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18 Beautiful DIY Vanity Tables

Keeping clutter at bay is really important in every part of your home. If you have observed lately, that your makeup stash is growing, and you don’t have a proper place to do your makeup, then girls, it is high time to get a vanity table. Here are some DIY ideas.


A Barstool Vanity Table



A vanity table doesn’t have to be something super expensive. You can build one on a budget that will serve its purpose well, without breaking the bank. Take two wooden barstools, and paint them in any color you want. Measure and cut a wooden board to serve as the top of the table above the stools. You can use the footrests of the barstools for storage by fixing plastic baskets on them. This vanity is excellent for a teenage girls’ bedroom too. Put a mirror on top of this table, and your makeup area will be ready.

A DIY IKEA Vanity Dupe

A Vanity Table Made with IKEA Alex Drawer Units and an IKEA Tabletop vanity-table-made-with-ikea-alex-drawer-units-and-an-ikea-tabletop-2460953

IKEA products are great when you want to put together a customized furniture piece. Such as this vanity table that has two drawer chests and a tabletop. We can also see there is a mirror with light bulbs flanking it. The drawers will not only support the tabletop but will provide loads of storage space for your makeup items. To make things fun and a little convenient, you can label the drawers and store your makeup products according to their categories. You can also dedicate one drawer to your go-to makeup essentials.

A Floating Makeup Vanity


Do you have limited space in your room to work with, and you can’t fit in a furniture unit to build your vanity table? If this is the case, then worry not. You can still have a makeup vanity table that will be equally functional. You only need to get two floating shelves from your nearest home decor store and a mirror frame. Fix the mirror on the wall where you want to set up the vanity area. Install the shelves below the mirror. Put some wicker or plastic baskets on the shelves, and your wall-mounted makeup vanity table will be ready. Just get an adjustable stool so that you can easily use the vanity while sitting as well.

IKEA Lack Shelf Makeup Vanity Idea


If your makeup collection is ever-increasing, and only a table or a shelf won’t fit it all then fret not. You can add IKEA shelves at one or both sides of your vanity table or shelf and boost the storage. In this way, you can make sure you keep track of all the makeup products. Because when they are stashed away, we usually end up with expired or double purchasing of products. You can use the shelves for storing your perfumes and hair styling tools as well.

A DIY Flip Top Makeup Vanity Table


If you are familiar with woodworking, then you can build a makeup vanity table from scratch following this plan. You can make it similar to a work desk with the only difference that its top will flip open into a mirror. If you want to make it a little bit more stylish, you can add X frames at the sides of the vanity table. If you put an X base stool along with this vanity table, it will look even more appealing. The table can store most of your makeup if you don’t own a big collection.

An Antique Suitcase Vanity Table Idea


A vintage suitcase somehow looks like a perfect thing to re-purpose as a vanity table. Even companies such as Pottery Barn, have new ‘made to look antique’ vintage suitcase vanity tables. So, why not make a knock off for less? There are two ways to make a makeup vanity table with an old traveling bag. Either build a wooden frame and screw the luggage bag to it or fix it on top of a table. Line the inner surface with wallpaper or fabric and glue a mirror to its flip-top.

A Wire Basket Drawer Unit Vanity Tablewire-basket-drawer-unit-vanity-table-2977560

Another quick and easy method to build a vanity table is with the use of wire basket drawer units. You just have to put two wire basket drawer units that have tabletops and fit in a floating shelf to connect the two. Organize all the makeup products inside the drawers and put a mirror on the shelf. A benefit of wire baskets is that you can easily see what’s inside and make sure you use all of your products. You can also keep clutter in check, and make a routine of clean-ups weekly or bi-weekly.

A Recycled Singer Sewing Machine Stand Vanity Tablerecycled-singer-sewing-machine-stand-vanity-table-2714603

By any chance, if you have the sewing machine stand of your mom or grandma with you, then give it a new lease of life. Sand and paint it and transform it into a vanity table. Make sure to coat the base of the table well with paint so that the design looks pretty.

A DIY Corner Vanity Tablediy-corner-vanity-table-8034653


To build this table, you have to put a drawer chest, and a cabinet unit of equal heights, along the two walls, leaving the corner. Link the two storage units with a corner plywood tabletop. Attach a basket for storing the hair styling tools at the side of the drawer unit. Install the mirror on the corner using a bracket. Flank the mirror with floating shelves, and your makeup vanity table is ready to function. Make sure to include a lighting fixture above the vanity table as a corner might get dark. You can also claim a corner with a window so that daylight will keep it well lit during the day, and you won’t need any extra lighting.

A Vanity Table with Three Drawers



This one is also a wood-working project, and those who enjoy making furniture from scratch will love it. You have to make a frame of the table in a rectangle shape and fix three drawers. Then build the legs of the vanity table and add a glass top. Add knobs to the drawers and voila! The good thing about this table is that you can actually see what’s inside the drawers. This will help you keep your makeup organized and ready to use whenever you need it. You won’t have to rummage through the stash, every time you sit for makeup.

A Recycled Door Vanity Table



Who would have thought that an old door can be a beauteous vanity table? To make such a table you have to sand and paint the door white, or any other color that you want. Install shelves on the upper part of the repurposed door, and a broader shelf to make the tabletop using brackets. Keep some distance between the lowermost shelf and the tabletop so that you can fix a mirror on it. Add a glass top to the table’s surface and use the shelves to organize all of your makeup products. You can use baskets and storage boxes to make the vanity even more delightful.

A DIY Vanity Under $40

An IKEA Shelf Inserts Dressing Table


Take two large-sized IKEA shelf inserts and join them together. Take four table legs and attach them to the tabletop of shelf inserts. This is an easy project, and you won’t have to spend too much.

 More ideas on Vanity Tables 

A Hairpin Leg Wooden Makeup Tablehairpin-leg-wooden-makeup-table-6531826


To make it, you have to make a frame from reclaimed wood. Give it a flip-top, so that you can fix a mirror at its inner side. Then add hairpin legs to the table and voila!

A Vanity Table with Lots of Storagevanity-table-with-lots-of-storage-2800184

If you want to boost the storage of your vanity table, then tuck in some plastic drawer units under a table.

Recycled Pallet Wood Vanity Tables


You can build a vanity table using pallet wood. You can modify the design as per your needs and do whatever suits your requirements the best. Make it fancy with some lights and see how wonderful it will look.

A Vanity Table Perfect for an MUAvanity-table-perfect-for-an-mua-4125181


If you are a makeup artist, then we get it that you must own a ton of makeup, which you don’t use for yourself, but still need to organize. You can construct a large vanity table with a combination of drawer units, a table, and a mirror. Make sure you invest some time and sort all the products according to their categories. Keep decluttering the drawers from time to time. Throw away any products that are near expiry and replenish them with new ones. Label each drawer if necessary.

So, this was all for today. We are sure you got enough ideas to make a vanity table of your own. Enjoy decorating!

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