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31 White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas in 2020

Kitchens are one of the busiest activity hubs in any home. From providing meals for the home to being the center for over-the-sink gossip, They’ve always played a primal role. However, historically, kitchens were hidden away in the background, and their designs were rarely ever a thing of prime importance.


With the rise of open kitchens and other open spaces in the modern home however, quality kitchen decor has significantly climbed the hierarchy of needs for a properly designed house. They now serve as an excellent outlet to bolster your home decor and give your living space added personality.

open kitchens

However, with great power, comes great responsibility. While you can now make your kitchen a statement piece, there are so many new ways and element combinations to mess it up. From full white kitchen cabinets and appliances to an elaborate six-color patchwork, the possibilities are endless.

kitchen decor

Among this wealth of options, one of the most debated decor styles is the white kitchen cabinet. For some, it is the epitome of ageless simplicity and it is an excellent pair for any kitchen aesthetic, while others consider it bland and high maintenance.

Pros of White Kitchen Cabinets

white kitchen cabinet

Whether you are trying to upgrade or picking out the right one for the home of your dreams one of the first choices you must make is the overlying kitchen aesthetic. From time immemorial, white kitchen cabinets have been the go-to in many homes and for good reason: these classics make for clean dependable designs that never go out of style.

1. Stand the Test of Time

White Kitchen Stand the Test of Time

Outfitting your kitchen with white is akin to buying a form-fitting black dress—you never have to worry about it going out of style.

Over the years, the kitchen is one area of the home that has seen several revolutions, and fads, in design best practices. However, one element that never seems to get outdated is a batch of white cabinets. Flip through any home decor magazine from the last half-century and you are sure to find an assortment of eye-catching white cabinetry.

White kitchen cabinets are an excellent way to future-proof your kitchen without having to chase after each passing trend. Over time, this simple choice will save you significant time and money.

2. Go with Everything

White Kitchen Go with Everything

It addition to being classic, timeless pieces that never go out of style, white kitchen cabinets also have another strong positive—they blend in with any aesthetic.

Few cabinet color choices can match the versatility of white kitchen cabinets. Whether you are opting for a royal, eclectic mood, a clean modern and classy look, or you are going instead for a more youthful and playful vibe, white is your color.

Finding the right countertops is also rarely ever an issue as you can pick a good white cabinet for almost anything from granite to quartz. You also don’t have to worry about paint clashes with your walls as this classic cabinets will fit right in.

Furthermore, another worry that is averted is the lingering worry that your kitchen cabinet will color-clash with one or more of your kitchen appliances. Whether you have chrome, nickel, steel, or bronze machines, you have absolutely no worries with white cabinetry.

3. Resale Value

Since it never goes out of style, you can rest assured that your newly fitted kitchen is almost completely future-proof. A properly done white kitchen will not only last you for a long time, but it will also add to the overall resale value of your home.

While you may not have your house on the market right now, outfitting your kitchen with white is an excellent forward-thinking move. Plus, since white kitchens can be something of a blank canvas, potential new owners will favor them for how easy they are to customize.

In the highly competitive housing market, we have today, it only takes a little quirk to steer off potential buyers. Hence, a white kitchen is a worry-free option that gives buyers one less thing to fret about.

4. Bright and White

White Kitchen Bright and White

Another big advantage is that their bright surfaces act as excellent reflectors of light. Since they reflect both sunlight and interior lighting, white cabinets can give your kitchen a distinct glow that brightens every nook and crank of the space.

Furthermore, the high reflectiveness of whiteboards helps create an illusion of depth that makes your kitchen appear larger than it is.

5. Ease of Customization

White Kitchen Customization

Another frequently overlooked positive is how easy they are to modify. Don’t like the current feel of your kitchen? You can change the countertops, the wall colors, flooring, and even the cabinet fittings without having to worry about a color mismatch.

White kitchen cabinets can be dressed up or down to match any mood.

