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bedroom with mattress

3 Essentials For Every Bedroom

A bedroom is the ultimate retreat in any home. From the hustle and bustle of busy family life to the stresses and strains of a demanding job, a bedroom is the one place you can go where you can relax, unwind and focus on yourself for a while. One of the most important keys to staying healthy is getting plenty…

Bathroom Remodel

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

The average cost of a bathroom remodel can vary considerably between jobs. If you are considering remodeling one of your bathrooms, then you would be well advised to conduct quite a bit of research before you start calling contractors. A great place to start is at There can be intangible factors that ultimately play into the total cost of any remodeling project, and it…

Living Room remodel

Add a Living Room

Need more space for family gatherings?  Want to add a home theater system to your living room and need more space?  You can find out the cost for adding a living room to your home – or enlarging the living room you now have with our living room addition cost calculator. This free calculator uses your homes location, information on…

plan and a blueprint

What’s the difference between a plan and a blueprint

What is the difference between plan and blueprint? A plan (floor plan, remodeling plan, room plan) is a scaled drawing of a building, room or home as viewed from above. It will show placement of rooms, doors, windows, major fixtures and appliances, etc. It can be used to calculate square footage or as the guide in planning, choosing specific construction materials, and guiding…

Home Addition Calculator

Home Addition Calculator

Thanks to a number of advances, there are some very good home addition cost calculators available that can instantly give you an estimate of the cost to remodel or add on to your home. The addition and remodel cost calculators at are the best to use if you are considering remodeling or adding on since they are completely free to use and ask only the…

Residential Construction Estimating Software

Free Residential Construction Estimating Software

Try our home addition remodel and renovation cost calculators if you are looking for free construction estimating program or software.  Our residential cost estimator software is free to use and gives a total cost to remodel broken down into major cost groups- from the foundation to the roof.  The costs are also divided between labor and materials. The cost calculators are residential…

Home Remodel Cost Calculators

Home Remodel Cost Calculators

Just pick the type of remodeling cost estimate you want and answer a few questions. our renovation calculator will instantly provide you with: An estimate of the cost to remodel Tips on how to make your project a success A step-by-step guide to getting started, and Help finding a great contractor Get estimates now for kitchen remodeling costs, bathroom remodeling…

best blender

Top 15 Best Blenders 2019

Our top 15 best blender 2019 list is, well, our pride and joy. We tested each blender individually and consumed more smoothies than we thought humanly possible, all so you can find the perfect blender first time. It took a lifetime, but it was worth it. Head down to the start of our reviews to find out the best of…

Freezerless Refrigerator 2019

Top 5 Best Freezerless Refrigerator 2019

Out of the many different types of refrigerators, freezerless models provide convenience to the users in many different ways. If you are a person that would like to have an extra refrigerator around the house to store your groceries, or you would already have a freezer, you will find this very useful. However, with the many options, it can easily…