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25 Rustic Bathroom Ideas You Should Try at Home

A bathroom is one place that is essential to any home. You can use simple elements. Either wood or stone makes it look elegant and classy.

Make it a place anyone would desire to refresh using these gorgeous and rustic bathroom ideas we have provided.

A Modern Rustic Bathroom Idea

A Modern Rustic Bathroom

It is modern and rustic. If you give it a second look, you may think it is a kitchen, but ooh, it is not. You had thought of how you can make a pie and enjoy it just beside it? Please don’t.

The shelf and the drawers offer excellent storage space. Just above the counter is a mirror that lightens the whole room.

As you can see, the mirror has wood frames with some extended steel that you can hang your hand towels.

Should we talk about the lighting fixture above the mirror? They are elegant, and apart from function, they add beauty.

Farmhouse Bathroom Idea

Farmhouse Bathroom

Adding a farmhouse to your room gives the best appearance. The framed mirror and the khaki shiplap walls speak it all.

And have you just seen the patterned floor? Please look at it. Beneath the table is a wicker storage basket that you can keep your simple stuff.

We cannot ignore the ladder on top of the cistern. If you hang your planter and some refreshing flowers, you will create the best visual interest. You can as well hang some wet towels and let them dry off.

Space Utilizer Ladder For Your Rustic Bathroom

Space Utilizer Ladder For Your Rustic Bathroom

Sometimes space can be an issue in the bathroom. This place does not need to be puffed up by stuff.  It will get stuffy, and you may not enjoy your stay inside.

You can try this ladder idea on top of your toilet if you wish to maximize every little space. You will not go wrong at all if you add some fresh plants on the top shelf to add life to your room.

Some neat and folded hand towels look amazing. And some decorative glasses holding your small bathroom essentials completes your whole system.

It will not be difficult to reach the unfolded towels whenever you want to wipe your hands. Just hang them on the lower roller.

A rustic Bathroom Chandelier Idea

A rustic Bathroom Chandelier

You can have a bath as you explore the outside with this bathroom with a glass on the wall. Brick walls and the raw wood beams introduce an excellent rough texture.

Some grey stone tiles add a polished look to the floor. And to add some pops of color, a patterned rug will do best.

Just on the roof is a wooden chandelier from a deer antler that adds undeniable décor.

Wooden Charm Rustic Bathroom Idea

Wooden Charm Rustic Bathroom

The unique thing in this bathroom is the rugged and ripped wooden boards that hold the mirror. The brown wood and the white wall blend so well and add character to the wall.

The brown wood is carried through to the above the toilet shelves. On the shelves, you can store your tissue rolls and few other things like folded towels.

Natural flowers add an excellent homey and cozy feeling to this atmosphere.

Rustic Bathroom Shower Idea

Rustic Bathroom Shower

A whiter and brighter environment is a beauty that anyone can adore. Even when in the bathroom, the look assures you of safety and clean place.

The floor is weathered and gives the room a natural and welcoming vibe.

The white tub, shiplap wall, and window trim are all fine. The caddy tray, stool, and the beaded chandelier add unmatched luxury.  Meanwhile, you can be sure of privacy since the window is striped. The whole thing is such a vibe.

Simple wooden shelf for a Rustic Bathroom Idea

Simple wooden shelf for a Rustic Bathroom

If you wish to have an accent piece, you can without the need to break your pocket. You can go for this rustic piece in your bathroom. It is cheap and beautiful too.

The nautical rope that holds the shelf in place blends well with the wood’s color and gives an astonishing output.

The second shelf gives a clear indication that you are in the bathroom. It is this easy to add something simple with your hands to remodel your bathroom.

Mason jars Idea

Mason jars

It is time to take out those unused mason jars and put them into a beautiful imagination. They make attractive and out of thought lighting fixtures.

The jars blend so well with the wood all over the place. And if you are looking for a modern farmhouse look, the touch of white and grey brings it out so well and staples it all. So, please spare your candy cars for this activity.

Blue And Rustic Metal Idea

Blue And Rustic Metal

If you do not give it a keen glance, you may think it is a living room, but not really. It is a bathroom that the designer gave his whole to make, decorate and design.

The white and blue paints match with the distressed grey silver industrial metal bulb holders. Blue means calm.

Without a doubt, you will enjoy every bit of storage space below the sink the cabinet. You will not be stressed about how you can keep your different colored towels. No one loves stress.

The Lodge-Style Bathroom Idea

The Lodge-Style Bathroom

The photo shows a lodge-style bathroom. If you would wish to copy the details to your house, you can. The floor, vanity, and the weathered wood ceiling bring a carved inviting scene.

If you look around, you will not fail to glance at orange quilts. These bring out the energy to the whole interior.

The white clawfoot bathtub is stylish and adds a glimpse of beautiful light that will not fail to pass inside your bathing space. Say no to a dark room.

The Navy blue Bathtub Idea

The Navy blue Bathtub

The beadboard wall panels, white ceiling, and white sink showcase a fresh look. The navy blue tub has played its best to infuse some drama.

You cannot refuse that the checkerboard floor plus the oversized artwork steal the show. I love the ornate wood stool. It is stylish and adds a simple décor.

The flowers on the stool and the wall sconces are a bear witness that this is a place to refresh.

Simple And Modern Bathroom Idea

Simple And Modern Bathroom

The combination of the black floor tiles and the grey beadboard wall panel develops a perfect rustic appearance. Below the sink is a patterned basket that catches the eye. You can use it to store some small items.

