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15 Best Ideas To Turn A Living Room Into A Bedroom

Are you looking for ways to make the most of your small space, or maybe still working on redecorating your one-room apartment to boost more happiness? Turning a living room into a bedroom can be one of the best possible choices to upgrade your space.

So what are you going to do with that?

In this article, we’ve highlighted some turning the living room into bedroom ideas that inspire you. You can take charge of your place by using our 15 practical tips on how to turn your living room into a bedroom.

1. Start With The Basics

Turn your living room into a bedroom

Before you begin, do your homework. You need to understand what your house looks like. For example, things like:

  • What are your house’s strengths and flaws?
  • What is the layout of your house?
  • What are the measurements?
  • How much furniture do you already have?

What’s more, turning your living room into a bedroom will cost you, so you’d better do the math and develop a budget:

  • What is the new stuff you need to buy?
  • Are you going to do it all yourself or do you need to ask a house interior designer?

It’s important to make a basic plan. The more preparation you do, the more the chance you’ll end up with a comfortable, beautiful, and successful house that your desire.

2. Let The Sunshine In

Sliding glass room divider

Whether your house is with large windows that get a lot of sunshine, or you are quite in the opposite situation, a sliding glass room divider is your smart go-to design.

Room divider with glass panels in aluminum frames is now quite popular for its easy installation and affordable price.

Besides, you can also choose from the ready-made or the custom-built style. Sliding glass room divider has lots of benefits:

  • Bring and keep natural light into your home
  • Sunlight exposure is good for healthy
  • Reduces the use of harsh artificial lights
  • Create privacy by dividing the sleeping area from the room
  • Elegant, fashion and modern
  • Save space

Sounds like a good idea to you? You can even get a framed glass wall to divide a bedroom. Check this video for Enclosing a Bedroom with a Framed Glass Wall with a Sliding Door CGF-400.

3. A Trick To Enlarge The Space

coordinating the wall the same with the floor

Living small and alone has become a trend nowadays for people of all ages. For those small homeowners who use the living room also as a bedroom, it’s important to enlarge the space.

There are a few simple tips that can make the room look bigger, and we highly recommended coordinating the wall the same as the floor. This may sound a little crazy because normally we use contrasting colors to break up a space between the floor and wall.

But this idea does make sense. It blends with the space to give the illusion of a bigger room, as well as create the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.

4. Furniture With Double Function Is A Must

bed cum sofa

When you have a small house, your furniture pieces may have to fulfill a double function. For example, something that works as the bed at night and the sofa during the day.

In this case, get a foldable bed-cum-sofa set can be a practical choice. It not only can save your space, but also save your budget without purchasing a bed and a sofa separately.

5. Get a Loft Bed

Loft Bed

If your small house is with a high ceiling, the best way to maximize the space is to use a loft bed. This transforming furniture set combines a bedroom on top and multiple functional rooms with ready-made furniture on the floor.

This way it can meet the variate needs of your daily life and save more floor space as well. For example, one of the best features you’ll love most is that you can use the stairs as storage units.

Want to DIY a loft bed? Follow this awesome guide – Building an industrial-styled loft bed and study.

6. Embrace A Big Bookshelf

Bookshelf in small house

Finds pleasure in reading books? Then Get a big bookshelf in your house. A bookshelf can serve multiple gunctions when used correctly and smartly.

Firstly, it can be used as a room divider. The bookshelf can naturally divide space without blocking sunlight.

Secondly, it can be used to empower the bed. A bookshelf can sculpt out a bedroom from the rest of the space.

Finally, it can properly store all your books as a bookshelf itself.

7. How About a Twin-Sized Captains Bed

Twin-Sized Captains Bed

If you prefer to sleep on a real bed, another useful piece of furniture that can meet your needs properly while can also save lots of space is the twin-sized captains’ bed.

It comes with several drawers for storage under the mattress. It is simple to use. All you need is to pull it out whenever you want. You can choose between the arranged daybed style or standard twin style.

