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20 Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners

Rocking painting is an interesting activity that is also considered an art. The benefits of the rocking painting are numerous as it helps you spend your time well making creations through your hands. Through this, painting rocks is fulfilling.

I have been into rock’s art for a long, and it is my hobby. To help you paint rocks better, we have put together this article to educate you on various types of stones you can paint and how to handle them.

Let’s look at some easy rock painting examples.

Painting Rock Cactus Plants

Painting Rock Cactus Plants

It is one of the easiest rock painting for kids. You start by collecting rocks of various sizes, as well as shapes. Ensure that the sizes and shapes are as diverse as possible.

Then get terracotta pots. Collect some pebbles as well.

Once you have your rocks, pebbles, and pots ready, get different types of paints. This should be green variants, yellow, and any other colour that can resemble a cactus.

Make hues by using yellow in green and white. Paint different cactus colours on different rocks. Pour the pebbles on the pots, place your rocks standing to resemble cactus. Lastly, add flowers on top.

Attaining best-painted pebbles

Attaining best-painted pebbles

First, make sure that you get the best pebbles. They should not be too small or big. Make sure the sizes and shapes are different.

Decide on what you want to paint. You can have colour patterns, writings, or anything else. Make sure you find a good paint.

The most appropriate paint for pebbles is acrylic.

Starry Sky Artworks

Starry Sky Artworks Rock Painting

Doing starry sky artwork is not easy. You need a lot of time. First, ensure that you have a design that you can paint effectively to avoid messing it up.

Collect considerably large rocks as they provide the best outcome when painted starry sky. For this art, the type of paint you use is crucial. Get the right mixture. Use water-resistant paint.

Simple Garden Markers

Simple Garden Markers Rock Painting

Painting garden markers rocks is simple since there are few details required. Start by collecting rocks of an excellent size to be visible. Then decide on what designs you want.

You can have a base colour of your choice, paint writings, or even add images for emphasis. Use smooth rocks, and if you can find rocks that resemble the shape of your plants, then it is better.

How about painted rock fish Aquariums

How about painted rock fish Aquariums

Use a wooden plate, rounded and flat river rocks. The flat rocks should be triangular. The round rocks should be painted as fish bodies.

For the wooden plate, use blue waterproof paint and create some sea plants using either brown, yellow, or green acrylic paint.

Under the plants, create gravel by using heavy adhesive. Glue your fish on the plate and add bubbles using white paint for each fish. You can add your creativity to spice it.

Create a Cute Penguin from rocks

Cute Penguin from rocks

Start with a big, flat, and round rock river. Draw a butternut squash using white paint. Then use black to paint the surrounding. By using a brush, paint the rest of the rock blue leaving the borders for your Penguin’s body.

The next step is to make the beak, eyes, and Penguin feet. Remember to include wings in black. To spice everything, add Santa’s hat using white and red paint.

Paint rocks into Strawberries

Paint rocks into Strawberries

The results of this painting are amazing, but the process is not easy. You start by painting pebbles to resemble faux berries.

Get a terracotta planter for strawberry and put faux moss or cotton wadding. To make sure that the creation is complete, use small stones to paint leaves, flowers, ladybugs, and bees.

In cases where you do not have a strawberry planter, you can place the strawberries on your garden beds.

Flower rocking painting is easy.

Flower rocking painting is easy

For this particular painting, it is easy and less time demanding. It is suitable for beginners. All you need to get is flat rocks, good paint, and your designs,

Start with a base colour paint of your choice. Then select a flower that you prefer to draw.

Ensure that you use different colours to bring out the best. Since it is mostly all about drawing, a permanent drawing pen can help.

Dotted Christmas Painted Rock

Dotted Christmas Painted Rock

Here is how to created Christmas painted rocks. You will collect several sizes and shapes of rounded rocks. You can also include flat ones.

Select different designs. These may be Christmas tree designs, gifts, Santa hats, lights, sweets and so much more.

Ensure that you draw several designs that can complement each other to bring out the true Christmas feel.

Getting a base colour and writing can also work well.

You can also use some pebbles with sweets colours to put on your Christmas gifts basket.

Small pebbles can also be hang.

Animal painted rocks

Animal painted rocks

Animal rock painting requires the collection of large locks and multiple paints to bring out the best results. Collect large rocks.

Select an animal you would like to paint.

You can create 2D or 3D paints of animals.

For 2D designs, nothing much is required. All you need is a pen to create the outline, and one type of paint can finish the rest.

However, if you want to create a 3D paint, you will need multiple colours. Start by laying down the base colour, then using a marker pen, create an outline. Finish by filling the outline with your preferred colours.

Animal rock paintings may include different types of animals taking any shape.

Simple Heart Rocks

Simple Heart Rocks

To paint hearts rocks that provide a meaningful sign is fulfilling to you and whoever you will give them as gifts.

Start by finding flat rocks. Then choose a base colour that will not overshadow the top colour.

