henry feather finish and water. Increase the height of the IKEA cabinet units with IKEA riser feet. Once it is dry, sit this tabletop over the Stuva cabinets.

17. An IKEA Desk Setup Under $125


If you’re a little buoyant, you might want to try out a more sophisticated IKEA desk setup. This idea gives you a feeling of comfort, satisfaction and luxury.

What You Need:

  • 1 IKEA Linnmon Tabletop
  • 5 IKEA Adil Table Legs
  • 1 Ekby Jarpern Wall Shelf
  • 6 Capita Shelf Legs
  • 1 LEDBerg light

To construct this IKEA desk setup under $125. To make it first you have to make the lower tier of the table. Fix 5 Adil table legs to a Linnmon tabletop. Then Put a monitor shelf on top of it. For that, you have to attach 6 Capita legs to an Ekby Jarpen wall shelf. Fix a LEDBerg light under the monitor shelf.

18. A Trofast Kids Table Hack


Trofast is a fantastic table hack for kids. The design allows kids to sit facing each other while doing their playing, writing or drawing. It is low and convenient to use. You could also include many cabinet sections for your kids to store their toys and other materials.

What You Need:

  • 2 IKEA Trofast units
  • 1 IKEA Wood Countertop
  • SVALLET lamp x 2
  • ANILINARE notebook x 2
  • MÅLA pens x 2
  • BINTJE pots x 6

Putting together this table is very easy. You have to fix a wood countertop over two IKEA Trofast toy storage units. However, you would need to carefully measure the length between your walls and ensure that all the parts of the Trofast are well cut to ensure evenness. You don’t want a shaky desk for your kids!

19. A Two-Tier Desk Hack


For this, you will need

  • 4 IKEA Drawers
  • An IKEA Shelf
  • An IKEA Wooden Countertop
  • 3 Drawer Units

Install the wood countertop over the three drawer units. Then place two drawers on top of the countertop at two corners. Place two in the middle. And then top them with a shelf. The combo of white, wood, and black looks chic.

20. IKEA Nordli Chests and Plywood Kids Table


You will need

  • Plywood
  • A 2 drawer Nordli chest
  • A 4 drawer Nordli chest

Wrap the drawer chests with plywood using screws. Connect these chests to a plywood table. You can also extend the table into a memo board like this one.

21. IKEA Vittsjo Desk Hack


Materials needed

  • An IKEA Vittsjo desk
  • A Pinewood board

This one is simple. Measure and cut the pinewood board. Fix it on top of the laptop desk. You can use this table as a work desk or an entryway console.

22. A Corner Desk for a Small Home Office


Do you want a mini office in your bedroom? Here’s your shot! You could DIY this former desk to fit squarely right into a corner in your apartment without obstructing movement or any other activity. It combines comfort and efficiency at the same time, making you feel all set to work!

What You Need:

  • An IKEA bookcase
  • An IKEA Table
  • Pinewood
  • Spray paint

The major challenge faced while designing a home office in a small room is enough storage. However, with a sleek home office table, you could overcome that. If you put an IKEA bookcase vertically and join it with a table, your problem will be solved. You will have a worktop to do your work. And the bookshelf will keep your things organized. You can connect these two furniture pieces with clamps or screws.

23. A Recycled IKEA Crib Computer Desk


Are you looking for a table for your computer? Think again, what about your baby’s abandoned crib? Sure, you could recycle it!

What You Need:

  • A repurposed crib
  • A tabletop
  • Screws

When a baby grows too big for his or her crib, we usually end up with a furniture piece that is of no use. So, recycle the crib into a computer desk. Just get a tabletop that is suitable according to the size of the crib. Remove the front rail. Fix the tabletop over the crib with screws. You might want to paint it to give it a new look.

24. A Desk System by The Window


You will need

  • IKEA Billy Bookcase in two widths
  • IKEA Linnmon Tabletop
  • 3 IKEA Malm Dressers

By following this hack, you can make a homework station in your kids’ room. Put three Mal dressers and put a tabletop on them. Then finish the homework station with the Billy bookcases.

