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How to Remove Nail Polish From Carpet without Too Much Effort

How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

So you were trying to beautify your nails only for the nail polish to disappoint you and decided to polish your carpet instead. Of course, you will not think about your nails again but wonder how you can remove the ugly nail polish from your expensive carpet.

Now, what do you do, and how will you start? Kindly read on to get some ideas on how to remove nail polish from the carpet.

Is The Nail Polish Wet Or Dry?

Is The Nail Polish Wet Or Dry

Removing a wet or a dry is quite simple. But let us first assume that the spill is wet. Maybe your young one spilled it out of curiosity, or you did it without knowing.

You will first need to blot out the excess polish off the surface first. Then, we can deal with the remaining spill on the carpet. Remember, the longer the polish stays on the surface, the harder it will be to remove it. Hence, you will need to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Do not wipe or rub the wet stain as well, since it will look ugly and more difficult to remove.

If the stain is dry, only scape as much as you can. Use a blunt object such as a knife. Sharp objects will only cause more harm to your precious carpet. We can now go on to our main theme on;

How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

You can use various methods to remove nail polish from your carpet. You do not need expensive stuff to carry out the process. With already available resources, you can get your carpet back in shape again. Let us discuss some of them below.

Method #1: Use a nail polish remover

Use A Nail Polish Remover

The first method to remove nail polish on your carpet or most surfaces is using a nail polish remover. You can acquire one from a cosmetics or a beauty shop. After all, if you have nail polish in your cosmetic wardrobe, you cannot lack a nail polish remover.

Get a cotton ball or a fabric, then soak it in a non-acetone nail polish remover. While it is still wet, dab it on the nail polish stain on the carpet. You can use a paper towel or a clean cloth instead of a cotton swab in some instances.

These two can absorb the remover and loosen the stain. Hence, it becomes easier to remove. Remember, you should not use too much remover on the carpet fibers. It should only be enough to dampen the stain.

Use the cotton ball or a clean cloth to dab the place repeatedly until you see the stain lifted. If the fingernail polish on the carpet is dry, wet the paint using the nail polish remover, which will make it damp. Adding hair spray or a dry cleaning solvent can also supply more power.

Remember, not all acetone removers are best for removing nail polish. Some contain acetate, or modacrylic which will be harmful to your carpet. It can even cause deterioration. And especially, if you do not know what your carpet is made from, do not risk it.

Method #2: Use hair spray

Use hair spray

Hair spray is another great item you can use to remove nail polish stains on your carpet. Maybe you bought one for your hair and would wish to use it. However, you may need to note that the hair spray can only be effective if it has high alcohol content.

So, if you have one in your cosmetics cabinet that does not have a higher alcohol content, know that it will not work. The good thing is that you can never lack such items from your nearest cosmetic.

Once you get it, pour some little water on the stain to moisten it, then ooze the spray on the stain. Use a clean material to blot the area, then wipe the area several times to lift the stain.

Method #3: Use alcohol

Use alcohol

You may lack a non-acetone nail polish remover, but you will not lack something that works exactly like it. What you need is to dampen a cotton swab in the alcohol, then rub it on the wet nail polish stain. Remember not to use a lot of alcohol on your carpet fibers.

When rotating the cotton ball on the stained surface, do not use the exact spot of the cotton on the carpet. It will transfer the stains to another place, hence giving you extra work. Or rather, you will be repeating the same process all over again and again.

Method #4: Use a window cleaner

Use a window cleaner

We use a window cleaner spray to clean lots of stains, and nail polish does not lack among them. However, not just any spray will be equal to the task. You must acquire one that is ammonia-based, as only that can work.

Spray the ammonia-based window cleaner on the stain. The stain will start to loosen up once you spray the place.  Use a clean material to blot out the spot.

If your alcohol is pure ammonia, do not use it as it is. Dilute it or add little water, then apply it on the stain.

Method #5: Use a dry cleaning solution

Use a dry cleaning solution

You will often find these solvents in stores in powder form. So, to use it, you will need to work on spots. Pour a spoon of the powder on the area, then brush it in circles using an old toothbrush. Allow the powder to sit on the spot for around ten minutes.