Are you feeling adventurous? You can even modify your parts of your kitchen for the holidays or a themed party and never have to worry about color issues. Everything from orange Halloween add-ons to bright red Christmas fittings will work.

Potential Cons of Opting for White Kitchen Cabinets

1. Hospitalesque

White Kitchen mix

For some people, white is just too cold and unwelcoming for interior design. Add in some poorly picked shades of white in excessive proportions, and an overzealous approach to whiting out your kitchen may leave you with an unfriendly, clinical looking cooking space.

This type of situation is a no-no for kitchens, especially in open style kitchens that should serve as a warm, hotspot for creating lasting memories.

An excellent way to avoid an unwelcoming white kitchen is to mix and match your cabinets. The good news is that white goes with most colors and materials. Hence, you will have no trouble picking out varied pieces to give your kitchen that warm, homely feel.

2. Dealing with Dirt

White Kitchen Dealing with Dirt

Freshly installed white kitchen cabinets are a beauty to behold. However, few homeowners factor in their susceptibility to dirt at first glance. While darker shade can reduce the visibility of grime and smudges, with white cabinets, every small piece of dirt is significantly more noticeable.

With a large amount of liquid-centered activities in the kitchen, it is no surprise that this home section is one of the highest aggregators of dirt. Hence, it is not uncommon for homeowners to adopt a high-frequency maintenance schedule.

Therefore, for kitchens with predominantly white cabinets, you may need to adopt an even more intensive cleaning plan. However, many consider this a good thing as it forces you to keep your cooking space cleaner and healthier.

3. Wear and Tear

Just like with dirt, white kitchen cabinets have a heightened ability to show some types of wear especially compared with significantly darker options. The most white-specific wear you can get is a gradual yellowing of the wood with age which can create color inconsistencies between panels. Furthermore, white cabinets are also less forgiving with cheap wood and finishes.

31 White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

1. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

As children, we all marveled at the majesty that is your old grandmother’s kitchen. Few modern kitchens can match the elegance and the many details of a well-built classic one. Hence, it is no surprise that antique kitchens are still in style, and will probably never truly go out of style.

With the right set of elements, you can bring your grandma’s kitchen back to life, and they are just the right tools for the job.

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Chocolate Glaze

Antique kitchen elements are big on browns, wood, and other earth-tone colors. Hence, for a classic feel, you should opt for whites that are related to this color scheme like dusty white, dull-white, or white with brownish undertones.

To further complete the classic kitchen vibe, pair the white kitchen cabinets with neutral countertops like grey granite or colored marble like this chocolate glaze.

Browns are also always welcomed in antique kitchens. Hence, you can use chocolate wood or similar shades for the flooring to create a truly authentic feel.

2. Simple Modern

One design family in which white always works is the modern/contemporary style. White kitchens stay true to this motif as they represent a clean, modern, and even futuristic cooking island that is sure to impress.

Simple Modern white kitchen cabinets gold hardware

The key standout feature of modern-style kitchens, or homes, is their simple design and muted colors. Consequently, this feature makes white the closest you can get to an ideal color for your contemporary style home.

White is typically associated with cleanliness and simplicity, plus the color is excellent for creating timeless designs as it never goes out of style. Furthermore, white absorbs light more significantly than dark colors, adding to the aesthetics as it makes your cooking space look brighter and bigger.

However, if you are aiming for a modern look, you are better off staying away from exotic whites like off whites, warm whites, or cream. A regular clean white or a slightly cold white is excellent for creating an inviting contemporary feel.

An excellent way to complement this design is to add in a dash of wood or metal. Metals that works best here include steel, brass, silver, or gold like gold fittings in this kitchen.

3. All White, Off White

One of the fastest ways to add a classic touch to your kitchen is to throw in some off white pieces. How about off white kitchen cabinets in an all-white? What you have there is the perfect recipe for a glorious space-enhancing classic look.


