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22 Bathroom Curtain Ideas

The bathroom window and shower curtains can bring a lot of character to a bathroom. Curtains can be a source to introduce style to a bathroom. You can design curtains in themes such as a farmhouse or shabby chic. Here are some bathroom curtain ideas.


1. DIY Embroidered Curtains



You will need a cotton curtain, embroidery floss or medium gauge yarn, and a printout of the pattern. We would suggest getting an easy pattern like this Aztec in the picture. Keep the printout as a guide next to you. Draw the pattern on the curtain with a pencil. Start embroidering over the design. You can try any other print as well. If you keep the embroidery only to the edges, our curtain will be ready in no time.

Here is a tutorial to make minimalist geometric line art embroidery

2. Macrame Shower Curtains



This curtain is easy to make. Take any white curtain you like. You can choose a plain or a woven fabric. It should be easier to wash. Then measure and cut macrame laces according to the width of the curtain. Use fabric glue to embellish the curtain with macrame. You can use a sewing machine as well to secure the macrame lace in its place. If you know how to do macrame, you can make your own laces too.

Here is a tutorial you can watch to make macrame

3. Anthropologie Tassel Curtains Knock Off


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The curtains to the left are the knock off ones. They are super easy to create. You don’t have to shell out bucks to buy tassel curtains from Anthropologie. Take any white curtains you like. They don’t have to be fancy because you will enhance them anyway. Make tassels in multicolors with embroidery floss. To make them as close as the Anthro ones, you can take a picture for reference. Once the tassels are ready, sew them to the curtain.

Here is an easy tutorial for making tassels

4. Easy No-Sew Bathroom Curtains



DIY curtains don’t have to cost you a lot of hours. Here is a hack for those who don’t want to sew curtains. Measure the bathroom window’s size. Cut a piece of fabric according to that size. Use fusible fabric tape to secure the edges. Then hang this curtain on a rod with clip curtain rings. This idea will save you a lot of effort and time. And the result is as good as sewn curtains. Here the curtains are white. You can experiment with bold prints. A window dressed in vibrant colors will bring life to your bathroom.

5. No-Sew Cafe Curtains from a Cushion Cover



Take any pillow cover from IKEA. It can be plain or printed. Make sure both sides are the same. Unsew the throw pillow cover. This will result in two equal pieces of cloth. Use a fusible fabric tape and an iron to seal the edges from three sides. Sew pockets on one side of the fabric pieces for the curtain rod. Put the curtain on the curtain rod and voila! This idea is perfect for a tiny bathroom window. If the window is a bit longer or bigger, you can do the same to a pillowcase.

6. DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtains



To make these curtains, you will need a striped fabric in gray color. Sew two layers of ruffles at the end of the curtain. Then cover the first ruffle edge with a strip of striped cloth. Put wooden buttons on top of the band. You can create farmhouse curtains in the same way with burlap. Make ruffles and put buttons. They will look as good as white with these stripes. Instead of white cotton curtains, you can try a dropcloth. A dropcloth is a material that will last you many years.

7. DIY Pleated Shower Curtains with Liners



If you have invested in a costly fabric, save it from water damage with a liner. You can sew the shower curtains with pleats in a standard way. Then take shower curtain liners that can be hung at the back of the main curtains. The shower curtain liners are easy to remove when you need to wash them. They will protect the colored fabric curtains from getting soaked in water. Make sure the size of the liners matches the size of your curtains.

8. Shabby Chic Shower Curtains



Any white or neutral-colored curtains can be transformed into shabby chic curtains. Gather lace trims and some burlap. Use the lace to embellish the lower part of the curtains. Craft and sew burlap rosettes to the curtain. You can also recycle old lace tablecloths or dresses. If you have crochet doilies, you can combine them to make a lace trim. Basically, anything lace and burlap on neutral curtains will make shabby chic bathroom curtains. If you know macrame or crocheting, you can make your own lace trims.

9. Bathtub Curtains with a Valance



You can give your bathroom hotel bathroom vibes with curtains like these. If you have a bathtub and a shower enclosure combined, put curtains with a valance. Here this bathroom has white curtains with gray trim. The same fabric with gray trim is used for the cornice. You can also put monograms on the curtains to make them even fancier. Try more colors and see how they turn out in your bathroom. If you choose to add a valance, keep ample lighting above the bathtub.

10. Curtains with a Wooden Cornice



Small additions can make a lot of difference to a bathroom. The look of shower curtains is not only made with the type of fabric. The other details with it, such as the curtain rod, also matter. You can cover the curtain rod with some wood. This will add an instant rustic touch to your curtains. White curtains with thin gray or black stripes look perfect with a wooden valance. You can stain the wooden top if you want.