Add little water to the powder to treat the spot. Continue working in motions using the toothbrush. You will see the bristles working on the stains as they remove them. Use a dry and clean cloth on the spot until you see the nail polish removed.

Some granules of the dry cleaning solvent will remain on the carpet. Kindly vacuum the rug to remove them.

Method #5: Trim the stained area

Trim the stained area

If you feel like you may not have much time performing the above processes, you can do another simple thing. If your carpet is shaggy with lots of fibers and has a stain on the fibers, you can trim the spotted threads.

Or maybe it could be that you used the solutions, but the spots remained on the tips of the fibers. The best way is to trim those tips using a pair of scissors.

Note that trimming can only look great if the hairs are quite many and the carpet is shaggy. Also, if your carpet is the kind that you can separate the strands with ease, it can be okay to trim.

If the carpet has short hair, you can think about it twice.  You do not want to try giving the carpet a ”haircut” only for that spot to be bald forever. Would you feel comfortable staying with such a carpet? I know you have not budgeted to buy another piece of carpet soon.

Method #6: Use Vinegar.

Use Vinegar

Here is another excellent solution to your nail polish stain. The product is readily available on most kitchen shelves, so you may not worry so much about how to get it.

Pour vinegar on the stain, enough to wet the whole area. Apply also some vinegar on a towel or a sponge, then cover the stain with it. Allow it to stay there for around twelve minutes, as the solution works on the spot.

Blot the loose nail polish stain with a paper towel, then scrub the place with another fabric in circles. Once the stain is no longer there, use a clean wet cloth to rinse the spot and allow it to dry.

Method #7: Use ginger ale and baking soda

Use ginger ale and baking soda

If you love ginger ales and have some cans on your countertop, you can use it for one more reason. Pour a spoon of baking soda on the nail polish spot. Add some ginger ale, enough to wet the baking soda.

Allow these two to rest on the stain for up to ten minutes as they work their magic. Use a small brush to scrub the place in circles to remove any paint that is stuck. Rinse the area with clean water, then let it dry.

Restore Your Carpet after Removing A Nail Polish Stain

Restore Your Carpet after Removing A Nail Polish Stain

Without a doubt, your carpet will not look okay or the way it was after removing the nail polish stain from it. Using these chemicals can harm it and cause a permanent mark that will not be pleasing to the eye. So, what can you do to restore that spot and make it look like the other areas on your carpet? Let us see.

1. Do not leave any fluid on the carpet.

Leaving the fluids, you use to clean the carpet on the carpet can cause harm. Apart from making the place look ugly, it can even be damp and smell with time due to the air presence combined with the fluids.

Once you have scraped off all the stain and the place is clean, use a dry towel or fabric to dry the spot. Ensure you blot out all the water and leave the area while dry and clean.

2. Use soap to clean the carpet.

Cleaning the carpet with clean water and soap will give it a fresh smell all through. You will need to add some soap or carpet cleaner to a bowl of water. Dissolve the solution until they mix well.

Dip a sponge in the water, then wring out excess water from it. Wipe the area using the sponge as you scrub to remove any stain residues and other dirt.

If you fill like the sponge is too dry, dip it in the water again, then repeat the process to remove the nail polish smell and stain.

If you cannot feel the smell nor see any stain, get another sponge and a bowl of clean water. If your sponge has two sides, use the rough side to remove any soap residue from the carpet.

Ensure you remove excess water from the sponge as you work on the area. Be careful as you work to avoid spreading soap on other areas that are not affected.

3. Dry your carpet

Ensuring that the carpet is dry after removing the stain is essential. If you do not remove excess water from the rugs and the fibers, it will soak and even form mildew and mold.

You can even use a fan to quicken the drying process. If you have a fan above the carpet it can be great and ideal to keep it running at high speed. You can allow it to run for up to an hour or until the carpet is dry.

Avoid using a hair drier. As you know, it has too much heat and can damage your carpet and make it look not lovely due to burns.

Take away

I hope you now have an idea about how to remove nail polish from the carpet. And anytime such a spill happens, you will not be worried about how you will start to deal with it.

Using the above methods is a sure way that you will succeed. Besides, the ingredients you need are never far but just within your household or a nearby shop.