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21 Diy Vanity Mirror Ideas

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Do you love doing makeup? If yes, then try making a vanity mirror. Most makeup mirrors come with lights. So, you can try making a light-up mirror at home. Here are some ideas.


1. A Mirror with a Diva Ring Light Frame

Diva Ring Light Frame vanity mirror

When it comes to putting makeup on, a ring light is a common choice. Usually, the ring light is set somewhere near the mirror. So, why not combine the mirror and the lamp? You can take a plain circular or an oval mirror. Build a loop light and fix it as a mirror border. A ring light can cost a lot. But why to splurge when you can make your own?

Here is how to make a ring light on your own

2. A Hollywood Classic Vanity Mirror

Hollywood Classic Vanity Mirror

When we think of a vanity mirror, the first thing that comes to mind is the Hollywood style light bulbs. Building this type of mirror is very easy. Just measure the number of bulbs you need. And then place them around the mirror. Be careful to choose light bulbs with a soft glow. Anything too bright will hurt your eyes. And you might get annoyed.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a vanity mirror with light bulbs for $150

3. A Vanity Mirror with Remote Controlled Vanity Lights

A Vanity Mirror with Remote Controlled

Installing lights around a mirror can be tricky for some. But you can avoid the hustle of wires. Here is an easy-peasy idea. Visit any miscellaneous item store such as Costco. Grab a set of stick-on LED lights. Stick them around the mirror frame. In this picture above, the mirror has remote-controlled LED lights. So, you can instantly change the brightness according to the daylight. You can also get LED lights without a remote control.

4. A Rope Light Wrapped Mirror

A Rope Light Wrapped Mirror

Building this mirror is pretty simple. You have to put the rope light along the grooves of a wire wreath frame. Fix the rope light in its place with metallic scotch tape. It’s easy to build. You will only need a few minutes. You can remove the light-up wreath whenever you want. When bored with one, you can try more colors of LED lights as well. There are some color-changing light ropes. You can experiment with those too.

Know more details about this mirror in this video

5. A Custom Made Vanity Mirror with a Zebra Print

Made Vanity Mirror with a Zebra Print

If you want a mirror from scratch, then try this. Build a frame from wood. Drill holes for light bulbs. Paint the wooden frame white. Fix the light bulbs hardware on the frame. Paint zebra stripes on the frame. Then install the light bulbs. Also, fix the mirror in the frame. This vanity mirror is sure to become a matter of talk. You can try more prints too. Such as polka dots, stars, stripes, Moroccan, fish scale, you name it.

6. A Picture Frame Light Up Vanity Mirror

Picture Frame Light Up Vanity Mirror

Take a picture frame in the size you like. Paint the picture frame with spray paint. Fix a mirror inside the frame. Use an adhesive to install an LED light tape on the mirror. Install it at the inner edge of the frame. Drill a hole in a corner to provide wiring for a power source.

You can also frame a vanity mirror with molding. If you don’t like readymade photo frames, try making with plaster molding. Sometimes a photo frame is either ornate or plain. With molding trim, you can build a mirror frame the way you want.

7. A $20 Vanity Mirror with LED Lights



To make this mirror, you have to buy LED strip lights from amazon. You might need to purchase an adapter. Just in case if the lights don’t have any. Install one or two rows of the light strips around your mirror frame. Plug them to a power source and voila! With much less cost, you can knock off a store-bought mirror. Keep this mirror in your bedroom. You can use it as a night lamp.

Know more details here

8. A Vanity Mirror with Lights for Under $100



Install the mirror on the wall with PVC tile edging. Flank the mirror with LED light bars. You will have to take all the measurements beforehand. The light bars will be the guides. Cut the mirror according to their height. Also, cut the PVC tile edging according to the total width. The rest is just installation. You can also use remote-controlled lights. Some LED light bars are mirrored. They will look even more dazzling. If you put those, they will look like a part of the mirror.

Watch the video of the detailed tutorial here

9. A Mirror Wrapped in Fairy Lights

Mirror Wrapped in Fairy Lights

While LED lights cost very little, if you still want something even cheaper, go for fairy lights. A string of twinkle lights costs as low as a dollar or two. So, get the color you like. Fix it around the mirror. Any mirror will look good with fairy lights. If the mirror has no frame, it will still look gorgeous. We would suggest getting warm yellow or white fairy lights. But, you can experiment with more. Some fairy lights have shapes too. Such as stars or balls. You can try those.

10. A Teal Makeup Mirror

Teal Makeup Mirror

Get a mirror that has an ornate wood frame. You can make a frame on your own too. And then cut the mirror according to the frame’s shape. Then paint the mirror frame. Apply a sealer to the frame once the paint is dry. Fix lights on the mirror frame equally apart. The number of LED light bulbs can be less or more. To match the mirror, you can paint your vanity table as well. You can try the same mirror with metallic paint too.

