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12 DIY Floating Desk Ideas and Build Floating Desk Steps

Declutter, Trendy, Crafts, DIY, Aesthetic. Yes, we are talking about floating desks. If you are jealous of others décor, endlessly scrolling through satisfyingly enchanting photos of smoothly finished wall-mounted dream desks designs on Pinterest and Instagram, wondering if you have the skills in you to mount one by yourself, then you have come to the right place! By the end of this article, you will know the entirety of the sophisticated yet simple art of crafting, or should we say, contriving a charmante DIY Floating Table even if you are just a beginner.

You might concoct a beautiful desk design but as soon as you open those YouTube videos that use high-tech tools and techniques to cut the wood and insert screws in their high-tech garage, you feel like giving up the entire idea. To add salt to the injury, you might also have to go through a humungous ordeal of following Greek and Latin instruction manuals,

Read on through the genteel galaxy of DIY Floating Desk we brought you so that you can make a floating desk without any prior knowledge or confusion and nail the drilling of nails on the wood comprehensibly step-by-step.

Popular wall DIY floating desk styles (Listing top 15 ideas)

The list includes the best 15 wall floating desk styles coming in different shapes, sizes, materials and finishing that will optimally utilise the vertical space of your room. Floating desks are going to be your best friends when you are trying to add a desk space inside rooms with limited floor spaces.

From retractable workspaces to appealing wall-mounted shelves delivering fantastic functionality, we have them all covered here.

1. Simple and sophisticated

Simple and sophisticated

Simple, rustic wall mounted desks not only match your needs like a place for your computer or a quick homework spot. The best material to choose here is walnut wood, plywood or even uses a vinyl-covered deck. This one is easy to build as well, and there are a plethora of YouTube videos giving you complete instructions to quickly build one by yourself. There are two options here- one is a complete hanging desk and the other one is supported by two legs but mounted to a wall.

This is the cheapest option yet still looks highly classy and blends in well with any type of home décor.

2. Multifunctional DIY hanging desk

Multifunctional DIY hanging desk

This one almost looks like the previous simple design but hides a whole deal of functionality under its vertical board. Apart from a horizontal desk fitted perpendicular to the wall, a vertical board lies underneath with well-hidden items like a magician’s hat.

Adaptors, external HDDs, cables and chords- everything will be beautifully hidden behind the desk. Also, this one is very affordable too! Isn’t this amazing!


3. Z-shaped solid wood floating desk

Z-shaped solid wood floating desk

The myth that small housing spaces will not allow you to have a décor ticking all the boxes in your checklist is busted with this Z-floating desk that is mounted to the wall creatively. The floating desk becomes an attractive cabinet when not in use as it can fold itself upwards.

Whether you are on the move or are a student living in a dormitory or simply residing inside an efficiency apartment, the modern straight-line appearance of this white coloured unit will blend into any room and décor.

4. Mystical Ardilla Floating cabinet-desk

Mystical Ardilla Floating cabinet-desk

A desk looking slim, neat and very lovely that transforms into a cabinet that carries space large enough to store a laptop along with other electronics and supplies. But the uniqueness of this design is not its foldable hinges that can be dropped to place your laptop but the silver mystique knobs shining and amalgamating with the interior decoration style of your room.

It also has a drawer attached beneath for holding paperwork and office supplies. So much for clutter management!!!


5. Dark themed bookcase attached floating desk

Dark themed bookcase attached floating desk


Your home might have a modern or vintage décor. But this floating desk is not perturbed by that fact because the black wood-grained bookcase with a built-in desk extending the same area horizontally is a perfect addition to any house imaginable!

The stylish straight lines in the design and the 2 additional shelves supporting the end along with the sleek design rendering it to be stashed into any corner of the room yet leave plenty of space free. College kids and book lovers, this low-maintenance, easy to clean laminate will be your permanent haven!

6. Contemporary wall floating desk


Contemporary wall floating desk

The walnut wood grain with straight edges and lines gives a sophisticated cutting-edge look for your small spaces. This contemporary floating office space takes up extraordinarily little space of your room, it is that camouflaged but still sticks to the wall like a statement piece! In our opinion, mount this Posner wall floating desk on a wall next to a window to light it up for an aesthetic look. The cupboard space has an attached corkboard and mini shelves for placing your office supplies there.

7. Dome-curved floating desk with storage


Dome-curved floating desk with storage

If you want to make a fashion statement out of your interior furniture design, then this is the way to make your Instagram followers envious of your aesthetics. It comes with high-quality wood with various colour options ranging from deep dark brown to peachy pinks.

This Cushing floating desk comes with functions usable by the whole family- it has storage spaces, keyboard tray, wire sorting grommets and a spacious deck. The cost might be a little overwhelming but without doubts, it is worth it as you can shift and move it anytime and anywhere, without its quality getting disrupted as it is durable.

8. Minimalistic floating desk

Minimalistic floating desk


Minimalism is a trend caught on in this decade that not only should be promoted but also implemented everywhere because less is more nowadays. The deep raw natural connect is obtained by the oak and artistically bent walnut woods.

The splendour in this design is accredited to the advanced engineering techniques that manage to make it a green product as well as add sheen and superb styles to the overall finish. This eclectic but also modern design comes with ball bearings for your keyboard holder making it compatible with a highly professional person slogging on the desk burning the midnight oil!