8. Room Dividers Can Work Like a Charm

Room Dividers

Maybe you have a big apartment with just one room? If you got no walls to separate the bedroom from the living room, the best you can do is not to build a real wall but room dividers, or some sliding doors, can work as you wish.

Besides the sliding glass room divider and bookshelf we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, there are a few more stuff you can use as room dividers to replace a real wall:

  • Beautiful draperies suspended from the ceiling
  • Custom and built-in desk combo
  • A giant projection screen
  • Slatted wood screen
  • Sliding doors
  • A temporary half wall

9. Wall Matters

Wall Matters

Walls are the most important components that support your house. If you prefer not to use room dividers but still want to create separation in a single room, then you might need to use some wall ornaments to design different tones of the walls.

The simplest way to reach the result is to paint your walls in different colors. Compared to using room dividers, this way can also save more space by replacing the use of physical standing ornaments and articles.

Also, it is more affordable and can reflect more of your style.

10. Consider The Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist Lifestyle

One of the best idea to save space for turning your living room into a bedroom is to clean up the mess. The minimalist lifestyle is all about living with only the things you need. This can be a good idea worth considering.

Make a list that outlines what you want your space to do and get rid of all of the unnecessary articles and furniture. This way you will have more room to fulfill what you need when transforming your space.

11. Use Pegboards


Another practical idea to save more space when converting your living room into a bedroom is the use of classic pegboards. There are two typical ways to use pegboards:

  • Divides the space into two distinct rooms
  • Work as storage walls

No matter how you deal with it, pegboards can largely save your space for their amazing storage power. Why not use it?

12. Furniture Should Take Up Less Space

furniture specifically designed for small spaces

Anything that takes up too much space is not a good fit in a small room. You should get rid of it and pick up things that work for your room.

There is furniture specifically designed for small spaces. That furniture can level up your small-space living. For example, a pop-up coffee table and storage ottoman.

What’s more, you can check the 10 Clever Furniture and Decor Pieces Your Small Space Needs.

13. Make The Wall a Bed

wall bed

If your house has thicker walls, then do not hesitate to use your wall space as your bedroom. You can set up a bedroom within the wall or you can use a wall bed.

Both ways can reduce the clutter and save more space by hiding your bed onto the wall.

14. Floor-to-Ceiling Articles

floor-to-ceiling curtains

When living in a small room, your space can be limited in the landscape orientation, that’s why make the most of the height of the house can make a big difference.

To save more space, you can install the floor-to-ceiling curtains to partition a bedroom in your studio apartment. Or you can use the floor-to-ceiling cabinet for storage.

15. Get A Built-In Trundle Bed

Built-In Trundle Bed

Can something serve as the divider, the bed as well as the sofa? A built-in trundle bed makes it possible. A custom-made trundle bed comes with a raised platform which you can use as the room divider.

It contains a full-size trundle bed concealed, which you can make partially extended during the day as a sofa and pull it entirely out as the bed at night.

Interested? You can check Monk’s Home Improvements Custom Built In Trundle Bed to build your one.

In conclusion

Decorating your house can be one of life’s great joys, though it will cost your time and energy. There is so much to think about when transforming your living room into a bedroom, so it’s OK to feel a little overwhelmed.

With a little planning and by following the above 15 turning the living room into bedroom ideas that we’ve shared with you today, we believe you’ll have a much greater house to live in. We hope that you will try some of the ideas.

If you have other great ideas, feel free to share them with us.


Chanteuse Taylor

Sunday 3rd of April 2022

I have a small ,one bedroom apt and my living room is way bigger than my bedroom and I am considering switching the rooms ...any ideas ?

Remodel or Move

Wednesday 21st of September 2022

Just do it. :)

Charu Gohel

Friday 26th of March 2021

Thank you so much. This is so informative. It feels like everything is doable with research and planning.