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Mid-Century Modern Design Kitchen Ideas

Mid-century designs have come back with a bang! And most homeowners are incorporating it into the design of different rooms in their homes such as the bathroom and kitchen.

The kitchen is one of those rooms where you spend lots of time. You cook there, eat there, and even visit with family and friends, and therefore, it should be your most appealing and beautiful room in the entire house.

If you want to make your kitchen functionally beautiful, then a mid-century design will work great. Here are some pointers when designing your kitchen.


Consider the layout of your home

If you want to incorporate the mid-century design, then you may have to consider the layout of your modern home. There are some differences between the layout of a modern home and the one that was used in mid-century designs.

A mid-century design usually has the kitchen in a separate location away from the living room, while modern kitchen designs usually are open plans, in which they are an extension of the living room.

For you to utilize the mid-century design, you may need to remodel the layout of your home.

Choose the right materials

Plywood and laminate are the most popular materials in mid-century designs. From the cabinets to the countertops, you must keep your project in sync with the materials used during that time. This will better set the tone and look if you are trying to achieve the look of a mid-century kitchen.

You can also add furniture and tables made of similar materials to enhance the mid-century design.

Ergo dynamic function and look

The mid-century was an era that was known for its ergo dynamic styled furniture because the designers wanted the kitchens to be as functional as possible. They, therefore, ensured a certain kind of flow to help them to function better.

Some conventional designs in the mid-century included soft close drawers, drawer organizer systems, and even wing-out pantries.

Consider open shelves

Mid-century was an era that loved to dress up the home spaces and kitchens. This means that you can include open shelves in your design so you can display a few favorite pieces. This not only looks great, but it also provides a creative outlet for you to customize your look.

If you get bored with your display, you can just swap it out for another.

Here are some cool mid-century kitchen styles for you to consider;

An open plan- modern mid-century kitchen style

An open plan- modern mid-century kitchen style

With this mid-century design, you must keep your lines straight forward. The cooking area must have very straight and tidy lines. If your kitchen cabinets have motifs and curves, you need to change them out for straight lines to achieve the mid-century look.

The furnishings in this modern design are seamless stainless steel and the countertop surface are made of marmoreal. A cork and laminated floor will keep the kitchen modern but ensure everything in the kitchen is uncluttered and mesmerizing.

You should also consider using warm-colored timber, bold colors, geometric patterns, and tile backsplashes.

A Swedish Mid-century design style

A Swedish Mid-century design style

Orange gives this mid-century Swedish design an exciting and fresh look that is extremely beautiful. The walls are lifted up in beautiful avocado green which gives the entire kitchen a fresh burst of color that will warm your heart.

The Scandinavian-inspired layout is done with a grey marmoreal floor with a white ceramic tile. These provide a big contrast with the orange, but they also blend well. You can also decide to add some white paint-grade cabinets made of maple, or the warm wood colors as in the picture below to provide a neutral backdrop to the entire décor.

Instead of tables and chairs, you can opt for lift-up benches with built-in banquettes to allow for better traffic flow into the kitchen area.

Mid-century stainless-steel kitchen design

Mid-century stainless-steel kitchen design

This is a complete stainless-steel designed kitchen that looks elegant and sophisticated. If you thought steel was only used for cutlery, you were mistaken because, in the mid-century kitchen era, steel was used for furniture, backsplashes, tiles, and countertops.

Furnishing your kitchen with stainless-steel not only makes it beautiful but this is a material that always looks clean and hygienic, plus, it is nonporous, so it is easy to clean.

The material resists molds and bacteria, ensuring you always have a squeaky-clean kitchen at all times. You can also include wall mounted grey cabinets to complete the look of the kitchen.

The benefits of having such a kitchen are that it can never burn, or stain, but you will also have a very noisy kitchen in your hands, one that is expensive and prone to deep scratches.

A Mid-century kitchen with modern chairs

A Mid-century kitchen with modern chairs

Kitchen chairs can add a lot into your kitchen, and when you integrate your mid-century design with some modern kitchen chairs, this adds an eclectic touch to your home. It is sleek and stylish and can fit perfectly into the mid-century design you have chosen.

These should be cushioned chairs that have a beautiful wooden frame finish. You can also use tufted chairs that have natural wooden legs, an upholstered chair with legs that taper, or wood-fabric armchairs, and finally butterfly chairs. All these types of chairs will add elegant angles to your home.

Choosing modern and round benches for your mid-century design can also be fascinating. Including a rustic wood drum, a vanity acrylic bench, a universal skirted storage bench, or even a radius curved bench, all with upholstery, can make your kitchen stylish and unique.

This type of kitchen is very easy to design. Mid-century designs have their strengths, but the materials may be a little bit costly.

A real mid-century modern old-style design

A real mid-century modern old-style design

In the mid-century times, the kitchen area wasn’t just for cooking only; it was also a place to consume the food and do laundry as well. The kitchen area was therefore large in dimensions and the layout of the wall needed to be elegant as well.

The use of Formica vinyl and Knotty ache materials was extremely popular. These provided clean lines, plus creative and imaginative colors to work with.

