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8 Best Harvia Sauna Heaters you should Try Out

You can never avoid any season under the planet, be it summer or winter. However, there is something you can always do to keep up with them and get through them in your house.

For instance, in the winter, you can opt for sauna heaters to keep your room hot and make sure you and your family are in comfort. Read on to see a list of the best Harvia sauna heaters you can try.

1. Vevor sauna heater

Our eyes rarely lie. So, when you come across a vevor sauna heater, you will know that you have the best sauna you ever desire. Its elegant design speaks it all. It has a stainless steel finish that no one will fail to appreciate.

Vevor offers the maximum heating capacity, enough for up to eight persons. Even if you wish to use it for commercials or other convenient places, you can, with its 9KW.

You do not wish to keep buying a sauna heater every year. Its stainless steel shell will allow you to handle it to the maximum time you wish. Besides, you will not worry about rust or corrosion.

And, in case it has any dirt, you will not need to call that neighbor to assist you with the scrubbing.

The heating coil is designed so that it heats fast and saves energy at the same time. However, you cannot connect this heater to a smart device. But you can easily maneuver it through the control panel.

You will not struggle to adjust the time and temperature thanks to the mechanical knobs, which are very handy in this.

When it reaches you, you may not need too much effort to install it. Thanks to all responsible for the assembly.


Easy to assemble.

  1. It is sleek and catches the eye.
  2. Heavy-duty, hence suitable for commercial use


  1. It does not come with sauna stones, but you can easily find them in commercials.
  2. It has no warranty. But for any issue, the company can help when you contact them.

2. Turku sauna heater

Even though we should never compare what our body needs with our resources, some instances may force us to do so. Turku sauna heater is one kind of heater that is not only cheap but does a great job to heal your body.

Its size can handle up to eight users, just like vevor. It is also a high-powered sauna heater hence good for commercials.

Another thing you will love about this cheap device is the remote control it comes with. So, you can control the temperature and its timing while you are not near the device. How great it is to control it and deal with it in the comfort of your chair.

Turku can carry up to 35 lbs of stones and can allow you to enjoy both dry and wet heating sessions. Note, you will not suffer from too much the sauna generates, thanks to its protection unit.

Anytime the temperature is too much in the system, the sauna shuts down.


  1. It is easy to use and maintain.
  2. It is affordable.
  3. Convenient because of the remote controller.
  4. The timer does not produce a ticking sound.


  1. Its look is not pretty, though the service it provides is on point.

3. Finlandia FLB – 60 sauna heater

Finlandia FLB is a sauna heater you can rely on and keep for your healing sessions.

Its heating capacity is average, and you will, without a doubt, love its weight. When you wish to move it around, you can do it without thinking too much about how to go about it.

It comes with sauna stones when you buy one. You will love its programmability feature. For instance, you can set the timer any hours before that sauna bath. Hence, you will not need to wait until the sauna heats up for you to use it.

You can set the timer using the knob on the front of the sauna heater since it has no remote to do the same task.

Its maximum capacity is up to five people, and the heating filament provides enough heat for this number of people.

You can find Finlandia saunas, each with a different capacity. The one for retail use can hold up to 7 people. They also have a protection unit that allows you to enjoy the warmth without worrying about too much heat. Besides, the controller’s presence gives you an easy time to manage the device without having to touch it.

Another feature of this sauna heater is that you can mount it on your desired wall. A place where you know the effect will reach every corner of your house.

When you

acquire one, you will not need to worry about how safe you will be while using it; the European and US authorities have approved the device and how it conforms to health and safety standards.


  1. It is durable and does not allow corrosion to build up.
  2. It has a timer that programs it.
  3. Good for home use.


  1. It comes with no warranty, but you can contact Finlandia in case of any issue.

4. Harvia M3 Sauna heater

Being the pro manufacturer of sauna heaters, Harvia has done it again by making this M3 sauna heater. The quality of the parts and the device attests to how classy it is.

It is a bit heavy, and the electric matches are smaller than this wood burning sauna. It is made of steel, hence lasts long and you can be sure it will not suffer from corrosion any time soon.

It has a glass door at the bottom that adorns the sauna atmosphere as the fire glows. It is good to note that these M3 saunas are quite hard to maintain. Yet, they are cheaper, unlike their counterpart electric saunas.

Their heat is not regulated and may take a while before heating a room. But, the moment the sauna room is heated, you will enjoy every bit of your stay.


