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22 Shower Tile Ideas

Choosing shower tiles can be an experience that can sometimes overwhelm you. With so many kinds and so many price variations, it is a time taking task to choose shower tiles. Here are some shower tile ideas that will help you to make the selection process smoother.


1. Subway Tiles with a Black and White Tile Cladded Niche

Subway Tiles with a Black and White Tile

When we think of a shower stall, the classic tiles that come to mind are none other than white subway tiles. They seem to go hand in hand with a shower enclosure, no matter how many decades will pass. But what if you want a modern take on the classic tiles? Well, that is easy. Make a niche in the wall. Then, cover it in Aztec black and white tiles. It will add an instant style to your bathroom. You can try more prints too.

Here is a tutorial on how to build a shower niche

2. Pink and White Chevron Tiles

Pink and White Chevron Tiles

You can be so much more creative with subway tiles. For example, you can invest in gradient subway tiles. This bathroom has pink and white subway tiles. These tiles have a chevron installation. The chevron pattern makes the bathroom visually exciting. The vanity is also in coherence with the color of the tiles. The same color is repeated on the bathroom door as well. There is marble on the wall to break the monotony of pink. The floor has shaded beige honeycomb tiles.

3. Striped Tiles

Striped Tiles Shower

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Stripes are timeless, whether it be fabrics or tiles. Any part of your home can get a whole new life with lines. So, why not clad your shower stall in stripes? The type of tile depends upon your choice. A popular option is penny mosaic tiles. You can alternate between gray and white mosaic tile stripes. You can create tiles with colored subway tiles too. Subway tiles are relatively cheaper to mosaic tiles. They will look gorgeous in a shower enclosure. Make sure to keep the floor tiles subtle. Otherwise, the design might get too busy.

Here is a tutorial on how to re-grout tiles

4. Textured Tiles

shower Textured Tiles

Textured tiles can add dimension to your shower enclosure. But there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Textured tiles have a tendency to gather mold. So, choose those types of tiles that are waterproof. With no absorption of water, they can dry up quickly. Also, keep enough ventilation. This way, no dampness will linger after you step out of the shower. With these precautions, you can design the bathroom of your dreams. You can elaborate the texture even more with lighting in the shower area.

5. Mediterranian Style Bathroom Tiles


Mediterranian Style Bathroom Tiles

There is a charm in aqua and seafoam colored tiles in a bathroom. You can give your shower a Mediterranean spa look with aqua mosaic tiles. Clad some part of the wall with wave mosaic tiles. You can use colors such as aqua, white, turquoise, and electric blue to create the waves. On another wall, put square glass tiles in the same colors. Shades of blue and green will give a refreshing look to your shower area. To prevent the waves from getting overwhelming, provide borders of marble to the mosaic panels.

6. Fish Scale Mosaic Tiles

Fish Scale Mosaic Tiles

Fish scale tiles in blue color look fabulous in a shower area. With such tiles, you can keep the remaining walls of the bathroom plain white. With simple painted walls, the fish scale will pop out even more. You can try more colors of fish scale tiles. Some designers also work with marble fish scale tiles. And they without a doubt look stunning. Now let’s talk about the floor. You can keep it plain white. You can also bring texture with pebble mosaic tiles.

7. Navy Tiles

navy tiles shower

The color closest to black is navy blue. If the idea of black shower tiles intrigues you, but that is way too bold, then try navy tiles. Navy colored tiles look classy with white grout. You can keep the floor in a light color. This will balance the deep blue color that might get a little too much. Navy blue tiles will create a mysterious mood in your bathroom. And it is as glamorous as black.

8. A Mixture of Gray Tiles

A Mixture of Gray Tiles

If you want to decorate with just one hue, for example, gray, then here is an idea. This bathroom has a mixture of three gray tiles. Most parts of the walls of this shower enclosure have gray subway tiles. A band of herringbone gray tiles accents the gray subway tiles. The same tiles are on the niche too. The outer half wall of the shower stall is also covered with gray subway tiles. The floor has gray mosaic tiles. Despite the variation of tiles, the same hue ties them all together in perfect harmony.

9. White Subway Tiles with Spanish Cement Tiles

White Subway Tiles

Cement tiles are a durable choice for a shower area. You can choose between so many prints. This bathroom has Spanish cement tiles paired with white subway tiles. The white tiles provide a perfect balance for the vibrant and bold print of the Spanish tiles. The combination of turquoise and white looks lovely. You can experiment with more patterns too. Try Marakesh, damask, or fish scale. Instead of the white subway tiles, you can also go for Carrara marble.

10. Arabesque Tiles

Arabesque Tiles shower


If you have a thing for patterns, then cover your shower enclosure with arabesque tiles. These arabesque tiles are made with porcelain. Porcelain makes these tiles a durable choice for the walls and the floor of the shower area. These tiles have shaded aqua hues. But you can go for any color you like. There are other materials of arabesque tiles too. A mosaic floor looks stunning with arabesque tile shower stall walls. The scale of such tiles depends upon your preference. If the pattern scale is large, the pattern will be less prominent. Small-sized tiles will bring out the beauty of the design more.

