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Mid-century Modern Coffee Table Ideas

The spotlight in every living room has got to be the coffee table. When you walk in, your eyes are directed to it immediately, and this is why it is normally placed in the middle of the room.

It is therefore important that you choose your coffee table wisely. It must be creative, unique, and of course functional because unlike wall hangings and other ornaments in the living room, you will be required to use it.

The phrase “mid-century modern,” is one that has become very popular in recent times and most interior designers and home enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of it. It has morphed to include almost anything that is fashion inspired, and especially when it comes to designing houses.

A classically designed modern coffee table from the mid-century is just what you need to make your living room chic, elegant, and stylish.

The beauty of these designs from the ’50s is how simple and neutral they are. As a result of this, you can be free to be as creative as you want since the table goes with almost anything, and can be paired with a wide variety of colored items.

The mid-century design was developed between 1945 and 1975. It is an interior design method that dominated urban development for over 30 years. It was shown in architectural magazines during this time, and many people fell in love with it.

Today, the style is still getting recognized due to its unique characteristics, and many people love adopting it into their home designs.

Here are some examples of mid-century coffee tables that you can use in your home.


Noguchi Style Table

Noguchi Style Table

This is a classic and organic triangular shaped table that is associated with the mid-century times. It was designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

It is made of a thick glass top with wooden legs that are curved and solid. It is available in a variety of colors; you can find it in cherry, black, or white. This is an extremely simple and attractive coffee table that goes a long way toward making your living room elegant.

What you will also love about the table is the use of neutral colors that allow you to get as creative as you would like in your living room. You can opt to use a brightly colored rag rug, bright colors on the walls, or even colorful living room furniture as you wish.

This table clearly shows how authentic the mid-century era was.

Eames Molded Plywood Coffee Table

Eames Molded Plywood Coffee Table

Charles and Ray Eames began experimenting with coffee table ideas in the mid-’40s, and this was one of their signature tables that remains relevant and stylish till today.

The surface of the coffee table is an eloquent example of mid-century times. It is round and indented slightly. It also creates a lean profile that makes for a strikingly simple centerpiece that can work with any living room.

You can choose to surround it with whichever decor you wish, and it will just flow perfectly. Most people use lounge chairs that are reminiscent of the mid-century era, or you can even use your modern sofas to compliment your living room area.

Remember to be creative with the rugs, and wallpaper, plus when using decorative items on the table, be subtle and neutral, so they do not overshadow the coffee table.

The table is made of high-quality wood, and it is also lightweight, compact, and versatile. Take care when using it so it can last a long time.

Mid Century Style Coffee Table with Spiraling Base:

Mid Century Style Coffee Table with Spiraling Base

If you want your living room to stand out, then this is the coffee table for you. Not only is it beautiful but the spiraling work at the base of the table makes it quite modern and unique. You will be surprised to learn that this was designed in the mid-century times.

This table is a modern adaptation of the Platner Style, and it is made of metal rods that are twisted at the base, giving any room where it is used a touch of class.

It is a long-lasting product that is reasonably priced, and most people find it ideal because of its design.

Metal is always great for enhancing the look of a room, plus it is not too shouty, so, it will not overwhelm everything else around it. This table has a lot going on with the geometric shape, and therefore, it is advisable to go neutral with other items in your living room, so it doesn’t look like you are trying too much.

A good example would be to use sofas that have simple and neutral colors such as brown or black, so you can make the table the center of attention due to its beauty.

Semisfera Coffee TableSemisfera Coffee Table

Elegant, beautiful, unique and classy are all words you use to describe this coffee table.

It is a wooden mid-century table with a warm nostalgic appearance.

It is a half-spherical shaped table that is made of peroba wood to create a smooth and tactile look. It is intended for indoor use and blends perfectly with neutral colored furniture.

Keep it clear of moisture so it can last longer and protect it from spills by using coasters. When cleaning it, keep it light, and do not use too much water.

Wegner Style Coffee Table

Wegner Style Coffee Table

This elegant mid-century coffee table is made of solid American cherry wood, and it sits on three legs that provide it with structured support and an understated aesthetic.

It was designed in 1954 by Hans Wegner who was a master of many different furniture pieces including chairs and seating furniture.

Its circular top gives it an ample surface area and contemporary design. This is the type of coffee table that will give your house an authentic and old school kind of vibe. In addition, the table is designed in such a way that it allows you a lot of room for creativity when it comes to the rest of your home.

Colors and other artifacts will blend easily in a home with this table.