  1. It is effortless to install.
  2. When you purchase one, you get free sauna stones.


  1. You will need some experience to control it. However, with time you will get used to it.
  2. It comes with no warranty. But you can be sure of good customer support upon calling.

5. Harvia cilindro7 sauna heater

I know you are used to rectangle sauna heaters in the market. This Harvia cilindro sauna heater has decided to break the monotony with its peculiar shape.

Its compact design enables you to save space without compromising its ability to generate heat. It can carry up to 200 lbs of stones without needing too much effort to operate and service.

It lacks a knob to control the timer and temperature. However, it comes with a digital controller to perform the same task.

The design allows you to generate a soft kind of steam and an intense steam type, too. The soft system throws water on the sides, and the intense one pours water on the top. It offers a great and unique home sauna sense.


  1. It is compact.
  2. You can get an offer of free sauna stones when you buy the device.


  1. You can only stand it on the floor. It has no parts that you can use to mount it on the wall.

6. Baltic Leisure Harvia KIP

Baltic leisure sauna heater is indeed a sea of leisure, just as the name suggests. Once you acquire one, you also get sauna stones hence very convenient.

It is made of a steel body that is clean and sleek, hence giving a good contrast to the sauna stones.

One of the features you will love about it is its large stone space. Hence, your unit will spread the heat all over the place instead of heating itself.

It also heats a large area, unlike most sauna heaters. The space it covers is up to 424 cubic ft of the sauna space. Yet, this space does not limit if you have a smaller sauna room of about 247 cubic feet as the heater will still handle it.

KIP 8KW runs on 33.3 amps hence versatile as it heats up quickly and evenly.


  1. It has built-in controls.
  2. It has optimized heating.
  3. You do not need to incur an extra penny to acquire the stones.

7. Tylo sense sport 8 sauna heater

If money is not a problem for you and you are looking for something that will satisfy your taste and class, Tylo sense sport is the thing.

It boasts a sleek design and flair that will, without a doubt, look good on any sauna room.

One thing you will love about it is its thermosafe casing. It prevents your fingers from reaching the heat when controlling the unit. This is possible because the case heats the inner shell but only allows the outer shell to be warm.

Its vented design allows fast heating, which occurs evenly. So, you will not have to worry about odd hot spots in your sauna. Once you turn it on and adjust its temperature, you only need to give it time to do its magic.


  1. It lasts long due to the presence of the interior steel.
  2. It heats your sauna room faster.


  1. It does not conserve energy as such.
  2. It is quite costly.
  3. It does not exceed 420 cubic feet.

8. Finlandia FLB -30 S Saunan heater 3KW

So you have a small sauna room and wonder which sauna heater can best fit there? This Finlandia is the perfect device for you. Its heating capacity only reaches 130 cubic feet.

It is packaged with sauna stones. So, you do not have to acquire another package. What you need is only to install it and enjoy the product of your sweat.

It has steel as its major part both inside and outside. Up to a quarter of water can get poured over the stones giving you nice steam. It also ensures that the temperature, humidity, and steam are in check, giving you the best sauna touch.

Its compact feature lets you mount it on the wall unless it has different instructions. Hence, it saves you the floor space and ensures that heat travels well to all sections.

Also, since its control panel is in the device’s bottom part, you will not have a difficult time controlling it once you mount it on the wall.


  1. It has a good compact size.
  2. Its interface is easy to use.
  3. You can use it for dry and wet sauna moments.
  4. It has steel make hence lasts long.
  5. The sauna stones are included.


  1. It comes without external controls.
  2. It is only suitable for small sauna spaces.


Is infrared and electric sauna heater the same?

No, these two differ. The electric sauna heater uses electric power. It then transfers heat to the bulb filaments to heat the sauna room. The infrared one uses a bulb that receives infrared rays that heat the sauna room.

Also, for an infrared sauna heater, you do not need to raise its heat. On the other hand, electric ones maintain a high temperature of around 1950 F.

Can I add water to my electric sauna?

No, it is never safe to add water to your electric sauna heater. But,   a drizzling of water can be okay. The drizzling boosts the steam in the system and ensures that your room gets the best humidity.

As you know, when you pour water on any electric device, it will short circuit and cause shocks or a fire hazard. Just note that a few splashes may also help your system to avoid working too much. You will also have good wet sessions.

Final thoughts

The above are the best Harvia sauna heaters we have come across. What matters most is your pocket and, most of all, the experience you want from each device. For a cheap one, we suggest you go for a Turku sauna heater. Do not forget to check the features, too.