11. White Subway Tile Walls with a Black and White Ceramic Tile Floor

White Subway Tile Walls with a Black and White

Here is a mini remodel idea if your shower has white subway tiles. Instead of removing them, you can improve their look. Accent the white subway tiles with a black and white patterned tile floor. Install black steel frame glass shower doors, and everything will fall into place. White subway tiles are like a blank canvas. Anything mixed with them will give them a unique character.

12. Ceramic Tiles That Look Like Wood

Ceramic Tiles That Look Like Wood

Do you like the feel of wood in a home’s interior? But it is not possible to cover the walls of your shower enclosure in wood planks. Though there are ceramic tiles that look like wood boards. You can pair such tiles with small arabesque or mosaic floor tiles. The wood-like tiles will bring charm to your shower enclosure.

13. Matchstick Tiles

Matchstick Tiles Shower

Another variation of mosaic tiles is matchstick tiles. You can use them in subtle colors if you are not a fan of too many colors. But if you do love colors, then matchstick tiles are available in a lot of color combos. You can repeat the same tiles on your bathroom’s backsplash. With matchstick tiles, keep the floor simple. Square white ceramic tiles would work flawlessly. You can also use some matchstick tiles combined with marble.

14. Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles Shower


Glass tiles with a tinge of blue or green are ideal for a shower enclosure. Glass looks like water, and that is why it has a modern feel when used inside a shower stall. Since there is not much going around while using glass tiles, you can go for an elaborated floor. A mosaic floor will team up well with glass tiles. Due to the seamless look of glass tiles, you need to add some sort of texture. So, a mosaic is a great choice.

15. Textured Subway Tiles

Textured Subway Tiles


This bathroom has subway tiles in light blue and white. The unique characteristic of these tiles is they are textured. These tiles are easy to clean. Textured tiles can be costly in most cases. These are modified subway tiles. It means you don’t need to spend endlessly. Your shower enclosure will have a traditional feel with a modern hint. Either choose one color or mix some pale shade with white. Both ways, these tiles will look gorgeous.

16. Spanish Tiles

Spanish Tiles shower

Ceramic tiles are available in countless designs. So, how about the Spanish tiles? To keep things in balance, combine Spanish ceramic tiles with white subway tiles. To make it even more glamorous, add black hexagonal tiles to the floor. Other options that go well with Spanish tiles are porcelain or marble. You just have to keep in mind, don’t mix too much texture or pattern with Spanish tiles. They are stunning on their own.

17. A Custom Mosaic Tile Wall

Custom Mosaic Tile Wall


This ensuite bath has a shower stall with uniqueness. One wall has an underwater scene created with mosaic tiles. The remaining walls have beige mosaic tiles. You can create many other scenes with mosaic tiles. Create a star-studded sky or a galaxy for a moody feel. In a kids’ bathroom, you can create fun characters of mosaic tiles. Keep the floor of a mosaic tile shower stall in a pale color.

18. Metallic Shower Tiles

Metallic Shower Tiles

These subway tiles have a sheen like that of a metal’s surface. They reflect light. They have a mirrored effect due to the shiny coating on their surface. You can combine such tiles with white mosaic tiles on the floor. If the bathtub is adjoining, you can clad it in marble. Since they reflect light, you have to balance their shine with white elements. Metallic tiles will give a Hollywood regency feel to your shower stall.

19. Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone Tiles Shower


Similar to a chevron, herringbone tiles are also quite popular for a shower enclosure. There are different ways to use herringbone tiles in your bathroom. You can go for a floor to ceiling wall of herringbone tiles. Another way is to mix two equal-sized tiles. Such as this bathroom. It has the floor and half of the walls covered in gray herringbone tiles. The upper part of the shower enclosure has beige herringbone tiles. If you choose the first option, then put hexagonal marble tiles on the floor of the shower cubicle.

20. Marble Tiles with an Onyx Wall Slab

Marble Tiles with an Onyx Wall Slab


Your dream bathroom deserves to be perfect. And for that, if you need to spend a little more, then that is fine too. Here is an idea for a high-end shower enclosure. The wall of this shower stall has a natural onyx slab. The onyx accent wall is surrounded by marble tiles. The floor and the ceiling of the shower enclosure also have the same marble tiles. The onyx panel is framed beautifully with marble, this way.

21. Diamond Tiles

Diamond Tiles Shower


This bathroom has ceramic tiles. These tiles, when combined together, create diamond-shaped patterns. The complete look of the tiles seems like one large printed panel on a wall. You can try more designs of such modular tiles as well. Cover the floor of such tiled walls with large scale beige ceramic tiles. If there is a niche, include that in the pattern. If you put some other tile on the niche, it might affect the seamless look of the patterned wall.

22. Pebble Tiles

Pebble Tile shower


Texture in a shower enclosure gives a bathroom spa-like vibes. You can have your very own home spa with a shower enclosure like these. Cover the walls in pebble tiles to give the shower enclosure a texture and visual interest. If you don’t want pebble tiles on a large scale, you can use them in an understated amount. Cover the floor with pebble tiles. If you have a recess in the shower cubicle, you can clad it with pebble tiles.