Popular DIY Hammock Stands: Along with Hammock Stand Ideas and Guidance

DIY Hammock Stands

Do you have an amazing backyard? If the answer is yes, I am sure you’d love to spend the autumns and springs outside and relax with a chilled beer. So, have you tried a hammock? Yes, it is one of the best creations to make you feel relaxed, quite easily! What is stopping you?
In this article, you will come across many innovative DIY Hammock Stand ideas, which will make your hammock the coziest place!
According to a report, the sale of the hammock has doubled from approximately $26 million to $53 million from 2013 to 2015! So, let’s look at some DIY Hammock stands!

1. Turtledog Hammock Stand

Turtledog Hammock Stand

This is one of the most popular DIY Hammock Stand ideas. It usually looks like a tripod stand, and there is one horizontal bar, which runs from one tripod stand to the other. The Turtledog hammock stand has a sturdy structure and can be easily made at home with sticks and metallic clasps. However, you will have to ensure that the tripod stand is well put in the ground and has good support. You will also have to use high tensile wire to hang the hammock.

2. Homemade Hammock Stand

Homemade Hammock Stand

Are you scared of falling off your hammock? If the answer is yes, then you need to have a strong stand. Why not use your power tools and create a strong wooden homemade hammock stand? This is one of the sturdiest designs, which comes to mind for DIY Hammock Stand. All you need is timber, and you can design a reverse arch with that and have two strong stands. This homemade hammock stand is a perfect DIY Hammock stand for your hammock’s support, and you can sleep easily, without any worries.

3. Hammock Chair Stand

Hammock Chair Stand

Are you looking for ideas related to DIY Hammock Stand? Then, in that case, have you thought of the idea of hammock chair stand DIY? These kinds of chair stands are easily available on the internet, but you can make them at home, too. What you will need is an ergonomic design, which you can easily get from the internet, and you will need your power tools. You can easily use wood or PVC to make a stand, and you will have to shape it up just like a hanging chair. The stands can be placed like a swing, and you can simply just hang the hammock.

4. PVC Hammock Stand

PVC Hammock Stand

PVC is a very strong and ready material, and the PVC pipes have amazing tensile strength. These pipes can be easily used to make a PVC Hammock stand, and a lot of homes prefer this as the DIY Hammock Stand. You can easily get PVC pipes in any of the hardware stores, and all you will need is some piping nails, and you are ready for the construction. You can refer to any design and create a strong base for the stands, and based on the weight of the person; you will have to decide on the distance between the stands to get a better grip on the weight.


5. DIY Portable Hammock Stand

Portable Hammock Stand

Yes, you heard it right, DIY Portable Hammock Stand is the best solution if you want your hammock on every outdoor trip. A lot of people love to relax on their outdoor trips, and they miss out on their hammocks. In that case, you can easily make a portable Hammock stand and carry it around. These can be made foldable, and you can easily take it around in your car. You can make it out of wood or PVC, but our recommendation would be to go for wood as it is sturdy and is easier for transportation.


6. Hanging Chair Stand

Hanging Chair Stand

This is one of the most amazing DIY Hammock Stand ideas. It almost looks like a hanging chair, and you can easily make it at home with timber or PVC Pipe. The hanging chair stands DIY idea is mostly seen at compact places, as this takes up a lesser amount of space, and they are light in nature. You can also buy the kit online and assemble things completely on your own. This is very suitable for indoor use and works wonders for kids. Hence, if you want to gift a hammock for your kid, this is the type of stand you will surely be eying for!


7. 2×4 Hammock Stand

2×4 Hammock Stand

This is a very unconventional yet widely accepted DIY Hammock stand, as it is heavily sturdy, and the same can be made quite easily. The plans are widely available across the internet, and it is mostly seen in every household. The 2X4 Lumber makes the lumbar support easy, and you will not have to be scared about the hanging of the hammock, too. However, getting the measurements and equipment right is highly important, and in the latter part of the article, you will come across the things, which is essential to make a 2X4 Hammock Stand.

8. Arc Hammock Stand Plans

Arc Hammock Stand Plans
The only notable difference between this and a 2X4 Hammock stand is that the Arc Hammock Stand plan employs a wooden arc as the support structure for the DIY hammock stand. It looks stellar, and the finish brings about a nice ring to the DIY Hammock Stand. This is usually wooden in the making, but you can also try to replicate the same in the PVC. Still, for better results, the wooden structure is a better option for long term results. You can also paint them in attractive colors, and this will increase the longevity of the DIY Hammock Stand.

9. Wooden Hammock Stand Plans

Wooden Hammock Stand Plans

Of all the DIY Hammock stands that have been discussed until now, almost all of them are Wooden Hammock Stand plans, and they are always useful for the long run. You can carry them around anywhere, and these stands can be made portable too. Some of the Wooden Hammock Stand Plans also come in foldable nature, and these are not as expensive as the other ones.