9. Corner floating desk

Corner floating desk


This desk is for those whose rooms are space-crunched and need a way out to manage the things and space in their home. This floating desk sits perfectly in one corner of your room without taking much space but giving you ample space to work on. This is a brilliant way to manage your space as your room clutter can be disposed of when you start using this corner table.

10. Rectangular solid wood floating desk


Rectangular solid wood floating desk

If you are a person who does not like spaces being wasted and believes in complete utilization of time, money and resources, then this will be the perfect design for you! This Hayward solid wood floating desk is a perfect installation for your TV unit! The length can be tweaked and the dimensions are mouldable according to the TV or wall space. This will manage the number of holes in your walls for wires and sockets as it will have an inbuilt grommet to manage all that fuss into neat confinement.

You must be thinking why it is called a desk right? Worry not a reader because this desk multitasks just like you! The rectangular, sleek and modern pull-down door gets suspended at a right angle to the wall and is an unusual convenience that can be added as a brilliant plan to your interiors. How brilliant, functional, modern and amazing this desk is, isn’t it!

11. Modern, legless floating desk

Modern, legless floating desk

Can you imagine a desk fully functional yet does not take too much space from the wall, 20 inches to be exact? This Cushing Floating desk will be a sophisticated addition to your workspace as it has many smaller shelves on either side for you to blow imaginations to sky level. The wall space it takes is 40 by 42 inches- so not only it uses less space but gives you more to work on! The desk gives an artistic silhouette of a wall sculpture and looks best in slim-lined white, coffee or burgundy colour.

12. Drawers containing a floating desk


Drawers containing a floating desk

Balancing a perfect equilibrium of space and texture, this two-drawer floating desk is all you need for an aesthetic Euro-styles décor. With a strong backbone of high-quality metal, this desk blends in with any atmosphere- vintage and eclectic, modern and sophisticated or contemporary designs in your bedroom bathroom or living room. Seriously, you can place it anytime in any century because this pristine design will never go out of fashion! The white manufactured wood with textures gives a serene look. You can add mirrors, glass and pretty much anything catering to your wildest imaginations!

13. Floating desk with floating shelves


Floating desk with floating shelves

If you feel like going a little eccentric with the designs and want to experience adventure right inside your bedroom, then go for this floating desk with floating shelves plan! Apart from being adaptable to your space and needs, this highly versatile design allows you to take control of when and how you will place it. The best part? It is cheap and very easy to attach. You can DIY the shelves and desk and wing it right in an evening to give an artistic look to your walls. You can place SO MANY things on the shelves- the list is endless!

14. Classy, chic white floating desk


Classy, chic white floating desk

If you plan to not waste a second and install aa floating desk right this evening, then all you have to do is get a ready-made desk apparatus already assembled for you in the nearest home shopping centre and fix it in a couple of hours. Et Voila! A posh, quick solution to all your hassles and space cramps!

15. Secret compartment desk


Secret compartment desk

This one looks like a wooden slab attached in the air, suspended by a thin strip of wall. What others may not know out the secret storage space entailed by this floating desk. It is very easy to make one too!

Make floating desk preparation such as wood and desk accessories

  1. First question popping up in your mind will be whether you must buy all the sophisticated workshop apparatus to build a functional floating desk with storage, cup holder, drawer and charging point attached. The fantabulous part of DIY that you can bring out your wildest imaginations to create a beautiful product with basic tools like screws, wood, drill, circular saw, jigsaw, sandpaper and paint. You can also go sustainable by creating a wonder from waste floating computer desk DIY.
  2. Look at home décor options for ideas on what design would amplify the space in your room while giving complete functionality.
  3. Buy the wooden frames and paint for completing your product.

How to make floating desk with tips?

We all know that the design of the floating desks looks simply straightforward as it is just a piece of wood attached to the wall, right? Technically yes but there are basic demanding mechanisms you need to venture into to fashion out a functional floating desk. If you check out our easy to follow step-by-step directions containing the floating desk woodworking plans, you will have your DIY wall mounted desk in no time!

  1. Create an internal frame using 6 pieces of rectangular wood- 2 long and 2 short. (Tip: pre-drill and countersink the holes beforehand so that you can join everything together at the same time)
  2. Screw all the pieces. (Tip: add a centrepiece to get extra structural support for your floating table)
  3. Attach 4 long wooden pieces onto the internal frame. (Tip: pre-mark the biscuit joiner slots that you will drill to insert wooden biscuits you will get in the market)
  4. Add glue plentiful while attaching the wooden boards and joining the biscuits and attaching the internal frame, even if you are drilling a screw into all of them.
  5. Clamp the entire board setup after you glue and drill them with screws. (Tip: use a scraper to scrape off excess glue sticking out)
  6. Use a hand plane to make the surface smooth and even out the height differences.
  7. Similarly, add a wooden panel in the front by drilling, glueing and clamping. (Tip: Sand down the joint after planning on the top surface when glue completely dries off)
  8. Paint now using any polyacrylic.
  9. Install the desk onto the wall by using long screws and attach the internal frames completely towards the walls. (Tip: ensure sturdiness by putting weight on it, and extra screws won’t hurt the structure!


What are you waiting for? DIY floating desk is now shockingly easy to do! Amp up your workspace and boost clutter management while you go on a full-creative blast mode and curate a desk you will be proud of for aeons because these desks, dear reader, will never go out of trend. They are not the benchmark for trendsetters. They are the trend.

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