All White, Off White kitchen

One of the best qualities of off white is its ability to match with similar colors. In the image above, you see how the clean white farmhouse sink fits right into the aesthetic despite being the only off-color piece?

With off white feel free to mix and mash. You can pair these cabinets with dull whites, smoky whites, clean whites, warm whites, and cream to create your truly unique classic kitchen.

Off whites also pair nicely with large cooking spaces and high ceilings.

4. White and Black

White is one of the best colors for making a room feel open and bright. With a small-sized kitchen, using white can make even tiny cooking spaces feel expansive.

However, one major downside to excessive white use is that it can quickly become overwhelming and leave the space looking clinical. An excellent way to combat this phenomenon is to pair whites with darker accents.

One way to instantly spice up a set of white kitchen cabinets is to finish them with dark countertops like grey or black.

White and Black kitchen

A perfect example of the beauty of this contrast is this white-washed look kitchen cabinets paired with a dark granite top that completes the aesthetic. The darker countertops complement the dark glass in the appliances, while the white finish on the wood matches the wall paneling to create a balanced minimalist kitchen.

5. Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets

White is one of the “official” colors of minimalism for good reason: using white is an excellent way to make small simple spaces feel spacious and classic without creating a drab aesthetic.

Below shows an archetypal example of white kitchen cabinets in a minimalist kitchen.


Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets

The simple white cabinets do not feature any bells, whistles, or handles, and that accentuates the unfussy decor. The cool white finish of the boards catches the incoming light from the windows, leaving the space bright, fresh, and spacious while the nicely contrasting muted colors on the flooring further enhances the aesthetic.

The minimalism of the main kitchen build gives you the ability to add in other unique features like the eye-catching mosaic carpet and the dainty round mirror near the window. The many indoor plants also add a touch of splendor to the mood of the cooking space.

6. White Farmhouse

Do you think white is too cold, clinical, or formal for your kitchen? While it is not a sight you see often, a white farmhouse kitchen will immediately change your mind.

How does this look work? Pair the serene calmness of dull or dusty white cabinets with “unfinished” features like exposed brick elements and textured wood accents and you have a balanced kitchen aesthetic that is sure to impress.

white farmhouse kitchen

In this kitchen, the white and black elements create the perfect contrast, beautifying the cooking space, while the red bricks and wood bar stools add much needed homely features that will work in kitchens from the fields of Kansas to uptown New York.

This kitchen, on the other hand, takes it a step further with more red bricks, floor tiles to match, and sleek countertops that even out the extra farmhouse features.

7. Dark Wood Antidote

When you are mixing white kitchen cabinets and a predominantly white kitchen with other colors, the entire decor scheme should be all about that contrast. Thankfully, whether it’s black, royal blue, or wooden shades, the color options that work with white are endless.

Dark Wood Antidote kitchen

One white kitchen setup that works wonders in any contemporary style home is mixing a white top with dark bottom elements. In this kitchen, the dark wood of the flooring and the island is perfect for creating an almost traditional feel that contrasts the eager, bright and fresh look of the white kitchen.

Meanwhile, the warm white marble countertops and the similarly toned wall paint creates the perfect middle layer for integrating the bottom dark wood elements into the kitchen aesthetic.

8. A Splash of Color

White kitchens do not have to be bland and boring, and a great way to avoid this is to add a touch of bright colors to liven up the mood.

A Splash of Color kitchen

One quick way to spice up your white kitchen cabinets is to opt for a pop of color on the inside of the cabinetry. The bright blue interiors on these kitchen cabinets add some personality to the kitchen without overpowering the main aesthetic.

Colored interiors work best with glass-front units that ensure the color accent stands out and is always visible. Furthermore, you can add in other matching elements like table runners or window adornments to match the inside of the cabinets for a more cohesive feel.

However, the inside color does not have to be always visible. You could opt instead for solid doors that only reveal the colorful interior when you open a door or a textured or frosted glass front that tones down the look of the interior while keeping its X factor.

9. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Chocolate Glaze

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Chocolate Glaze

This kitchen may look small but it sure looks luxurious and classic. Chocolate wood flooring in this kitchen blends well with the antique white kitchen cabinet. When you want to achieve this color into your cabinet, you can mix a little bit of grey instead of solid white because the cabinet doesn’t look like it is a pure solid white, so by mixing the color, you can get some vintage color vibe for the cabinet.

10. Best Paint Color For Off-White Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Color For Off-White Kitchen Cabinets

When you want an off-white color scheme for your kitchen, this kitchen design is a good inspiration. This kitchen uses an antique white kitchen cabinet with French doors design that goes with it. The kitchen space shows you classic, elegant and clean design with the Scandinavian wood flooring, the kitchen cabinet and some features of the kitchen. The black granite countertop complements the bright room with its dark color and it matches the white cabinet overall. The faucet on the sink also adding the antique kitchen vibe as decoration and it looks pretty.

11. Best Granite Color For Antique White Cabinets

Best Granite Color For Antique White Cabinets

The kitchen cabinet design doesn’t require you to make an all-white kitchen. You can have some dark color elements in the kitchen. Some dark color flooring can be an option. You can also add some neutral color such as grey or beige for the wall and the backsplash to make a statement. Those colors will matches perfectly with the white kitchen cabinet.

12. Granite Countertops White Cabinets

Granite Countertops White Cabinets

There are so many options for the countertop to match your white kitchen cabinets. To make your kitchen looking classic, you can add this granite countertop to match the white cabinet. Choose some distinctive patterns that can match the color scheme. Adding some flower decoration can help the kitchen looking fresh and pretty. Using some earth-tone tile color for the backsplash and warm flooring color scheme also supported the ambiance in the kitchen.

13. Kitchens White Antique U-Shaped

Kitchens White Antique U-Shaped

An antique cabinet is a great combination with a U shaped kitchen. It will give you a perfect balance and proportion for your kitchen design. This concept matches a smaller space concept but it can look classic and simple. To make a dimensional to the design, you can use a wooden countertop instead of a granite countertop. Some dark warm flooring also helps with the antique design.

14. Off White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Granite Countertops

Off White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Granite Countertops

There are some key elements you can apply in order to make your white kitchen cabinets stand out. Some of them are, flooring color and material, countertops color and material also you can pay attention to the backsplash. With the white kitchen cabinet, you can make other features listed above colored in darker tone color of the cabinet. This color scheme will bring a balance in the room and also make more harmonize with each other elements in the kitchen. Such a classic and chic design.

15. Antique Style Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Style Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen design is suitable for you if you want to go all out of the antique theme. It looks ages and has some time-worn feeling to the furniture. It also has a traditional neutral tone to it which perfected the antique white kitchen cabinets. The touch of the wood goes well with the rustic vibe. Save some money for the paint, this cabinet looks great with real antiqueness to it. If you go to a real antique, this design is the perfect one for you.

16. Antique White Paneled Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Island

Antique White Paneled Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Island

Another time-worn kitchen design, adding some natural ornaments as decoration will help some dimension to your kitchen. You can put some decorative plants on the countertop or the kitchen island. This will make it looks fresh. This arrangement is suitable for those who love natural decoration and antique design. The granite pattern in the countertops looks well-blended with the cabinets as well as the decoration arrangement in the kitchen.

18. Antique White Cabinets Design Ideas


The highlights of this kitchen are obviously the design. It has a pretty unique curvy surface. A great combination of antique and contemporary. The white cabinet represents an antique style and the kitchen island matches the modern style. A little touch of antique vibes that come from the silver light fixture is pretty nice. The mosaic backsplash gives you a more antique look. The mixture of luxury modern and antique classic is a pretty nice view of this design.