10. DIY Indoor Hammock Stand

Indoor Hammock Stand

Till now, we have mostly talked about outdoor Hammock stands. However, there are DIY Indoor Hammock stands, too, which are easily made out of PVC pipes or fiber rods, which can be easily kept inside the room. The designs are sleek, and the compact nature appeals to the eyes. These DIY Hammock stands can be easily bought online, and you can set them up with the instruction manual. However, we will recommend this for younger children as these are not as sturdy as the lumber ones.

How to Make the Hammock Stand by Your Hands?

So before you get started on your own DIY Hammock stand, you will need the following things to get it right and ensure that these materials are bought in abundance so that you do not end up missing out on the DIY Hammock Stand:

  • 2X4 Lumber or Timber
  • Circular Saw to cut the timber
  • Sandpaper to smoothen the Lumber
  • Set Square for angle measurements
  • Wooden Clamps for structural support
  • Power Drill for holes
  • Washers and hex bolts for attaching the Lumber
  • Special Glue, which will help for the Wooden Structure
  • Screws and Metal Brackets
  • Wooden Paint and Paint Brush
  • Of all the popular DIY Hammock Stand ideas, you will first need to come up with the one which you like the most. Once the selection is made, you will have to work on the design, and you can easily find a lot of designs online.
  • Once you have come up with the design, you will have to source the materials you will need to finish the DIY hammock stand. The best material is timber, and you will easily find it in any of the hardware stores. You will also need some nails, power tools, etc. to anchor the stand, and you will definitely need an electric saw and measuring tape to get the measurements correct for the DIY Hammock stand.
  • After sourcing the raw materials, look at the plan and get the structures cut in the correct measurements because if you do not get the measurements correct, you will have to start afresh. What could be an expert tip? Instead of cutting at the exact measurements, keep a minimum of an inch or two, extra, and when you assemble, you can easily get the finishing touches.
  • While you are fixing the metallic clasps and nails, make sure you mark the positions first with the pencil as you will not get it all correct the first time. This is the time when you will have to be very careful with the plan as you do not want the objects to have an incorrect placement.
  • You will slowly start seeing that the structure is coming together, and you will have to keep going till all the structures have taken their desired spot, and the structure is ready as your new DIY Hammock Stand.
  • You can also paint it to provide a good look and feel, or you can keep it natural, too. However, please ensure that none of the nails or holes are left exposed as it may injure someone, or the kids may get a cut.
  • Now, what are you waiting for? Get the hammock out and tie it to your new DIY Hammock stand and relax in the lovely weather, and this could be a pilot run, too. If everything is right, you will not have to think about anything else and just enjoy the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the DIY hammock stand kit?

These are easily available online, and you can buy one from the e-commerce websites, too. These DIY Hammock Stand kits come with all the materials prepacked and also have a plan enclosed in it. All you have to do is set it up just like kids set up puzzles, and your hammock stand is ready.

These kits are available for various styles and sizes and can be easily set up on the weekend. Thus, the next time you or your kid is getting bored at home, go online and get this DIY hammock stand kit, and put it up together, so that you can enjoy the weather outside in the backyard.

2. What are some easy DIY Hammock Stand Portable Ideas?

Well, there can be a lot of DIY Hammock stands, which can be easily made. However, the best recommendation has to be portable ones, as these can be easily set up anywhere, without any troubles, and the same can be taken anywhere, at the back of your favorite SUV, too.
The 2X4 Hammock stand is a perfect example of a DIY Hammock stand, which is portable in nature. You can also make Turtledog Hammock stand, and the same can also be made portable for the outdoors.

3. What’s the DIY Hammock Stand 4×4?

This is a much sturdy design and is an improvement over the other DIY Hammock stands. The plans for these are readily available online, and the four parallel bars of timber provides a nice and sturdy stand. The smaller timber legs, in addition to the main one, make the DIY Hammock stand firm, and the chances of falling off are pretty less.

DIY Hammock Stand 4×4
The inverted Y-shaped bar makes the hammock less susceptible to break as well, and the hooks are inverted in such an angle that it makes the hammock slant in the right way so that you can quickly get the proper lumbar support for your back when you are lying down.


Thus, if you are still looking for DIY Hammock Stand, then you probably have not read the article right. So, go through the article well as this is more of a styling guide to how you can get the best hammock stand at your home itself.
Look at all the ideas and think of the one, which will suit your DIY Hammock stand need, and get it started to make the perfect stand. All these DIY Hammock stand ideas can be easily executed, and it won’t take more than a weekend. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on these ideas!

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