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How To Use Tide Pods

How To Use Tide Pods

It can be frustrating dealing with piles of laundry every day if you have less knowledge of the laundry basics. What seems easy to the experienced people can be daunting, especially when understating the laundry symbols.

Unfortunately, there is no way of getting rid of your laundry pile if you don’t attend to them. However, some laundry cleaning products can make your work much simpler. Tide Pods, for example, are mess-free, easy to pop, and don’t require measuring. But you can only gain if you know how to use Tide Pods.

We dedicate this article to help you learn all about Tide Pods, including how to use them to do your laundry. Keep reading for details!

What’s Tide Pod, and How Does It Work?

What’s Tide Pod

Tide Pods are dissolvable capsules containing the right quantities of Tide detergents, stain remover, and brighteners for predetermined load sizes. To use them, you need to determine the load size and use the correct dosage.

Tide Pods are not for hand washing your clothes. They are designed for use in high-efficiency washing machines. Before we look at how to use them in laundry, it’s crucial to understand how it works. Tide Pods are concentrated detergents that work the same as liquid or powder detergents in cleaning clothes.

These capsules contain liquid cleaning ingredients in a dissolvable film. They are added directly into the washer drum before loading it. When water is added, the Tide Pod dissolves. Dissolved Tide Pods release dirt cleaning ingredients that remove all the stains and odors from your laundry. They are effective in getting rid of even the most stubborn stains.

Are Tide Pods Better Than Liquid and Powder Detergents?

Are Tide Pods Better Than Liquid And Powder Detergents

You have many detergent options available in the market. When shopping for one, you have the option of choosing liquid, powder, and now the capsules. While doing so, you should consider the convenience and environmental friendliness of the detergent.

Tide Pods are the best option if you are looking for a laundry detergent that is easy to use, less messy, and easy to determine dosage. They are also easy to transport or include in a backpack without the worry of messing up your other items.

The capsule form also makes it easier to use more concentrated detergent with high cleaning power. What that means is that you will require less water and wash cycle time to clean your laundry. Also, the capsules are easy to pack, weigh less, and take less storage space. Tide Pods emerge to be the best detergent of choice for their effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

How to Use Laundry Pods

How to Use Laundry Pods

Now that we understand what Tide Pods are and their benefits over all other detergents, it’s time to head to the nearby store and buy one. With your laundry pods ready, let’s dive into how to effectively use them. follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine the Load Size

The load size will give an idea of the Tide Pod dosage to use. Avoid overloading the washing machine because you will reduce the efficiency of the washer and the Tide Pod. Ensure the clothes, sheets, or towels are loosely packed for effective cleaning and rinsing.

The size of washing machines has been increasing over time. They can now take in more and more laundry at a time. It may not be easy to quantify what makes a large or small load, as that depends on your machine. But remember, the bigger the washer, the larger the load will be. Consequently, you will need more cleaning detergents.

As a general rule of thumb, the following Tide Pod dosage is recommended:

  • A small load, which fills about a third of the machine, requires one capsule of Tide Pod
  • A medium-sized load, which means the washer is half full, requires two capsules of Tide Pod
  • A large load, which fills three-quarters of the machine, requires three capsules of the Tide Pod
  • An extra-large load, meaning the washer is fully loaded, requires 4 capsules of the Tide Pod.

Step 2: Add Tide Pods

After deterring the dosage, it’s time to add it to the washing machine. Tide Pods are added directly into the washer drum before the laundry, which is placed on top. You may need more pods for heavily soiled laundry because more cleaning power is required.

Don’t place the Tide Pods in the dispenser part as you do with other detergents. It will not dissolve as expected, and you will end up with dirty laundry instead of a clean wash. Ensure your hands are dry when touching the Tide Pods.

Step 3: Select the Wash Cycle

Tide Pods can be used in any washing machine, whether you are using warm or cold wash. Choose the correct wash cycle as instructed for your washer for the selected laundry. That can depend on the clothing material and how dirty they are.

If you are using Tide Pods, select warm wash during winter or when water is cold. That will help it to dissolve on time to release the cleaning ingredients. Also, you should set your timer for at least 15 minutes.

Drain and rinse your laundry at the end of the cycle. If you selected all parameters appropriately, you should end up with sparkling clean laundry.

Tide Pods Not Dissolving, What Are the Problems?

Tide Pods Not Dissolving

Tide Pods not dissolving is a common problem that most people experience when they are doing their laundry. There is no need for an alarm because it can be easily solved. It is caused by not following the procedure of using Tide Pods, which include:

Placing Tide Pods in the Washer Drum After the Laundry

As mentioned before, the Tide Pods should come first in the washer laundry and should never be placed in the dispenser as other detergents. Tide Pods at the bottom of the washer drum are in direct contact with water. So, you need to remove the clothes if you had them in to determine the load size.

Overloading the Washing Machine

When the machine is overloaded, there is no room for proper agitation, which aids in dissolving Tide Pods. Even if you have an extra-large load, just ensure everything is loosely packed in the washer drum. Avoid pushing or pressing the laundry to create more space.

Using Tide Pods for Pretreating

Many people prefer pretreating overly soiled or stained laundry. That step is not necessary when using Tide Pods. Opening them before you are ready to put them in the machine can affect them, leading to a dissolution problem. Also, you may end up with stained clothes. Regardless of the level of dirt on your laundry, just don’t pretreat them. The cleaning ingredients in the Tide Pods are strong enough to deal with the stains in the washing machine.

Using Extremely Cold Water

We have advised you to use a warm wash setting during winter or when water is extremely cold. That is just to encourage Tide Pod dissolution. Water molecules move faster at high temperatures to knock off Tide Pod particles. Don’t use very cold water with just Tide Pods.

How To Store Tide Pods

How To Store Tide Pods

Like all other laundry detergents, Tide Pods are toxic and should never be ingested. Store them in the safe away from children, pets, and animals. A high cupboard under lock is preferred.

You should also maintain high vigilance when using Tide Pods. Don’t leave them on the table, ground, or just anywhere kids and animals can access them.

Also, make sure all your Tide Pods are dry at all times. That means storing them in a leak-proof container and in a cool, dry place. Any form of wetness will make them clump together and stick onto the container.

Tips for Using Tide Pods

  • Don’t use Tide Pods for sensitive clothes such as undergarments. Instead, use gentle Pods that will not cause any skin problems.
  • You can pre-dissolve Tide Pods in a glass of warm water before adding it to the washer drum.
  • Tide Pods have an alluring candy appearance that can tempt kids to eat them. Ensure you keep them away from children to avoid poisoning because they are toxic to humans and animals.
  • Always remember to put Tide Pods into the washer drums before the laundry. Otherwise, they may not dissolve, which reduces the cleaning power.
  • Tide Pods are ideal for high-efficiency machines that use less water.

Are Tide Pods More Expensive Than Liquid and Powder Detergents?

Yes. Tide Pods are generally more expensive than all other detergents because they are very effective in cleaning. If you want more value in your laundry, Tide Pods are the best option. They guarantee you the best performance, stain removal, and freshness comparable to none.

Will Tide Pods Affect Your Washing Machine?

No. It’s safe to use Tide Pods on any washer, whether traditional or high-efficiency modern machines. It doesn’t matter what type of machine you have. Tide Pods will not have any effect on it.


Tide Pods take the laundry routine to a whole new level, provided you use them as appropriate. Using this new capsule detergent is very easy because it saves you from mess and measuring, unlike other detergents. Just follow the steps outlined in this article and the tips included for the safe use of Tide Pods. Remember, always keep it out of reach of children.

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