Draw a heart using any colour of your choice. You can use different colour outlines. For example, a red, white, and black line on the outline.

For the inside part, you have to use a different color from the basic color. You can also put writings or drawings on the inside.

Holiday Rocks

Holiday Rocks

When creating holidays rocks, mostly you need to create or paint something that will offer the best impression of the holiday, sign, or message.

One of the popular ways you can try this is through writings. Use a colour that represents the meaning of the holiday for the base colour and then write words of your choice.

The second method is drawing art that will express the holiday wishes. In this case, you also need to get a mixture of colours that will represent or manifest the meaning. Draw symbols or images to send your message.

You can use any size of rocks and any shapes. Flat or round rocks can work eitherOne of the ways you can do this is through writings way.

How to create mandala painted rocks

mandala painted rocks

Several colours and patterns characterize mandala rock paintings. As a result, it means you need many types of colours and patterns in mind to make impressive Mandala rock paintings.

Mandala art is time demanding, and you need to start with collecting rounded flat rocks as they provide the best shapes for the patterns.

Start by deciding on a design to create.

Use a small brush to create dot patterns.

As for this art type, there is no specific pattern you should draw. All you have to do is select a design from various Mandala patterns and draw. You can customize yours. Use a small brush to make small drawings.

Pelikan Plaka or Acrylic paint should be used.

Great Rainbow painting ideas

Rainbow painting

The first thing you need for this type of rock painting is to have all the colours of the rainbow. In this case, small painting brushes are okay.

You can play around with designs based on what you like. Some of the unique designs are regular rainbow, rainbow flag, heart, tree, sky-rainbow-stars,

Including other patterns or drawings can also work so well.

Beachy Rocks

Beachy Rocks

To paint beachy rocks, you have to include the sand, sky, water, and maybe some palm trees. Other things you can include are fish, boats, and plants.

For the basics, collect large rounded rocks. Start by painting the sand with a light brown colour. On tops paint the sea or ocean using deep blue, then above it clouds using white, and light blue on top to represent the sky.

Once these are done, you can include a few palm trees in the sand.

You can also include some water bodies, boats, or plants.

DIY rock painting

DIY rock painting

DIY rock painting is simple and amazing when you get your design right. You need to collect any size of round and flat rocks.

Make sure your rocks are smooth to bring out a clear picture. Wash the rocks before you start decorating them.

Decide on what to paint and start by using several coats on the rocks. Several coats enable the painting to be visible.

Using small brushes will come in handy whenever you need to draw between layers and for fine details.

Painted Rock Paperweights

Painted Rock Paperweights

The following are the things you need. Find a smooth beach stone/rock, acrylic paint, varnish, and paintbrushes.

Always make sure that you first clean your dry rocks and dry them before you paint.

Start by selecting a base colour. It does not have to be one. You can utilize two or more colours.

Once you have painted one side, give it time to dry before you paint the next.

Select other colours you would like to include and the patterns.

Paint and draw your patterns or designs.

This is the best rock painting for kids.

The next step is to give your rocks a varnish coat or two that will create room for the real colours to pop.

Amazing turtle rock painting

Amazing turtle rock painting

The turtles are quite amazing and calm. Rock painting a turtle is equally amazing and soothing.

Start by collecting your rocks. Ensure that you collect large round and flat rocks and several other small ones.

If you want to use multiple paints, make sure you get them and brushes.

These are several ways to paint a turtle rock, but the easiest and most effective one is where your pain on one rock without showing the feet.

To do this, select a large round flat rock. Start by applying the base colour on both sides and leave it to dry.

Once the paint is dry, start sketching your turtle. Start with the entire body throughout the rock, and you can add the head last.

Once you have drawn the body and head, now use your colours to fill the entire body. Do not forget to draw the shell patterns which you can use a different colour if you want.

Disney painted rocks

Disney painted rocks

Disney painted rocks are amazing since they are different in shapes, sizes, and drawings. What you need is several rocks of different shapes and sizes but smooth and rounded.

Use different colours to paint various Disney characters or symbols.

If you have children, allow them to choose the characters and colours they want on their Disney painted rocks.

Mandala dot painting

Mandala dot painting

Just like the normal mandala painting discussed above, what you need most is different types of paints and a good pattern.

For the pattern, you have to make sure that you can draw it correctly.

Ensure that you also have brushes.

How to Paint Rocks to Achieve Success

  • Find the right rocks
  • Always wash your rocks
  • Ensure you have the right brushes
  • Suitable paints pop better and last longer.
  • Let the paint dry all the time.
  • A sketch will give you the best result.
  • Multiple colours are better.


Through this article, we have discussed 20 rock painting ideas. Following the guidelines, you will surely find rock painting amazing.

Make sure that you select a design that you are comfortable with and able to draw. Using the right pant and brushes will make your work easy and look good.

Enjoy rock painting.


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