19. Traditional Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

This is the look of a traditional style kitchen, you can see from the number of wood elements in the kitchen. There are classic paneling profiles and traditional upper shelves that offer functionality and nice design. The antique element of this kitchen can be helped with the rustic looking table, however, the table seems slightly off with the design. The color of the table also looks off, you can repaint the table to match with the design of the kitchen.

20. Best Wall Color For Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Best Wall Color For Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the paint color might be confusing for some people. For the easy step, you can try sand-grey colored paint for the walls. That would be a good match backdrop for the antique white kitchen cabinets. You can also give some dark color elements for the flooring to support the color. Those color combinations will look great to add some accents to the kitchen and balance the looks.

21. Kitchen Design Ideas Antique White Cabinets

Kitchen Design Ideas Antique White Cabinets

The design of the Kitchen flooring can be a highlight itself. Find good color flooring with a nice pattern on it will make it looks nice and pretty. The flooring design that matches with the antique vibe will also complete the look of the kitchen.

22. Vintage White Raised Panel Cabinets

Vintage White Raised Panel Cabinets

The bright white cabinet is suitable for clean and fresh kitchen design. This design brings a solid white color as the main color and adding some light color wood as a combination. The color scheme will manage a balance out every element in the kitchen.The beauty of these vintage cabinet design is accentuated with the raised panel cabinet alongside the brass handles. The kitchen looks simple and clean with the nicest presentation.

23. Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This corner drawer design has a unique cut that fits the kitchen. It is a good design and suits the kitchen perfectly. The handle of the doors and drawers also an eye-catching statement pieces for the unique look. The design of this drawer is a great design idea for a small-space kitchen to maximize capacity storage.

24. Backsplash Antique White Cabinets

Backsplash Antique White Cabinets

The backsplash in the kitchen may just play a small role when you decorate the kitchen. However, it can be a game-changer if you can style it the right way. This element could be the highlights.  Because the backsplash plays the role of a center point of the kitchen, the vintage design glows in this space.

25. Breakfast With Antique White Kitchen Bar Table

Breakfast With Antique White Kitchen Bar Table

Here is the traditional style of a kitchen bar that has an awesome light fixture. The light fixture looks cool hanging over the kitchen bar table. This place is a good spot to enjoy your meal with friends and family or it can be a casual space to chit-chat and enjoy some tea time and snack. A nice white color scheme all over the kitchen and cool setting for the chair make this space looking fantastic. Flower decoration on the kitchen bar table completed the antique vibes of the traditional kitchen.

26. With Dark Wood Floors

With Dark Wood Floors

This kitchen has such beautiful flooring. The color of the wood that is used in this flooring design is to complement the vintage vibe pretty well. If you want to try adding some wood elements, this design is a good idea to start with.The dark wood color accent in the ceiling also drawing some attention. This combination makes the looks of antique white kitchen cabinet blends well with the wood .

27. With Wood Floors

With Wood Floors kitchen

This design is both elegant and antique. The big kitchen island is an eye-catching feature. It also makes a nice accent especially with the plant on top of it. The color of the kitchen island makes a good complement to the vibe. The dark brown color is versatile in the kitchen, it is obviously can make it looks luxurious but you can always adjust the color combination to fit your style and preference.

28. White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed

White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed

A glaze is a semi-transparent coating that applied after the cabinet is painted. This technic adds some depth and color finish to the cabinet. It is an affordable option compared to painting. It is nice additions to your cabinet to make it nice and pretty.

29. White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse

White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse

This kitchen is such a nice design both antique and farmhouse style. The farmhouse features blend well with the antique white kitchen cabinet to complement the look. The decoration that uses looks great in accentuating the farmhouse style. The kitchen looks uniquely chic and dainty.

30. Antique White Cabinets Paint

Antique White Cabinets Paint

This white kitchen is over the top. With the white color as a star of the look this kitchen gives an overall elegant look. The antique white kitchen cabinet serving some beautiful look go to along with wood flooring. The light fixture is a good statement piece for the kitchen. Some plant decoration goes along the white cabinet prettily. Such a bright clean looking kitchen with some elegant vibe.

