15 Beautiful DIY Rope Corner Shelf Ideas with Hanging Rope Decoration

DIY Rope Corner Shelf

It is with no doubt that you have a corner in your house. What if you chose to add something on that corner?. And instead of being bare, you decide to beautify it?.

A rope corner shelf can help you remove the loneliness and usual look on that wall. While it will add beauty to your room, it will serve its function of storing some of your stuff.

Have a look at these DIY rope corner shelf ideas below and give some a try.

1. Hanging Rope Corner Shelf

Hanging Rope Corner Shelf

Your creativity can improve your room décor. You may need to showcase some things, but you do not know how to display them.

This hanging rope corner shelf is the best ideal. With the triangular wooden shelves, you are good to go. These wooden shelves have three holes each, where you thread your ropes. After tying beneath the ropes, you hang it on your desired corner to display your precious assets.

2. Natural Fiber Rope Corner Shelf

Natural Fiber Rope Corner Shelf

Do you love natural ideas? Indeed, nature provides the best beauty. Natural fiber can add great aesthetics to your room.

Fiber rope is very affordable and readily available. Also, it is durable and can serve for many days than you expect.

Showcase your beautiful ceramic arts using this shelf. And your corner will be a place for everyone to glance.

3. Corner Rope Shelf

Corner Rope Shelf

Your children’s room deserves a better display and storage of their toys. This rope corner shelf provides precisely that.

With only six planks of wood and some rope, you will have your elegant corner rope shelf.

This corner rope shelf occupies two walls. Hence, it is very spacious and can hold lots of your stuff. It adds boldness and beauty to that lonely corner. Mostly, the white painted wood and the black ropes mean nothing less than classic and superb.

Honeybearlane explains the simple steps to do this gem rope corner shelf. Kindly check the details.

4. Living Room Corner Shelf

Living Room Corner Shelf

Your living room should indeed add life and grace to the occupants. What if you tried this rope corner shelf on that lonely corner? I trust you will appreciate and love it.

This corner shelf is elegant and classic. Adds uniqueness and removes the usual way of seeing things.

Every visitor will enjoy and desire to give a glance at your precious items on this shelf. Then, your wall clock is on this beautiful rope corner shelf. Who will not notice it and check the time on it?

5. Nautical Rope Swing Corner Shelf


Do you want something robust, durable, and quality? A nautical rope is worth trying. The sailors have tested this rope as they go about their shipping business. And indeed, it is the best.

Once you tighten this rope on your triangular wooden planks and place it in your corner, you will have confidence even in your heavy items. They will not fall.

This white rope is excellent. It blends well with the white shelves as well as with the brown, dull corner.

6. Wooden Corner Rope Shelf

Wooden Corner Rope Shelf

Do you want to try something classic? This wooden shelf is the best. The high-end material shelves represent nothing but amazingness.

These shelves are highly finished then stained with brown stain. Though they cannot hold heavy items, they still meet their functionality.

The brown stain is excellent and blends well with your white wall.  You can display your clock, small photo frame, and small plant holders. And your results are nothing else than a beautiful home.

7. Stylish Corner Rope Shelf

Stylish Corner Rope Shelf

Do you want to add style to your room? A stylish wooden rope corner shelf will help you move from the norm. This rustic wooden shelf adds beauty and class.

You can choose to have two separable shelves. The top ends are inserted in a loop, which enhances beauty.

The loops look clean and neat compared to tying knots at the top.

8. Floor Space Saver Corner Rope Shelf

Floor Space Saver Corner Rope Shelf

So, you do not want to store your precious things on the floor. Yes. The truth is that they will interfere with movement, especially if you have a small room.

Placing this rope shelf at the corner of your window makes your room to be on another level. As much as it is saving on space, it gives your room a unique look.

This cone-shaped hanging shelf has a circular wooden base. The space is not wide to store lots of stuff. But adding some decorating flower vases on it will give it a beautiful floating look.

9. Floating Wooden Crate and Rope Coner Shelf

Floating Wooden Crate and Rope Coner Shelf

Floating a wooden crate on your corner is not old-fashioned. This hack is rustic but unique. The natural wooden finish is on another level, enhancing beauty awesomeness.

You can store your small stuff such as photo frames, little books, and keys.

The ropes holding the crate are strong; hence it cannot fall anytime. With the holes on each side of the chest, you can use them to carry the crate if it is not hanging

10. Lockable Wooden Rope Shelf

Lockable Wooden Rope Shelf

When you decide to think smart, you get outstanding results. And this wooden lockable rope shelf can be amongst these outcomes.

We are used to standing drawers being lockable. But you can also have a lockable drawer on your wall or corner.

You can choose to display or not to display your items. When you lock this shelf, you will not see the rope’s knots—hence coming out clean and neat.

Once you have your hook on the wall, you can hang the shelf. And since it is stable. You can put some stuff in the drawer while others on top of it to display them.

11. Circular Corner Shelf with Ropes

Circular Corner Shelf with Ropes

If you are the kind that does not like usual things, this is for you. Simple but a unique design. Your small plant holders can perfectly reflect the beauty in your home.