The above-pictured kitchen is designed with built-in cabinets and countertops. It also has embellished wood furnishings that bring out the mid-century design. It also has a pendant table set, ceilings that make the room elegant plus, patterned wallpapers to complete the look.

A wide spaced and open mid-century modern kitchen design

A wide spaced and open mid-century modern kitchen design

The open kitchen is a modern design feature that has become increasingly popular in recent days. You can, however, incorporate the mid-century kitchen design into your modern kitchen and come up with something that is simply magnificent.

This concept allows your family and friends to converse with you easily while you work in the kitchen. The cooking smells can penetrate the entire home and therefore adding a good fan system is a good idea. Having the double ovens away from the work areas helps keep the area more comfortable while you’re doing food prep.

The open design consists of a metallic backsplash, flat-panel cupboards, islands, stainless steel appliances, and under mount sinks. The idea is to show the gorgeous mid-century view in your modern kitchen design.

You can update the light fixtures and demolish walls to create the open kitchen you desire, plus, the shelves become a priority in the modern kitchen. The floor should be an open concept plan that allows the kitchen and dining areas to blend smoothly. Adding colorful pendants can provide an exotic ambiance.

This kitchen design is a little bit messy and lacks privacy, but it will make your small space feel larger and allows everyone in the family to participate in the meal preparations that creates a bonding opportunity.

The L-shaped mid-century kitchen design

The L-shaped mid-century kitchen design

This L-shaped mid-century kitchen design is inspired by farmhouse sinks, shaker closets, a blue backsplash, stainless steel kitchen tools, and white cupboards. It simply has one long side and one short one. The longer side has the majority of the counter space, while the shorter one has appliances and counters.

This is a popular design that was adapted to fit all styles and kitchen sizes. It is a practical design with the stove, sink, and fridge in a rectangular array. A triangle is a flexible design that reduces the walking distance between work stations.

This is a perfect choice if you have a small kitchen, but, if your kitchen is large and you still want the L-shaped design, you are prone to end up with plenty of extra space in the middle of the kitchen, and it would help to utilize this space by adding an island with a sink to provide extra counter space.

This kitchen design is an excellent use of the available space; it simplifies cooking and cleaning while also minimizing traffic. Appliances are however more spaced out, which requires more walking while preparing meals and cleaning up.

A modern kitchen with dining mid-century design style

A modern kitchen with dining mid-century design style

This elegant kitchen design sets up your kitchen with additional chairs and a table, making the kitchen area not only functional for cooking but eating as well, which is what modern kitchens have turned into in recent years.

If you wanted to incorporate the open plan modern kitchen design together with the mid-century design, this would be a great idea to class up your home and give it that elegant, unique yet traditional look.

It is, however, important to make your eating space easy to access. Ensuring you have plenty of room prevents you from getting bruised as you prepare the food or as you sit down to eat your meals. Keeping an efficient traffic flow will make your kitchen comfortable and more convenient for everyone.

The mid-century gallery made with an elegant yellow backsplash tile is extremely charming and adds color to the room. It also has an island with accessible storage space on both sides. This island has additional chairs for an eat-in area. To provide an even larger space, it is advisable to add a nine-piece dinner table next to the galley kitchen.

This is not a suitable design if you have many cooks in your kitchen due to the limitations in space, but it maximizes the efficiency of the kitchen when there is only one cook.

An elegant mid-century design

An elegant mid-century design

In this mid-century design, lights are a focal point that forms the base for the design. High-ceilinged kitchens can perfectly be fitted with pendant lamps that will hang elegantly over your kitchen and dining area as well.

This type of lighting is one of the best choices for a mid-century kitchen. This type of kitchen however should be galley styled with two countertops that are running parallel to each other. If you would like to update it later on, embrace the galley layout and come up with additional designs around it to retain the theme.

Use high-end appliances to enhance your cooking area and also include durable and practical materials in the finishing. Quartz-based counters and new walnut cabinetry, though expensive, can do so much for you in this kitchen design.

A warm touch Mid-century kitchen design

A warm touch Mid-century kitchen design

This is one of the most beautiful mid-century kitchens designs available, and you can tell that it emphasizes the use of high-quality products and furniture to give it that sophisticated and elegant look that is common with mid-century styles.

In this chic kitchen, wood is predominantly used, for the kitchen island, the ceiling, the door, and the cabinets. The symmetrical wooden ceiling beams radiate an inviting and relaxing ambiance. The three-circle pendant light also gives a warm and beautiful atmosphere that anyone would love to have in their homes.

With the wood option, this is an expensive kitchen, because you must use the absolute best of the best, since the kitchen is generally a wet area. High-quality woods will not rot the way substandard low-quality wood can.

This design requires minimal care. The wood is generally long-lasting, so, you have more time for fun activities.

Final thoughts:

To identify the best mid-century design for your home, you must first understand your preferences, and likes, because choosing a mid-century kitchen design is supposed to bring a little bit of elegance, style, and beauty into your home.

Also, find a style that will easily be incorporated into what you already have in your home. You do not want to end up with a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms that are completely out of sync with each other.

An interior designer can really help you maintain the integrity of your design. Messing up in the planning process can lead to expensive mistakes. A designer will t advise you on how to blend the colors and textures in your entire home.