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29 Elegant Modern Bedroom Ideas to Help You Get Perfect Sleep

A modern bedroom is something you have seen. It is not far from what you have in your house. It also does not need to be cold or stark but a place where you can get some good night’s rest.

Check below these 29 elegant modern bedroom ideas and steal one or two to help you remodel yours.

1. Modern, Trendy Bedroom Design

Modern, Trendy Bedroom Design

In most cases, gray represents a male’s vibe. Not only so, but it is also calm and offers a very relaxed environment.

The wall panels have clean lines that give the whole room a modern touch. Whoever sleeps here will, without a doubt, experience a cozy night. The plush bedding and the billowing curtains offer that.

What about the two table lamps? They add a modern edge and brightens the space.

2. Luxury Modern Bedroom Design

Luxury Modern Bedroom Design

The gray bed, pillows, and blankets create a calm ambiance. Behind the bed is a wooden bench that you can store your small stuff. The wall and the bench color bring warmth to the room.

The glass wall offers the sleeper an excellent outdoor view. Anyway, you can drop the curtains if you do not wish to look outside. Besides, the glass provides some fascinating natural light to the room. And if you want to save space, floating nightstand lights are enough for the same.

3. Modern Low Platform Bedroom Idea

Modern Low Platform Bedroom Idea

Who would not desire such a bedroom? It is beautiful, classic, and luxurious. And did we say it is cozy? It is without a doubt.

The platform is upholstered with red fabric. You may think there is no headboard, but a keen look shows a lowered board. The gray cushions, the mattress, and the wall curtains complement the copper paneled wall.

4. Modern Blue Bedroom

Modern Blue Bedroom

Once in a while, we lack sleep. And when you get to the bedroom, you spend several hours before the sleep comes.

There is a color that heals and cures, that is, blue. Did you know that? In this design, the bedframe is upholstered blue, the blankets as well as pillows.

The sky blue pillows and bed sheets offer the perfect blend. The wall and the seats also have some shades of blue. The hanging plant on the ceiling planter adds effect to the refreshing environment.

5. A Modern Bedroom with Some Little Artwork

A Modern Bedroom with Some Little Artwork

It is simple to arrange your bedroom to make it look trendy. This one is classic, and wow. The white color and the wood accents are adorable. The color of the bed covers and the pillows evokes a refreshing and chic feeling.

On the side of the headboard is a metallic lamp that adds glam.  The indoor plant, striped wall, and artworks are a pure rep of a well perked up room.

6. Modern Wooden Bedroom Sets

Modern Wooden Bedroom Sets

Most people love or prefer brighter colors for bedrooms. But did you know that even black is a perfect color for this room? However, it would be best if you blended it well.

In this bedroom, black is the primary color. The whole atmosphere is relaxed. Besides, the look is dramatic and fun.

The white pillows, pendant lights, flowers, and books will capture anyone’s attention. The wooden floor and the wooden furniture climax the casual feel.

7. The Unique Headboard On A Modern Bedroom

The Unique Headboard On A Modern Bedroom

Would you wish to create something that you will not find in anyone’s house? Then, try this bedroom style.

The unique thing here is the headboard. The design uses LED strip lights and extruded panels. The trick is the shade from the headboard that reflects light to the bed.

8. A Modern Bedroom With Beautiful Chandelier

A Modern Bedroom With Beautiful Chandelier

How do you see this bedroom? It is classic and so modern. Who would not enjoy every bit of sleep here? I doubt.

Everything looks simple but plays very impressive roles. The bed frame is a simple metal with a mattress on top. The primary color is black, but mustard and gold from the lighting fixtures brighten up the room.

The chandelier in the design is the real stopper. Instead of putting the lamp on a stand, you can consider hanging the pendant light beside the bed. Will, you not have saved some space?

9. A Modern Bedroom With Space Saver Shelves

A Modern Bedroom With Space Saver Shelves

Instead of using standing units, you can opt for floating shelves. The ones you see above are wall-mounted beside the headboard.

The shelves hold two copper lamps and stow other items that you may need for your bedroom. The shelves have some hidden draw you may use to keep the usual bedside clutter.

10. A Modern Bedroom With A Working Space

A Modern Bedroom With A Working Space

Everything in this bedroom is unique. The floor lamp shows some great creativity, and it is one thing that will catch anyone’s attention.

The color of everything provides a relaxed atmosphere. A tufted headboard, wicker pouf, throw, and rug infuse a cozy ambiance in every layer.

The bookshelf ladder keeps clutter at bay. You can work at the desk and chair on the other side of the bed.

11. Modern wood plank Bedroom

Modern wood plank Bedroom

The light fixtures are a true definition of elegance. Once you set your sleepy eyes on this bed and plush pillows, you will not wait to throw yourself on the bed.

The wall is made of wood plank, and this is a focal point. And can you sense some attraction when you glance at the floor?

The white nightstands reflect some light to the black wall and create a relaxed atmosphere.

12. Modern Wall Bedroom Sconces

Modern Wall Bedroom Sconces

If you think your bedroom is so plain, you can warm it up with some modern sconces. A gleaning copper sconce adds décor and class as well.

The green chair or any other bright chair pops up the scheme so well.

13. Unique Ceiling Fans In The Bedroom

Unique Ceiling Fans In The Bedroom

If you live in warmer climates, you understand how important fans are. Unique fans can add function and décor to your bedroom.

Other than the fan, a bedroom wall clock adds beauty. If you check around, you will also notice some metallic stools and planters. They add a nice farmhouse and classy touch to your room.

