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What happened to Don Lewis Costa Rica property?

In August of 1997, Don Lewis purchased a property in Costa Rica that he planned to use as a vacation home. However, he was never able to enjoy the property as he went missing the following month. Since then, Don Lewis’ whereabouts have been a mystery, and there has been no evidence to indicate that he ever made it to Costa Rica.

The property has gone through multiple owners since then, and it is currently owned by a couple who reside in the United States. They have been described as relatively private people, and have not made any public statements regarding the property’s history or ownership.

It is known that the property has been maintained and upgraded in the years since Don Lewis disappeared, and it is currently in good condition. It is unclear if the current owners are aware of its past, or the circumstances surrounding Don Lewis’ disappearance.

Who inherited Don Lewis estate?

Upon Don Lewis’s death in 1997, his estate was inherited by his longtime partner Carole Baskin, who was designated as his sole beneficiary in his will. Baskin was immediately invested in multiple lawsuits with Lewis’ family claiming that Baskin had coerced Lewis into leaving his entire estate to her after his disappearance in 1997.

After lengthy litigation, Baskin was ultimately granted Don Lewis’s estate, including a large number of businesses and properties in the Tampa Bay area. Baskin then went on to found Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary that has since gained global recognition for its conservation efforts.

Was Don Baskin ever found?

Don Baskin was never found. He went missing on June 10, 1949, when he was eleven years old on his way home from school in a small town in Arkansas. His disappearance has been a mystery for over seventy years.

There have been roughly twelve thousand leads on the case, but none have led to any real evidence of his whereabouts. The search for Don has spanned the entire United States and included hundreds of persons of interest, but to no avail.

The FBI was even involved in the search at one point, but despite the great effort put in by the local community, law enforcement, and the FBI, the case has never been brought to a close. Don Baskin has become an unsolved missing persons case, and his family is still searching for answers.

How old is Don Lewis now?

Don Lewis is now deceased and passed away in August 1997. He was born on January 7, 1932, which would have made him 65 years old at the time of his death in 1997.

Did they find Don Lewis alive in Costa Rica?

No, Don Lewis has not been found alive in Costa Rica. Don Lewis, also known as Don Stacy Lewis was reported missing from his residence in Tampa, Florida on August 18, 1997. As of now, his disappearance remains unsolved and he is presumed to have died in quarantine, although his body has never been found.

Over the years, there have been rumors and speculation that Lewis may have gone to Costa Rica, but there have been no concrete reports or evidence of Lewis being in the country. Some sources have reported that a man that somewhat resembled Don Lewis was seen in Costa Rica, but it is unclear if this is true or not.

All that is known is that Lewis vanished without a trace and he has never been seen or heard from since his initial disappearance in 1997.

Did Carole Baskin make money Don Lewis?

No, Carole Baskin has not made money off of Don Lewis. In 1997, Don Lewis went missing, and his descendants later filed a lawsuit against Carole Baskin in 2019, claiming that she had something to do with it.

Carole Baskin denied the claims and the lawsuit was settled out of court. Baskin has since maintained that she had nothing to do with Lewis’ disappearance. Additionally, Baskin has never inherited money or assets from Lewis or been the beneficiary of any of his estate, so she has not made any money directly from Lewis.