11. White Ruffled Curtains Around a Bathtub



If your bathroom is spacious, and you have a freestanding bathtub, then here is an idea. You can separate the tub from the rest of the bathroom. Add privacy to it with white curtains. Plain white curtains might not make much difference aesthetically. But if you add ruffles to the same curtains, they will look a lot more charming. Ruffled curtains have a texture. Even in white color, they look quite captivating. For draping such curtains, you will need a rounded rectangle curtain rod suspended from the ceiling with metal chains.

12. A DIY Shower Curtain from a Flat Sheet



Take a full flat sheet. Adjust its size according to the size of your shower enclosure. Sew all the sides of the curtain. Take some flower trim and sew two to three rows in the middle of the curtain. You can get any other type of trim that matches your flat sheet. There is no rule to embellishing this curtain. When ready, use shower curtain hooks to hang the curtain. You don’t have to make any eyelets for the hooks. If you get thin wire hooks, you can easily poke and pass them through the fabric.

13. Shower Curtains with a No-Sew Valance



Have you made your shower curtains already, and you want them to have a valance? Well, you don’t need to get any professional help. Here is a clever hack. Chances are there, you still have some fabric leftover from your DIY shower curtains. Make another curtain this time a lot shorter from the shower curtains. Install a second curtain rod above the shower curtains. Voila! Without doing any sewing, your valance will be ready.

14. DIY Anthropologie Flamenco Shower Curtains in Ombre Yellow



Take fabrics in analogous colors. You can also do a hack. Take a white cloth, and dye it in ombre shades of any color. Here the curtain colors transition from yellow to orange. Similar to the palette of a sunset. Cut wide strips of the fabrics. Then serge their three sides. Start to sew their ruffles on a shower curtain. Keep on doing this until the shower curtain is fully covered. The good thing about this idea is, you can play with any color you like. Bring cuteness to a kids’ bathroom with these ombre ruffle shower curtains.

15. Quilted Patchwork Shower Curtains


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Quilting and patchwork is so much fun. Such projects also give you a chance to bring all the fabric scraps to use. Sometimes some prints are too pretty to be thrown away. So, collect all the fabric scraps, sew them together into a curtain. You can be even more creative and make characters with the fabric leftovers on the curtain. This way, you will get one of a kind shower curtains.

16. No-Sew Shower Curtains with Hot Glue from a Twin Sheet



If sewing a whole curtain is not your cup of tea, then here is an idea. You can convert any twin sheet into a curtain with a hot glue gun. Choose and cut a printed sheet you want to use as a shower curtain. Seal its edges with a pom pom trim by using a hot glue gun. Yes! It is that simple. No hours of sewing and cutting.

17. Textured White and Green Curtains



Places like target offer a wide range of shower curtains. If you want to bring style to your bathroom, go for textured curtains. If they are white like this with some accent color like green, your bathroom will have a fresh new look. Team up the curtains with a rug and complete the picture. White and green curtains give coastal feels.

18. A DIY Serape Shower Curtain



Serape is a blanket with vibrant stripes. You can easily find one on amazon. You can easily convert it into a shower curtain. You will need a grommet kit that is available on amazon. Put grommets on one side of the blanket. Leave the fringe on the other side. The distinct stripes on a serape blanket will bring instant life to your bathroom. You don’t need to decorate too much around it. It will be a focal point of your bathroom.

19. A Thrift Store Curtain with a High End Look



If you have found white shower curtains at a thrift store, then don’t let them go. Take a yard or two of white embroidered fabric. Cut its strips. Sew the embroidered bands of cloth at the lower part of the curtains. Your thrift store curtains will get an instant upgraded and expensive look. If you want to go for any other color, you can still use a white embroidered cloth over it. You can recycle an old dress too. Instead of embroidered fabric, you can consider lace as well.

20. Shower Curtains with Leather Curtain Rings


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White curtains look fabulous in a bathroom. But if you want them to have the edge over the regular ones, try this idea. Instead of shower curtain rings, make loops of leather cord. Brown or black leather cords look gorgeous with white shower curtains. A leather cord is available in stores easily. If you can’t find one, cut a sheet of leather.

21. Ribbon Embellished Curtains



Plain white curtains can look refreshed with silk ribbons. Choose some ribbon trims in cheerful colors. You can use solid color silk or printed bands of ribbon trim. This idea is marvelous for an old shower curtain makeover. You can get ribbons that match the theme color of your bathroom.

22. Confetti Shower Curtains



This project is simple. It will only take some time, though. You have to cut fabric discs in the size and colors you like. Order the fabric circles over a white shower curtain. You can use pins to secure them temporarily in place. Sew each fabric round to the shower curtain by sewing across its diameter. A confetti shower curtain is ready. Your kids will love it.