14. Modern Bed master

Modern Bed master

Another trait of unique modern design is sharp edges and straight lines. The neutral colors promote peace.

The room is vast. As you read or work on your stuff on the table, you may forget if a bed is behind you.

The black frames on the wall hangings cannot hide the beauty displayed in this space.

15. The Modern Bedroom Furniture

The Modern Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture adds class and style to your room. The black furniture and other accessories complement the white things in this room.

The printed throw pillows spice up the room and offer an exciting experience at night. The table lamps and lights brighten the whole space.

16. Natural Shades

Natural Shades

Indoor plants are the main items in this bedroom. The plants offer a great environment to relax and rest.

Besides, they are so inviting and provide a refreshing atmosphere. Many associate it with simple people, but it is beautiful. Can you try it out? I think it is time you do.

17. Go Boho + modern Bedroom.

Go Boho + modern Bedroom

Are you stuck between being modern and going Boho? I think this is the perfect look to try. The gray and black concrete walls indicate the high use of the male’s vibe in this space.

The presence of natural textures represents the Boho vibe. The plush beddings and the chairs offer the best comfort.

In a modern bedroom, every bit should offer some function. However, you can add style but still enjoy the function.

18. Modern Danish Bedroom

Modern Danish Bedroom

Nordic design is mind-blowing. If you are crazy about it, try this one out. Cream curtains and comforter evoke elegance and restfulness. Behind the wall is a black wall that offers some drama.

Mini potted plants and the wood floor infuse natural elements into your room, while wall lamps save lots of space.

19. Minimalist Modern Bedroom

Minimalist Modern Bedroom

Not many people like filled rooms. Some of us love only necessary stuff in the virtual space. So, if you fit in this category, this minimalist bedroom is for you.

The white paint on the walls and the ceiling provide an airy feel. The wood panel behind the headboard is an eye-catching wood panel.

The polished concrete floor is incredible. We cannot as well overlook the low stool that has replaced the bulky nightstands we all know.

20. Few Modern Bedroom Ideas

Few Modern Bedroom Ideas

Can we assume that this room belongs to a travel junkie? Maybe, we can. The white wall is adoration to the world.

You will love the appearance of the white stacked crates and appreciate the metallic shelves when they hold your stuff.

The color combination creates a cheerful vibe. The flowers and the woolen rug add a soft touch to space.

21. Mid-Century Bedroom

Mid-Century Bedroom

If you combine bold colors and simple ones, you can get beautiful prints. The windows and white walls preserve a sunny and clean atmosphere.

A chipboard headboard, crate nightstands, and wooden tabletop combine a rustic aesthetic to the room. Table lamps and stool lend the space some mid-century charm.

22. White And Black Modern Bedroom

White And Black Modern Bedroom

The black wall panel brings out the dramatic vibe so well to the white bedding. The gray and white blankets and pillows rest a restless mind.

The stripped wall section and carpet are so bold and do not seek permission before you notice them. The red chair and table blend so well with everything in the room.

23. Modern Master Bedroom

Modern Master Bedroom

Is this chamber not classy and stylish? I am already in love with it. The wall features unique artwork that is beautiful to behold.

Have a look at the artwork and take your eyes downwards. The pendant lights, all the way to the pillows, offer symmetrical balance.

If you wish to be free from the rays of the sunlight, you can protect yourself by dropping the curtains. The wooden floor and the green pop prevent the room from being too basic.

24. The Modern Headboard

The Modern Headboard

Headboard storage is a great savior if you do not have enough bedside table space to prevent clutter. However, this design has both, so you will not have any issues with keeping your stuff.

I love the artwork on the wall. And while on the bed, you can survey the outside environment if you fold the curtain.

The room is also spacious enough to accommodate some indoor plants.

25. Modern single bed

Modern single bed

I adore how spacious this room is. Have a look at how beautiful blue and white have blended. It is a true representation of serenity.

Your teenage will always love pushing the homework furniture. Have you noted that it has wheels?

Star stickers on the wall represent a perfectly peaceful night. Besides, you can never lack a place to store your items due to lots of storage spaces.

26. The Modern Architectural Bedroom

The Modern Architectural Bedroom

Shelves, wood floors, and bare concrete walls are the primary decorations that give this bedroom a modern look.

I love how the purple color has been thrown all over the place. The rug, bedding, artwork, and pillows are pure examples of royalty and modernism.

27. The Red Focal Point

The Red Focal Point

Will you be able to wake up once you lay on this bed? It is luxurious and classy. The black and red colors blend so well to make the bed the focal point of this room.

Besides the bed is some wooden shelving unit to keep your stuff organized.

The polished gray floor helps to add some little light to the perhaps dark room,

28. Simple bedroom idea

Simple bedroom idea

As you have seen in this picture, this bedroom is minimal and calm. Besides the headboard is black nightstands that blend with the gray wall to offer dimension and glamour.

The brown wardrobe and carpet bring warmth to the room, while the table lamp and striped bed sheet create a visual appeal.

29. Contemporary Bedroom Idea

Contemporary Bedroom Idea

This chamber is unique. Who will not fall in love with the calmness therein? It is well furnished with modern furniture pieces.

The black wall and the wall panel form an excellent contrast. On top of the headboard are two pendant lights that convey organization.

If you look around, you will not fail to recognize the beauty that gold and copper offer. It is such a beautiful place to lay.


All these modern bedroom ideas are very practical and useful. Each one is unique and has something to offer to whoever falls in love with it.

Since we all possess a bedroom, we may not refurnish it. However, you can borrow some organizational skills to make your bedroom look new again.