The wall sconce and the navy blue clawfoot tub bring a carved scene, and the green flower freshens the room.

The white paint reflects light to the space within. I hope you see the light above the mirror. As it shines, you can be sure of a lit room as the mirror reflects it all through.

The Southwest Bathroom Style Idea

The Southwest Bathroom Style

No matter the part of the continent you live in, anyone can adore the allure of the southwest. Include some beauty and warmth of this desert area with some cactus decoration and small house plants.

The animal skull is a true definition of beautiful desert imagination. The large white sink lying on the grey counter connects lined walls and neatly brings out the whole room’s overall scheme.

The presence of the floating shelves lends a rustic feel to the whole place. Besides, the room has drawers, and you can keep a good number of stuff.

The Utilized Corner Idea

The Utilized Corner

No single part of your room deserves a waste. This design from design dazzle tells it all. A blanket ladder can serve as you towel rack to dry all your necessity. All your items will be within the most accessible reach.

The shelves have sleek metal endings that take the bathroom space to another level. Besides, they offer ideal storage for your extra items.

While the galvanized cups offer ideal organization, the old sign on the wall revises that vintage appeal.

The potted plants are worth a glance.

The Black Iron

The Black Iron

Large and strong wrought iron offers a solid foundation for your shelves. While you keep your basic toilet stuff, you can be sure of their security.

The jar, the old train case, and the unique, quirky write-ups add a vibe to the whole space. You can be sure that all the time you spend in the room will not bore you.

Wired Storage Space In A Rustic Bathroom

Wired Storage Space In A Rustic Bathroom

If you do not wish to fill your bathroom space with lots of wood or other stuff, this idea from simply 2 moms can be a perfect option for you.

You can place your tissue rolls and folded towels on the shelves to showcase a neat and clean environment.

The wooden top is the perfect place for your potted plant and a candle or air freshener to keep your room free from stale smells.

Smart wooden vanity

Smart wooden vanity

You can turn your bathroom space into an oasis if you have a large room. The cylindrical bulb holders, the small curvy mirror, and the vanity create a focal point.

The white color lights every bit, and the result is an airy space that will impress any visitor.

The Chic Bathroom

The Chic Bathroom

Wood and stone create a great twin. Adding both to your bathroom will, without a doubt, not deny the space a second look.

Posh stuff like fresh flowers, a plush rug, and some faucets give the room a complete look.

Do not be too blind to notice the presence of the back mirror. It adds more light to any darker room.

Colored And Cozy Bathroom

Colored And Cozy Bathroom

The color in this bathroom is so calm.  As you are inside ‘doing your thing,’ the calm and relaxing environment rejuvenates you.

It is also spacious, and nothing occupies the space of another. Even after you are through with taking a shower, you can relax on the comfy and cozy chair as you think the way forward.

The chandelier, the cabinets, and the café curtains ooze unmatched elegance.

A Classic And Luxurious Piece

A Classic And Luxurious Piece

The window blind and the cream shiplap ceiling induce a serene atmosphere to this bathing space.

The gold details provide a sense of luxury and class to the room—the galvanized black tub, the wall, and the untreated wood floor project a beautiful style.

And if you thought the space is colorless, adding some pink flower fills every bit of it.

Rough Beam Cornice

Rough Beam Cornice

It would be best if your white bathroom gets some colorful rustic elements. As you can see in the photo above, the rough weathered wooden board serves as a cornice box for holding your lace curtains.

The presence of antique boxes and wood frames, the claw foot for the tub, and the candle holders convey the simplicity.

Different textures and wood elements are things that remove boredom from this room and make it inviting.

Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Apart from the commonly used brackets, you can use these corbels in your bathroom. The white cream paint on the corbels adds more interest to the bathroom.

The shelf will not break your pocket. You can purchase it at any hardware at a very affordable price. Besides, you can reclaim it from your past wood project.

So, instead of leaving that corner unused, hang this simple shelf. Some hooks beneath it offer a great space to dry or hang your used towel.

Reused Whiskey Barrel Sink For A Rustic Bathroom

Reused Whiskey Barrel Sink For A Rustic Bathroom

One thing I love about bathroom ideas is that you can recreate anything and make an astonishing bathroom. Besides, you will not spend lots of money on it.

As you can see, this is a whiskey barrel from retro plumping. Apart from its usual purpose, it can make an excellent sink for your bathroom. You will need to fix a copper basin to either end of the barrel.

For easy plumbing, you can cut a door on the side of the barrel. That space can also offer more storage for your small items.

A Rustic Bathroom With A Hunter’s Trophy

A Rustic Bathroom With A Hunter’s Trophy

Did someone tell you that only shades of brown can make rustic ideas? The pink tumbleweed says that the person must have been mistaken.

Gray is an excellent, natural color that is so beautiful in any bathroom. In this bathroom idea, the wood planks are painted a glossy white with grey wood accents added. These cool colors give the environment a wintery feel and look.

The cabinets, the floor do not struggle to blend with every bit inside. The stamps and the color of the wood mirror frame create character and vibe to the whole space.

The hunting trophy will always remind any visitor about those fun animal chasing moments or even childhood days.

I also love the wired towel store on the wall. It showcases the towels so well, and who would not wish to take a bath when they see it?


What is your thought about these impressive, rustic bathroom ideas? I hope that they encourage you to beautify and refurbish yours.

The best thing about these ideas is that they are not expensive. You can choose one that excites you, acquire inexpensive materials and refurbish that particular place.