25. A Faux Marble Top IKEA Desk Makeover


You will require

  • An old IKEA Table
  • Faux marble adhesive film

If you have an old IKEA desk whose tabletop is chipped, then you don’t need to change the table. You can transform it with a faux marble adhesive film. If the table is in a waterfall counter design like this one, you can cover its sides too.

26. A Minimalist Shelf Table


If your apartment extremely lacks space, you can’t give up on your IKEA plans yet. You could still fit this minimalist shelf table right on the wall. The floating shelf does not only economize space but also beautifies the wall  of your apartment.

What You Need:

  • An IKEA floating shelf
  • 2 metal brackets

This is a narrow table ideal to fit inside a bedroom. All you have to do is to fix an IKEA shelf with brackets on a wall.

27. A Family Office Table


The family office table is an ingenious way of combining size with function. It serves as a central table for all members of the family to do their work without obstructions.

  • 2 IKEA dressers
  • 3 Equal dimensions tabletops
  • 4 IKEA metal table legs

Fix the table legs to a tabletop. This table will be in the middle. Put drawer chests at two corners and support the other two tabletops on them. Connect the two tables to the middle one with clamps or screws. This desk is in interactive design. The whole family can do their work or homework peacefully. This is great for parents who want to work and help with their kids’ homework side by side.

Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite IKEA desk hack. We would love to hear from you.

IKEA Desk Hacks FAQs

How to build IKEA desk?

Building an IKEA desk for yourself might be a little technical, but it’s not something you can’t pull off. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

  1. Get all materials and Supplies needed:

The materials you need for IKEA desks hack certainly differ, depending on the design and purpose of the IKEA desk. However, some of the basic materials and tools you will always need are:

  • An IKEA desk
  • Wood stain
  • Spray paint
  • Foamboard
  • Packing tape
  • Mod podge
  • T-bar handles
  • Large foam paintbrush
  • Disposable plate
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife or Exacto knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Yardstick
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Drill bit, etc.
  1. Assemble:

After procuring all the materials and tools you need, the next step is to cut and assemble the parts. This would require you to measure adequately, so you don’t have a wobbly desk in the end. Mark all the points where you want to drill with a pencil, so you don’t mix them up.

  1. Add Finishing Touches:

After assembling all the needed parts and your desk is all set, you need to sand and spray paint to give it a perfect new look. Afterward, set it up and add all the decorative items you want.

How do I strengthen my Linnmon Desk?

There are several ideas for strengthening and stabilizing your Linnmon desk. Try out the following:

Use mortised legs. It makes the table interlocks more resistant.

Add a pine spine underneath the table right at the middle. It gives the table extra build to bear any weight you place on it.

Use the Linnmon connector packs. These are spring-like straight lines that run through the table to keep it stable.

How can I make my IKEA look more expensive?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent just a few dollars on your IKEA table; you could still hack it to make it look expensive and exquisite. Try these ideas:

Make it float

Floating furniture makes a great beauty. A floating desk does not only appeal to the eyes but also gives you ample room to spread your legs while working. So much ingenuity and comfort!

Change the Tabletops

As your desk gets old, changing the tops might be an excellent way to bring them back to life again. You could rotate the top materials around marble, pine as glass if the design allows it. You’ll definitely love the new sparkles it brings.

Repaint or Overlay with a Design Pattern

If you’re up for it, it is also advisable to overlay the surface of your desk with a design pattern. Common patterns are the panyl designs and the Danika designs, but the choice is all yours to make. If you’re not willing to spend so much, repainting is an inexpensive way to spice things up.


With so many beautiful DIY IKEA desk ideas already suggested here, you can never run out of an IKEA plan for your home or office desk. What is more important is for you to choose a design that suits your personality, apartment and budget. Have fun building one!