11. A Round Hanging Mirror

Round Hanging vanity mirror

To make this mirror, you will need a round mirror. The mirror should have a wooden frame around it. Fix two metal rings to the sides of the mirror. You can use screws to fix the rings. Cut a leather belt to the size you like. Fasten the leather belt to the metal loops. If you don’t have a leather belt, you can cut it yourself. Get some leather and cut a long strip. The strip should be thick and strong enough to support the mirror.

12. A Recycled Mirror Frame

Recycled Mirror Frame

If you have a mirror frame still in good shape, then reuse it. Sand it to remove any rough areas. Apply wood filler paste to the areas that need retouching. Apply paint to the mirror frame. Then cover it in a wood stain. To decorate it more, put cork letters on top of it. You might have observed this mirror has no lights. But some people like their mirrors to be simple. But of course, if you want, you can go ahead and add a string of lights.

13. A Flower Mirror Frame

flower vanity mirror frame

Does the idea of a floral beauty station allures you? So, here is a fun DIY mirror. Take a white mirror frame. Put LED light strips along the inner margin of the mirror frame. Take a leaf garland. Start gluing it along the margin of the mirror frame. You can use a hot glue gun. Then glue fabric flowers to the mirror frame. Try it with the type of flowers you like the most. For a feminine feel, use roses or peonies. For a Bohemian touch decorate with sunflowers.

14. A Tiled Mosaic Mirror

Tiled Mosaic Mirror

Do you want a mirror that has only texture and no color? If yes, then try decorating a plain mirror with mirrored mosaic tiles. You can try more types of mosaic tiles in colors such as turquoise or pink. To embellish the mirror frame further, you can put some light bulbs around it. Even without any light bulbs, the mirror will look glamorous on its own. Try making a mosaic with dollar store glass gems. You can also use pieces of broken chinaware or tiles.

15. Geometric Concrete Mirrors

Geometric Concrete Mirrors

Cut the mirror in the shape you like. Buff the edges. Make a box of an old milk carton. Cut a slit in it. Put the mirror inside that slot. Fix it in its place with tape. Fill the box with a quick-dry concrete mixture. Once the cement is set, tear away the cardboard carton. These mirrors will look unique on your vanity table. You can try them in many shapes. They will make great gifts as well. If plain concrete is boring for you, paint it. This will jazz up the mirrors.

16. A Dazzling Vanity Mirror

Dazzling Vanity Mirror

Surround a mirror from three sides with vanity light strips. Fix the mirror and the light bulb bars on a plywood board. Drill holes for the wires of the light strips. Here mirrored light bars are used. As you can see, even the light bands are reflecting light. You can try other types of vanity light bars too. Some come in colors such as pink and teal. The mirror has three light bulb strips. You can do it on four, two, or even one side. This will help you cut down the budget.

17. A China Lighting Vanity Mirror

China Lighting Vanity Mirror

The trick is to keep the light soft for a vanity mirror. If you have a plain mirror, no need to do tedious work of installing wiring. You can just hang two china light pendants at both sides of the mirror. They will frame the mirror with their beauty. And you will get light that softly glows while you put your makeup on. You may need to figure out a way to hang them. While selecting the paper lanterns, keep the size of the room and the mirror in mind.

18. A Polymer Clay Vanity Mirror

Polymer Clay Vanity Mirror

Take some polymer clay and make a tapered cylinder with it. The clay cylinder should be heavy enough to support a mirror. Take a frameless mirror and fix it in the polymer clay cylinder while it is still soft. Let it sit and dry. Then paint the clay pedestal with paint. Apply a band of adhesive at the base of the clay cylinder. Stick a copper foil to it. The foil will add an instant metallic touch and glamour. Polymer clay is a soft and convenient material to work with. This project won’t take you more than a few minutes.

19. An IKEA Hack Vanity Mirror

IKEA Hack Vanity Mirror

No time to build a mirror frame from wood? No worries. Head over to IKEA and grab a mirror frame you like. Also, get an LED vanity light kit. Use double adhesive tape to mount the lights on the mirror. It is that simple. No extensive wood cutting and drilling needed. This whole project will cost you around $65. There are so many mirrors at IKEA that you will find the one you like the best for sure. If you want, you can also get LED lights with a dimmer.

20. A Wall Mounted Pallet Mirror Shelf

Wall Mounted Pallet Mirror Shelf

This idea is ideal for a small room. If you can’t spare space for a table, then try a wall mirror shelf. You have to cut and adjust a pallet for this. Make space for a mirror and shelves. Paint the pallet. And mount it on the wall. Now, this will be enough on its own, but you can go fancy. You can drill holes and install LED lights above the mirror.

21. A Wall Mounted Mirror

Wall Mounted Mirror

Fix any mirror that you like on the wall. Then measure its sides. And decide the number of LED puck lights you want. Get peel and stick LED puck lights. Fix them on the wall at both sides of the mirror frame. Tada! Your vanity mirror is ready. If you install a large floor length mirror, it can become your favorite selfie spot.