This shelf is circular. The ropes hold the base securely, underneath, at the middle. The fibers on the ropes also hang and display beauty.

This unique rope corner shelf will not only serve its functionality but add décor to your room.

12. DIY Rope Corner Plant Shelf

DIY Rope Corner Plant Shelf

Here comes another one. Simple but fantastic. This rope corner shelf can hold your small planters and showcase them beautifully.

The base is a strong plastic material. This ensures that your plant holders do not fall off. Then at the middle of the plastic is a hole that your plant holders fit.

What you need to do is just to tie the ropes on your plastic. Then, hang the rope at the corner of your wall. And there you have your beautiful hanging plant holder and the corner of your wall.

13. Pillow Storage Rope Corner Shelf

Pillow Storage Rope Corner Shelf

The bed or chair are not the only places to keep your pillows. You can decide to give your pillows and pillow throws a raise. And a rope corner shelf will do.

This shelf is simple but great.

What if you decide to store different colors of pillows? It will look elegant and lovely.

This rope shelf fits well at the corner of your room, just behind your door. The rope holds the rectangular wood planks from the wall and joins with the front ropes at the top, forming a right-angled triangle.

This rope shelf is spacious and can hold several pillows. This blog explains the steps you can take to come up with this shelf. Check the tutorials.

14. Creative Rope Corner Shelf

Creative Rope Corner Shelf

What if you chose to be creative with your ropes? Coming up with something profound and a bit complicated but doable is easy. The idea is to get your mind to think.

These wooden shelves are not of the same measurement. But they combine well to give a rustic look. This idea looks great when you store things that you quickly want to reach. Also, it can hold your flower vessels, small containers, etc.

As you can see, the rectangular wood planks are neatly and creatively arranged. This brings out a creative way to display your stuff.

The ropes hold the planks in position and ensure they are sturdy.

15. Driftwood Corner Rope Shelf

Driftwood Corner Rope Shelf

Do you want to add some beach theme to your room? Yes, you can, using driftwood. Maybe you wonder what this might be. This type of wood is washed onto a sea beach or shore by the waves or wind.

The curved edge on the bottom shelf makes it look unique. Apart from the functionality of this shelf, it adds beauty and décor to your room.

The idea is simple to make. With ropes, boat cleats, and driftwood and you are ready to go. You can check the step by step tutorials from this blog.

How to Make A DIY Rope Corner Shelf

There are different types of rope corner shelves. Each person has a different taste and preference for each.

Before undertaking the project, you can decide which one you like-either triangular or rectangular shelves. In this project, we shall be building a hanging, triangular rope corner shelf. This Youtuber explains how you can make a rectangular hanging shelf.

The project is effortless and friendly. Please have a look at the step-by-step below and give it a try.

Materials and Tools

  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Clamps
  • Scissors (heavy-duty)
  • Rope (thick)
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Two pieces of triangular wood (desired measurements)

Prepping the wood

Once you have cut your pieces of wood for the shelves, you will need to prep them. Ensure the pieces are equal in size. If the sides are rough, sand them. Sanding will make them fair and appealing.

Attaching the wood

Place the two kinds of wood on top of each other. Clamp them together using your clamps. Clamping will help you drill the holes uniformly on both planks of wood.

Drilling holes

Drilling holes

Once the pieces are stack, use your drill to make holes on the three sides. Your drill should be a bit large. This will help accommodate the width of your rope.

It may be hard to drill on both pieces at a go. If so, you can drill each part separately. But, ensure you measure them keenly. This process is to ensure that your shelves are balanced and in line with each other.


After finishing to drill the holes, you will need to paint the woods. Use a bright and fun color of your choice. You will have to consider your décor before painting. However, the color is purely up to you to decide. You can either choose to leave them bare or just paint the edges. Any, as I said, the choice is yours.

Cutting your rope

Cutting your rope

First, determine the far you want to tie your shelf from. Then, you will need to cut your rope into three equal pieces. Though, you will need to give the strings an allowance. This allowance will help cover the space you will use for knotting and hanging down.

The longer your rope, the better. The reason being, if it is too long, you can cut it down. But if shorter, you will not add any other slack.


assembling rope shelf

You will have to tie a knot at the bottom of each rope. Thread each yarn in the holes from the bottom of the pieces of wood. Space the knots evenly; this will ensure that your shelf is straight and well balanced.

Tying the knot

Finally, after you have assembled your wood, use the remaining rope at the top to tie a knot. You can then hang it on your corner. You can use your desired hooks to hang the rope. Ensure the hooks are strong and sturdy enough to hold the shelf’s weight and other stuff that you will place on it.


Finally, you can store your desired items to display them. Sit, look, and enjoy your creativity. You did it!

In conclusion, the DIY corner rope shelf is an excellent hack. You can choose either of the above ideas and give your room a more gorgeous and cheerful look.

These rope corner shelves ideas are simple. And who cannot do it? You do not need a certificate in woodworking to try it out. All you need is some little time and some small creativity.

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