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What should you avoid doing after a C-section?

After a C-section, it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. In general, you should avoid doing any strenuous activities or lifting anything heavier than your baby for at least 6 weeks after your surgery.

You also need to avoid straining while peeing, crouching, climbing stairs, and carrying any heavy objects. You should also avoid having sex until you have been cleared to do so by your doctor and you should not use any douches, tampons, or vaginal medications.

In addition, it’s important to avoid excessively hot baths and saunas, as these can lead to increased risk for infection. Avoid swimming and using hot tubs and whirlpools as well. You should take it easy and allow yourself ample time to rest and recover from the surgery.

Likewise, it is important to avoid pushing yourself too hard and strain your incision as it may increase the risk for complications such as hernias and poor wound healing. Make sure to seek medical attention if you experience any prolonged fever, pain, swelling, or unusual discharge.

Do and don’ts after C-section delivery?

There are certain do’s and don’ts that may help you recover quickly and safely post C-section delivery.


• Get plenty of rest. It is important to prioritize your rest as your body is going through a major hormonal, physical and emotional shift. Listen to your body and get enough sleep.

• During recovery it is important to stay hydrated. You must drink a lot of water and other fluids. It is also important to stay away from caffeine as it doesn’t provide any added benefits and might make you feel dehydrated.

• Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. This helps you recover quickly. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables for extra vitamins and minerals.

• Take help. Ask your family and friends for support. This helps free up your time to take rest and recover quicker.

• Move around. Start walking from day one as it helps reduce pain and improve circulation.

• Consult with your doctor regularly. Make sure you go for follow-up check-ups and discuss any questions or concerns you have.


• Do not lift anything heavy. Heavy lifting can cause more harm to your body.

• Avoid strenuous activities such as running, jogging, contact sports, etc. These activities may cause excessive strain and can lead to uncontrolled bleeding or even create complications.

• Avoid using over the counter drugs. It is important that you only take medications prescribed by your doctor.

• Smoke or drink alcohol. Both these activities can have serious consequences on your health and your baby’s health.

• Avoid stress as much as possible. Mental stress can further exacerbate the effects of physical stress, so it is important to take breaks and relax.

By following the above do’s and don’ts, you can make sure that you recover quickly and safely post C-section delivery.

How long should I be resting after C-section?

It is important to take adequate time to rest after undergoing a C-section. After the procedure, your healthcare provider may advise a one to two week recovery period, and then you may gradually resume your activities after that.

However, if you are feeling any pain or discomfort in the area of your C-section or elsewhere, you should focus on rest and relaxation until it resolves.

In the first week post-surgery, it is important to follow your provider’s orders for rest and limit activities. Try to stay in bed and limit your movements throughout the day. You won’t have the same stamina as before, so it’s important to plan your activities and pace yourself.

After the first week, you can start to do light activities like walking a few blocks or going to the grocery store.

It is also important to listen to your body to determine when you are ready to return to normal activities. Everyone is different and it may take some more time depending on your health and the healing process.

It is best to start off slowly and gradually ramp up your activities, instead of going straight back to your everyday activities.

Your healthcare provider may also bring up the general topic of exercise. Talk with them about your individual needs and the timeline to gradually transition back to exercise. Low-impact activity such as yoga, walking and Pilates can help you regain strength and rebuild mobility of your body.

Your body needs time to heal after a C-section, so it is important to be patient with yourself and give yourself plenty of rest. As long as you listen to your body, gradually increase your activity after the recovery period, and consult with your healthcare provider, you should be able to have a smooth recovery.

Is it OK to bend down after C-section?

Yes, it is generally okay to bend down after a Cesarean section (C-section), however it is important to wait until your body is fully healed before doing so. After a C-section, you should follow your doctor’s instructions, as this will vary depending on your individual situation and recovery.

Generally, it is recommended that you wait until your 6-week postpartum checkup before lifting anything heavier than your baby, and wait at least 8-10 weeks before resuming strenuous exercise. After this, it is typically okay to start bending and lifting again, however it is important to start slowly and be gentle with yourself.

Pay attention to how your body is feeling and how it reacts to different movements and activities. If bending down causes you any discomfort, then it is advisable to stop. Additionally, you may want to consider simple exercises such as kegels or pelvic floor strengthening to help improve your posture and your core strength, and prevent any further strain on your abdomen.

How long should you stay in the house after having a baby?

The amount of time that a new parent spends in their home after their baby is born can vary widely depending on the family’s individual circumstances. Generally speaking, most new parents will plan to stay in their home for at least the first few weeks, if not longer.

Staying in the house is important so that the new parents can properly bond with their baby, establish a routine, and take care of any necessary paperwork or other tasks that may need to be done. It’s also important to have time to adjust to the new life changes that come with having a baby.

Additionally, staying home with a newborn can help the new parents rest and recover from the physical effects of labor and birth. Many doctors and nurses will oftentimes recommend that the parents stay home for a minimum of two weeks, if not longer.

Finally, the new parents should consider the advice of their pediatrician and their own comfort level when deciding on the amount of time to stay home with their baby. While time spent in the home after having a baby is important, the parents can also find a good balance between staying home and taking the baby out into the world.

What is the position to sleep in after C-section?

After a c-section, it is important to avoid strain on the abdominal muscles and the incision while the area heals. Lying on the back is the ideal position to sleep in after a c-section in order to reduce the strain placed on the abdomen.

It is best to have a few pillows propped up to support the back and to cushion the incision. Avoid lying on the side with the incision, as this can lead to potential strain on the abdominal muscles and the incision.

Additionally, avoid sleeping on the stomach as this will cause direct pressure on the incision, likely resulting in pain and discomfort. The use of a body pillow can help to make sleeping in this position more comfortable and may also provide additional support and cushioning near the incision.

Although sleeping on the back is beneficial, it is also important to try to limit the time lying in one position by taking breaks and stretching every few hours.

Can I go back to work 2 weeks after C-section?

No, it is generally not recommended to return to work two weeks after a c-section due to several factors. Your body needs time to heal and adjust after a c-section as this is a major surgery. Complications such as infection can occur if you are putting too much strain on the body too soon after the procedure.

In addition, during this recovery time, you may be recovering from fatigue due to a lack of sleep, feeling stiff from the procedure, or even pain from the surgical incision. It’s important to give your body time to rest and adjust so that you can have an easier time returning to work and eventually maintain your daily activities in the long run.

In general, it is recommended to wait around 6-8 weeks before returning to work depending on how fast you are recovering and with the approval of your obstetrician.

What happens if you walk too much after C-section?

If you walk too much after a C-section, there are several potential complications or risks that you should be aware of. You may experience increased pain in the area of your incision, as this has not had adequate time to heal correctly.

You may experience increased swelling in your legs and feet, due to the extra strain that walking can put on the body, which can lead to other more serious complications. Additionally, engaging in more physical activity than recommended after the C-section can lead to increased risk of heavy bleeding or even infection.

It is important that you only move as much as your doctor recommends and that you pay attention to any changes in your condition. If you feel as though you are in pain or excessively tired, then it is best to take it easy and rest.