The Mag Table

The Mag Table

The mag table looks a little out there, but this is also what makes it unique and classic. It has a flexible design that would work great in a small space.

You can also use it for a wide variety of other uses such as a seat, and when flopped you can use it as a laptop stand. That is why most people love it.

Kardiel Mid-Century Coffee Table:

Kardiel Mid-Century Coffee Table:

One of the most commonly used materials in the mid-century was plywood. This particular coffee table is made of this material, and that is one of the reasons why it is perfectly suited for your home as a mid-century piece.

In addition to plywood, it is also made of walnut which has been carefully and uniformly dried to stabilize its moisture level.

The color of the table makes it unique, and the glass on top gives it a little bit of class.

You can pair this table with a wide variety of furniture items, and because of its beauty, it is advisable to go neutral with colors. The mid-century was also characterized with neutral and minimal designs, so stick to that and you will have the theme well represented.

Looking at the floor plan in the image above gives you an idea of how you should go. The use of wood will perfectly bring out the 50’s in your living room.

Mid Century Modern Style Coffee Table – Black and White design:

Mid Century Modern Style Coffee Table – Black and White design:

If you want a mid-century theme in your living room, you can never go wrong with black and white, because this was one of the most popular color schemes in that period.

This particular coffee table looks elegant, stylish, and classy. It is so well designed that it goes with almost anything in your house; its uniqueness makes it the center of attention in the entire living room area.

It is made of wood and iron which renders it perfectly mid-century. The white finishing and iron are the perfect accent for your home.

Made in the 50’s era, this table is designed for people who understand authenticity and beauty.

You can pair it up with a wide variety of sofas and chairs because the colors and neutral and they go with almost anything. Be sure to keep everything else simple to make the table shine.

Small Mid-Century Style Tray Coffee Table: – Round:

Small Mid-Century Style Tray Coffee Table: - Round:

This table is 30-inches in size and round in design. It also has a 2-inch deep lip. It does resemble a serving tray, that is perched with wooden legs. It is ideal for a small living room with a medium-sized sofa.

The beauty of this coffee table is that it gives plenty of leg room, and can complement the look of any room. You can use it as a display table if you want to place flowers or a small sculpture on it, or you can use it as a co

ffee table as well.

The construction is of Scandinavian build that is very sturdy. The angled support base ensures that it doesn’t wobble or sway when used with heavy objects. The lip on the edge of the top also ensures that items aren’t knocked off.

The contrast of the walnut lets makes it unique and elegant.

You can pair it up with a wide range of furniture options as it is quite subtle and neutral. If you have a small house, this is a perfect table.

Nesting Mid Century Coffee Table:

Nesting Mid Century Coffee Table:

This is a simple, beautiful and classic mid-century coffee table. It is made of solid MDF and finished off with a smooth UV paint.

It is supported with strong bamboo wood which means that it is not easily damaged.

This table is a compact size, and this also means that it is space saving. You can use it in a small house to give add elegance. The colors are also perfect; they elegantly blend with whatever you wish to pair it up with.

With the image above, notice the bold use of color. The green rug blends perfectly with the nesting coffee table and makes the whole room mid-century classic.

Mid Century Coffee Table with a Modern Style Magazine Display Rack

Mid Century Coffee Table with a Modern Style Magazine Display Rack

This mid-century coffee table looks like it was way ahead of its time. From the design to the color, it perfectly blends and brings out the 50’s theme in your living room. It is a useful table that readers will surely appreciate because it comes with a modern magazine stand.

It is made of solid and long-lasting wood, and of course, the glass top completes the sophisticated and unique look of the table. It is what you would call an understated elegance.

When you pair it up with neutral colors, it will stand out and make your home extremely beautiful.

Final thoughts:

Creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in your living room goes a long way in making it a home. For many people, being surrounded by objects that are a little bit nostalgic makes them happy. The mid-century coffee table can do exactly that, especially if you are from that era, or you want to incorporate a table that was owned by a relative.

There are many coffee tables from the mid-century era in the market today, and the choice is yours. Here are some tips;

  • Choose a table that is simple in design, as this will make it easy to pair up with the rest of the furniture in your home.
  • Go for a simple look. This gives the table the authentic mid-century modern look.
  • Incorporate lots of neutral colors around the table as this was the theme in this particular era, perhaps because it makes the table stand out.
  • Do not be afraid of accessorizing and you can choose from a wide range of pendants and decor from the mid-century to make your table as beautiful as possible.

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