31. White Kitchen Cabinets With Bricks

White Kitchen Cabinets With Bricks

This bricks wall accent goes well together with the antique white kitchen cabinet. The combination of these two looks so great. The dim light in the kitchen gives some warm feeling to the design. The wood flooring also helps the two features make an awesome view. All of these combinations make it looks so cool and pretty.

When you want to add some luxurious touch to your antique kitchen but don’t want some extravagant statement, try adding some gold in the kitchen fixtures. Put these gold-colored light fixtures in the kitchen will change the look of your kitchen instantly. These gold fixtures also a great match for the white kitchen cabinets. This combination doesn’t look overwhelmed for the kitchen. It looks chic and elegant.

There are some design ideas to inspire your antique white kitchen cabinet style. You can get some inspiration to decorate your kitchen by choosing the one that matches your style, budget, and space.

Picking the Right Shade of White Kitchen Cabinets

In interior design, color is everything. Colors can set everything from the style to the mood of your living space. This primal role that colors play is the reason why one of the first decisions you must make when selecting a new set of kitchen cabinets is their color.

With white kitchen cabinets, you get to pick from an endless array of color shades that can represent everything from a cool, modern vibe to a vibrant, eclectic presence. Whatever you need, white has got you covered.

However, before you proceed to design your kitchens or fitting out your cabinets, you must decide on the overall style you are hoping to achieve. Whether you are opting for a contemporary look, a classic old-fashioned design, or a quirky vibe will go a long way in determining which shade of white will work best.

Next, you must consider your ceiling and flooring, countertops, wall paint, and appliances. The perfect white cabinets for your kitchen should mix and blend smoothly with all these elements of your kitchen to create a cooking space you always want to come back to.

Matching Clean White

If you have several clean white appliances and other similarly colored kitchen elements, you want to opt for matching white cabinets for continuity.

White has several thousand shades, and it is quite easy to make a pick that is slightly off. So, compare samples and ensure the cabinets match your appliances perfectly.

Off-White, Warm White, and Cream

Like with clean white, warmer shades of white like warm white, off-white, or cream pair well with similar cabinet colors. However, for these colors, the color of the undertone is almost equally as important. For example, a warm white appliance with a pink undertone will only match a white kitchen cabinet with a similar undertone color.

Gray and other Dull Colors

Gray is a pretty common kitchen color as it often features in appliances and countertops. If your kitchen is predominantly filled with grays, you want to opt for clean whites and slightly cool whites.


Greige, which is a mix of beige and gray, is considered by many to be one of the best neutral colors you can get, and for good reason. Thanks to the contrast of beige and gray, greige is a unique color that can work well in both cool and warm color schemes.

However, you should consider the color ratio of the greige in your home before opting for cool or warm whites. For a higher beige ratio, you need warmer whites, while a higher gray percentage works best with neutral and colder whites.

Neutrals and Earthy Tones

If you are dealing with a lot of browns, earthy shades, or neutral colors in your kitchen, your best option is kitchen cabinets with soft white that will complement the natural feel.

Matching other Colors

With other regular colors, choosing the right white all boils down to studying the dominant and undertone colors of your kitchen elements. If a cool color like blue or green is dominant, pick a clean or cool white that matches that color.

Alternatively, you want to select a warm white if warm colors like red and orange are dominant in your kitchen. Depending on the situation, you can also match the white to the undertone color as well.


Douglas Alexander

Thursday 18th of March 2021

My Kitchen cabinet are a pickled wood color. Would like to replace the kitchen cabinet doors with a color to compliment the pickled boxes. Would a white door with an accent pickled color be a possibility?

Remodel or Move

Wednesday 21st of September 2022

Yes, a white door with an accent pickled color is a possible combination for kitchen cabinets.